The Death of Lisa Parks

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A woman hurrying home on a February evening because she was going on a date. Her car skidded on black ice and rolled. Lisa was killed instantly. In her afterlife confusion she contacts two of her friends.

The Death of Lisa Parks

February is a cold month a month of black ice and sharp icicles hanging,
An end to severe winter and hopefully an early spring a most healthy time,
It could be for some people the severity of winter added to their poverty,
Are the terrors of winter and darkest of nights able to make mysteries believable.

Standing looking out of my windows at a great big shiny silvery night star,
It was a clear night with a thin layer of frost coating my front garden grass,
An owl in the forest hooted, what a night this has been and a very sad day,
A very good friend Lisa Parks had passed away she was far too young to die.

A prayer I used to know flashed into my mind, learned when I was very small,
It told me that through the night the angels kept watch while we all slept safely,
It had been many years since I took up a prayer book and felt hypocritical now.
I said a silent prayer in my mind for our very dear friend Lisa to say goodbye.

My wife and I sat down to watch Television with a glass of cheap white wine,
We were watching one of those new Ghost Hunter shows my wife likes them,
I think they are a scam so I enjoy laughing and joking my wife gets very angry,
Orbs flying through the air, and some shadows appearing, behind closed doors.

Half way through the show the house phone rang picking it up there was silence,
And because it was silent I put the phone down and carried on watching the show,
The phone rang again and this time there was a crackling noise on the other end,
In the past if we get a crank call I tell them to grow up with a few chosen words.

Past midnight it rang again I picked it up to hear laughing and hot heavy breathing,
So this time I gave them the real sharp end of my tongue and my wife told me off,
After the program had ended we both went up our stairs the phone rang a third time,
I picked up the phone and said nothing but then a voice from far away said its Lisa.

My wife got very angry and started to cry how could anyone be so evil as to do that,
We got undressed and got into bed upset over these malicious calls what’s going on,
After being in bed about half an hour there was a loud knock on our bedroom door.
I had just started to doze and though it was a sound in my half sleep so I ignored it.

Then again I closed my eyes and the door opened so very slowly then slammed shut.
My wife and myself were scared was there a psycho in the house there is something,
Creeping from the bed the room was so cold it was like sleeping outside in the snow,
The cupboard door started to open then smashed shut the same with the top drawers.

There were other loud noises so I ran back to bed and my wife was under the covers,
Under the covers we could hear a small voice asking for help it was Lisa our friend,
We did not sleep properly that night or the next we waited for another spiritual visit,
It took months to trust our home again although Lisa was a friend but we were scared.

As March arrived we feel the thrill of her presence knowing all the beauty she brings,
The month of life, strength and hope we will soon hear our birds from the top of trees,
Gales will come rushing, loud and sounding and crashing over the forests and the leas,
And shake the older trees around our houses with strength never matched by mankind.

Lisa Parks crashed her small car sliding sideways then turning over on grey black ice,
Driving fast on her way home from work Lisa had a date with a man she knew at work,
The warmth inside Lisa’s little car made her feel safe, and unconnected with any danger,
Just being in the wrong place and time Lisa had to contact someone, someone she knew.


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