The Darkness Within

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A poem written in a darker mood, brought love and pain to a brand new level.

The Darkness Within

In the darkest hour, the quiet of night
When others eye are wide with fright
The clock ticks louder, the voices stir
Sleeping monsters in closets purr
Thunder booms, the windows rattle
Lightening strikes to join the battle
The storm outside rages on
With strongest force, a brutish brawn
But within the walls, it's fiercer still
The air is hot, but it brings a chill
She's on her knees, her head bent low
There's a devilish smirk, in the candle glow
The ropes are tight against her skin
The hand reaches out and lifts her chin
Eye to eye, the tensions swell
Reaching corners where demons dwell
She knows what's next, knows what's coming
Her heart beats fast, her soul is humming
He'll work her body with strength of hand
From deep within she'll obey his command
Her moans are low, her screams are high
He's reached her limit, as the hours slip by
The storm has passed, the ground is wet
The demons are tired, no longer a threat
The ropes are undone, her body bare
He holds her tight in loving care
The night escapes, as the dawn breaks loose
Her inner peace, she's been of use
Between Master and slave, strong is the chain
Their souls are bound by love and pain


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author avatar Empress
I write and have published poetry and was editor of the school newspaper all through highschool. I can write a variety of different genres from articles to novels

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author avatar NiteMonster
13th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you little one. Thank you.

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author avatar Empress
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Most welcome

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author avatar
27th May 2014 (#)

A beautiful dark mind

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author avatar Not important
8th Jun 2014 (#)

Good be bound to each other . Forever and ever and ever

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author avatar Empress
14th Jul 2014 (#)

Not do realize that I am not his anymore? The man you believe I'm with. I'm not with him anymore. He abandoned me a year ago

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