The Desire to be Right

Kenneth B. Covington By Kenneth B. Covington, 24th Oct 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I have met the enemy and it is us. We have allowed the idea of being right to over rule the need for clear decision making. Educated guesses can no longer be accepted.

The truth......

As a society we like the truth. We demand it, expect it, desire it, and will even pay for it if necessary. The truth we seek is almost as strong as our quest to be right. There within is the problem. We want the truth as long as it isn't told to us. Just as we like to be right and want the world to know we are right. Just as soon as the other guy will admit they are wrong.

It is what it is....

The truth often escapes even the most diligent of efforts to find it. I have noticed those who are closest to the wrongdoing usually are the last to acknowledge it ever happened. The scandal at Penn State is a very good example. If pressed for the truth, the town as a whole had an idea of the monster that was walking the halls of the Athletic department. But we are a country were our motto has become "out of sight, out of mind" and this was another example of how easily people can and will turn their heads hoping someone else will handle the garbage. It is only after the truth is made public that it becomes the unbelievable sin.

Being right....but at what cost?

People like to be right. They want to be right. They also like everyone to know they are right. They also like everyone to tell everyone else that they are right. Until they realize they are wrong and then the desire to hide that particular fact can't be dealt with quietly enough.
Part of issue of the American mindset and the way our country is taking shape is due to the fact that we left the keys to the store with those we believed thought as we did. It never occurred to the American public that something as tragic as 9/11 could or would have ever happened on our soil. We were too busy believing our own greatness and didn't notice our obvious flaws.
Part of being right is to be able to acknowledge, in the past, where you have gone wrong. That simply proves that even being right, comes with a price.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
5th Nov 2013 (#)

Good morning, Kenneth. Missed this earlier. You are right - no pun intended. Good article. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Kenneth B. Covington
5th Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my work. I appreciate it more than you know.

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