The Disgruntled Ghost

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Is there anyone brave enough to chase away the ghost that haunts a house?

The Disgruntled Ghost

A realtor could not get a house sold because everyone complained that it was haunted. Whenever Halloween was near, they heard a loud moaning voice, and this frightened them.

The realtor offered a reward to anyone who could remove the ghost from the house. Many brave adventurers came to try their luck, but they always fled, screaming.

On the eve of Halloween, a poor old man named Reuben, was passing through the town, and overhead the residents telling tales about the haunted house.

"I'll get rid of the ghost," he told the residents.
"God be with you," they said, shaking his hand.

Reuben walked to the house when it became dark. The house was chilly when he entered the hall, and Reuben lit a fire in the fireplace. He saw food on the table and began eating.

"There's nothing like a good meal and cider to warm a body," he uttered aloud.

Just then, a loud moan came from across the room. "How I wished I had a warm body too," the voice wailed.

Reuben turned around and saw a black cat sitting on a pile of pumpkins, staring at him with its green eyes. He looked to see who had spoken, but no-one was there.

"Who said that?" asked Reuben.

"I did," the voice replied. Reuben turned again and only saw the cat staring back.

"Whoever you are, stop playing tricks. I'm not afraid of anything!" Reuben shouted out.

"That's good to know. The other men almost died of fright when they heard me talking," the cat said in a sad voice.

"It's not often one meets a talking cat," Reuben said. "Who are you?"

The cat sighed. "My name is Thomas. I lived here long ago, but a witch tricked me on Halloween, and trapped my soul in this cat's body. Please let my spirit rest, by breaking the spell."

"What must I do?" asked Reuben.

"All you need to do is spend the night here. You will be rewarded."

"I"ll stay, as you have suffered enough," Reuben promised. He sat near the fireplace and fell asleep. After midnight, he heard a thump, and a pair of boots appeared through the fireplace.

Reuben watched in amazement, for each hour the fireplace disbursed a pair of pants, a shirt, and a jacket. The cat slowly stood up, surrounded by a ghostly light, and floated onto the garments. The form of a man slipped into the clothing.

"Thank you kindly!" said Thomas, waving goodbye.
"Rest in peace," Reuben replied. He then saw a pile of money where the pumpkins had been.

The realtor walked into the house, and was surprised to see Reuben having breakfast. A black cat sat beside him, drinking milk.

"You stayed!" he exclaimed. "How did you do it?"

"It is best not to show fear," Reuben remarked. "The ghost is gone, and I want to buy the house. It's perfect for me."

Reuben became known as "The Ghost Buster," and the cat became his faithful companion.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Fearlessness has its reward! And also acceptance of reality - siva

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author avatar Michelle Stanley
14th Oct 2013 (#)

Hi Siva,
Yes, being fearless does have its reward, as Reuben proved. Thanks you for your comments. Michelle

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Well, the haunting isn't scary. Invite you to visit every single haunted castle and do this and tell me of your experiences.
The truth of a place not selling is the energies of the owner crying for justice and knowing the truth behind what really took place out there. The proof of what happened in the property is seen in the truth of the action of the perpetrator, if it owner deems you are working with them for justice, it will work with you else it will destroy you starting with the mind which is not ghoulish for halloween but a reality as this world works on energies and these don't erase easily if they haven't let go. It does mean it could be centuries, years of even eternity before these energies clear thereby rendering every single mortal in the premises to feel great in the beginning and fall into destruction later as that is the way destructive energies are, you get what you desire but not the Soul of the place. It remains with the owner For All Time.

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author avatar Michelle Stanley
14th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for your review, Lady Alyanna.- Michelle

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Oh Those castles are in the United Kingdom BTW....

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