The Decline of Freedom in Canada

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The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada


For as long as I can remember, Canada has been among the most progressive and peace loving countries in the world. Freedom of speech and the right to protest have been staples in my beloved country until things began to change in the recent past. It started with education and healthcare and nobody really noticed but when civil rights began to be brushed aside in the United States under the Bush administration the Canadian people started noticing that the Harper Government was beginning to act like nothing more than a puppet on a string held by none other than George W. Bush himself. Oddly, like in the United States, Harper had somehow managed to manipulate his way into a second term. After broken promises and unwarranted changes to our civil rights under the misguided pretense of "terrorism", Canada began to speak out. We were under the impression that the Canadian Government was in place to serve the best interests of it's people and not the other way around. It appeared that we had given in to the propaganda of a madman, that what we had given up was for the greater good, for our own safety. We could not have been more wrong.

It All Began With 9/11

After the tragic attacks of September 11th the world was in shock, a terrorist organization had taken American lives on American soil but who was to blame? Although we were told that a radical group was responsible, the hate fell on any and all who fell under a vague and deliberate profile. The "terrorists" in question were from the Middle East and therefore, any individual baring a resemblance was condemned as a terrorist themselves. As the propaganda spread, the peace loving and culturally diverse country of Canada began to lay hatred on those fit the profile. The propagation of fear took a while to gain purchase among most of us as we had grown up around these people and could not fully accept what the media was telling us. As we had begun to reach a plateau of intolerance our Government had started secretly passing laws allowing for the surveillance and detention of "high risk threats" without due course or proof of any kind. Eventually the threat had been reconstituted and altered to focus on Islam, the term "Islamic extremist" had become household and the term "terrorist" had been made synonymous. At this juncture I feel I must state that I am not a religious person, I do however like to learn about various faiths and beliefs. I grew up in a Roman Catholic household and at the age of 12 decided that I didn't believe in an all powerful God, my mother and sister however had converted to Islam some time ago, before the events that changed our perceptions, and I was given the chance to learn first hand about the faith. The Islamic faith is one of peace and acceptance and a Jihad (religious war) has no place. Those who fight in the name of Islam do not represent the faith and should not be categorized as Muslim.

We Will Not Give In

As hard as they try, information disproving the political agenda is readily available and social networking is capable of revealing the truth at remarkable speed. For the first time in history the people are able to share the information amongst each other and develop their own conclusions. Canada has forever been a country deep rooted in freedom and acceptance and those who needed it could always seek sanctuary among it's people. In reality, Harper's Canada can no longer boast such a claim. Those seeking refuge behind Canada's borders are now forced to give up their beliefs, their ideals and their freedoms to become slaves and pawns in service of a government more concerned with the freedoms and welfare of "big oil". As we begin to unravel the lies told to us by our own government about the supposed "terrorists" that reside among us, we ourselves are being targeted as "activists" and "extremists". New laws are being passed that allow for unlawful search and seizure, wire tapping, surveillance and incarceration of anyone who speaks out against the ideals of the Harper Government and Big Oil. Peaceful protests are being attacked by police forcing unarmed protesters to fight back to protect one another from severe beatings and arrests for doing nothing more than holding a sign. In order to justify these overly aggressive tactics new titles have been created for those who wish to stand up for the people. Peaceful protesters are now "Anti-petroleum extremists", First Nations People who wish to keep their rights (as per First Nations treaties) are now "Aboriginal Extremists" and anyone who wishes to so much as dress according to their religious beliefs are stated to be "Religious/Muslim/Islamic Extremists". I am sickened by the current state of affairs in my country. We will stand up, we will fight back and we will be free. We will not let our freedoms be taken from us by a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Feb 2015 (#)

Everywhere people are trying to adjust to "new reality" after 9/11. The world has changed from innocence to suspicion. The majority have been subdued by a vocal minority - siva

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