The Dead Walks

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This article is base on a short story I started to write. The story is about a fictional scenario about the Apocalypse.

The Beginning

It was the year 2014, the economy has collapse, rioting has broken out in the streets of America, and the war in the Mideast has turn in to a full blown WW3.
March 20th 2014, I was setting at home on YouTube watching random videos of people hurting them self, procrastinating on a writing an article for Triond. Right before I was going to start brainstorming for my article a suggested video pop up, the title was “Anonymous: UNEXPLAIN FOOTAGE”. So I clicked on the video link to watch the video before I started working on my article, the video start off as news broadcast about a three car pileup two dead, one in critical condition. The camera man was filming “Jody Newman” the first news reporter on the scene. Let me tell you what I witness on this video,

Well first the news reporter started to report the accident; she was knelling on one knee talking about the skid marks on the street. The camera man was standing in front of the news reporter filming her; he looks up to start filming the whole accident scene, as he pans over the car with the two dead victims, he notices the driver starts moving out of his seat and pulls his head out of the driver side window. The camera man zooms in and you could see half of the drivers head his crushed with his left ear ripped complete from his head!. Let me say it was a pretty terrifying scene to watch, back to the video the camera man yelled HEY! ARE YOU OKAY!? No one answered him except for Jody the news reporter, what! There all dead! Is there someone else hurt? There was no answer back, Jody ask what is going on? Are you okay? She asks the camera man. He was in a paralyzing state of mind, couldn’t believe what we was seeing, The camera man then pans back to Jody after a delay response and responds with, Um no…the driver that was dead is now out of his car and walking. After waking up and tearing his head away from the driver window Jody then says WHAT! No there all dead…that’s impossible, well not anymore look! As soon as Jody gets up to look the dead driver attacks her, and bites half her face off. The camera man starts yelling in a commotion, cops here him and finally witnesses what’s going on and start shooting at the dead walker, as the cops and the camera guy see that the bullets aren’t harming the dead driver one cop gets a shoot and hits the zombie in the head and finally kills it. The video shuts off after that and nothing else was ever said again about the incident in tell now. It looks like the Mayans where wrong about the day…


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Internet marketing guru, I just started to write articles and found out I really enjoy it. I like to write short stories an how to articles. I also enjoy reading good books and learning.

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author avatar Retired
10th Mar 2012 (#)

interesting premise but you could use a little editing (tense and grammar have always been problematic for me too!) If you would break this up into paragraphs and move your scenes forward with some dialogue this could be a great little story :)

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author avatar jcastine
10th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you I have been working on my grammar more and more. The next part of the story I will add some dialogue.

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author avatar vpaulose
10th Mar 2012 (#)

Interesting story. Thank you dear Jcastine. Request your friendship.

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author avatar jcastine
10th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you, there will be more episodes to come.

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