The Day I Die

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A short story on the day I die and the council most high.

The Day I Die

It was the Ides of March in the year 2046 and my 73rd Birthday was approaching quickly. My body grew old, muscles weak, bones were thin and eye’s glazed over. The little hair I have is silver and gray. The life I lived I have no regrets, it was the mistakes I made, that made me. The journey seemed so long, but in the flash of second it was gone.

Many family and friends passed on long before their time, I feel so privileged to have lived so long. As I sit here on my chair, my life passes through my mind some things I’d rather not see, but it was the life I designed, just for me. The message I shared though it seemed so rough, was through mistakes made so that those that listened could comprehend.

As I sit here it’s hard to breathe my children all gathered around me, prayer’s I could here them say. “God forgive this man for his sin, he was rough, he was tough, but his message we heard so clear, after all God he shared your word and taught us right”.

Then I heard a heavenly voice call my name and said follow me. As I rise up above I see my body and start to cry. The gentle voice says have no worries for your pain is gone and those that love you are waiting on the other side.

Having travelled through the valley of the shadow of death, I’d thought for sure I’d be laid to rest. I follow the spirit and to much my surprise just as he said my family and friends were waiting on the other side.

Excellent job! I heard one yell and there was my Grandfather and I thought for sure he would’ve gone straight to hell. As we all gathered, laughed and joked they told me that it was my prayers that saved their souls.

When I looked to my right I seen the gates of heavenly might. I thought to myself is that the heavenly realm and the spirit showed up again and said “is time”. The love ones had disappeared and I was brought before the council of the heavenly 12.

The room magnificent and so sublime and I was ushered to the front of the line. I turned to ask my guide what is this place and he said “it is the heavenly divine”. “This is council of 12 and they are all so wise and each man must answer for his life and this is when you are judged for without it, you cannot see God”.

My name was called and I stood by fast and the council had said “step forward your time has passed”. I quickly approached and bowed my head. They pulled out a book that was very large and called it the Book of life. Then they proceeded to take out another book and called that the book of my life.

The head council had said to me do you understand that you are being judged for your life. I had no response and looked about. The chamber’s was empty with no one around. He proceeded to say we will compare your life to that of the ten commandments given to Moses by God.

They said with a smile you may call upon any soul that you may have helped. They started from the beginning and carried all the way to the end. No questions were asked and they just looked up with a grin. After discussion and leaving the room they had all gathered together and entered again.

The head council stood up and said “step forward again”. “Do you have witnesses you would wish to call on your behalf” as I began trembling I fell to my knees and I prayed oh Lord have mercy on me. I responded with no I am hear to accept the consequences of my life, whichever way it may go.

The council to the left advised I call witnesses on my behalf, because I had broken all the Commandments that God laid before my path. Just as the council was about to pass judgment I stopped and said.

“Gentleman of the Council Most High, on second thought’s, I do have a witness to call on my behalf”. They looked down and said “you had your chance and all the sin you have committed no one can save you now, your name shall be removed from the Book of Life and damnation in hell”.

The high council to the right stopped and said “let’s hear this man’s witness before he goes off to hell”. They said you may call any witness you choose. I got down and I prayed and they said “it’s a little too late to do that now”. I stood to my feet and said with a smile.

I call on the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jesus the Christ the messiah, the one and only begotten son of God. The Council began bickering and yelling about you Jesus the King shall not come about you have lived life unworthy and your judgment is final.

I bowed my head I thought I’d been beat and all of sudden the Council was on their feet and trumpets I heard and Angels were singing and the room was so bright, I could barely see and Jesus walked in and said “THIS ONE IS WITH ME”.

The end well maybe….


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