The Dog and the Crow

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I once counted cars for the State of Utah which meant going to different locations throughout the state where I would park and count the cars that passed through a particular intersection or highway that day. One day I was counting in Hanksville. Now imagine nowhere, not the beginning of nowhere, but the far side of nowhere just before nowhere falls into nothing. That’s Hanksville. That's where the crows are.

The Dog and the Crow

The Dog and the Crow

I turned off the interstate
What seems like, a hundred miles ago
Before I finally came into Hanksville.
It’s a small town, you know, Hanksville.
There is a house to the left of me
With a white picket fence out back
And a little hill.
The dog here hasn’t stopped barking
Since I began parking this morning.
Oh, thank God,
The lady is feeding the dog.
Now maybe he will be quiet
For a little while- - -
Not many cars in Hanksville today.
Now the damn dog is barking again.
This time he is barking at a crow.
He chases after the crow.
The crow flies away,
But just a little way.
The dog sees this, it angers him
The hair on his back raises
And again the dog chases after the crow.
And again the crow flies away,
But just a little way
And on and on it goes
Until the dog and the crow
Are on top of the hill,
The crow in a tree, of course.
I notice now another crow,
It’s eating from the dog’s bowl.
The dog sees this too
And the dog chasses after this new crow.
The crow narrowly escapes
The dogs advances,
It flies away, but just a little way away- - -
And the process repeats
While the first crow eats.



Never under estimate the crow. There has been a study that proves
crows have the ability to recognize human faces. Crows
have a cognitive flexibility that even us humans may struggle with.
Crow watchers develop a detached transactional view of their relationship
with the crows they watch. For example “Isabella scolded me for getting
to close to her family”. Isabella is a crow. The crow will take food from
its human watchers because it is easy, but the crow does not need the
human to find food. On the other hand, the human watchers, at this point,
must ask themselves how much it is, that they may need the crows.

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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Dog sat patiently Crow on head,
Wandingo they called him in dread.
All for a timepiece he sold the tribe,
Showing the truth of gold none can describe.

As they saw them running together as One,
They became known as Planet Earth and Sun.
Sending all back into spell showing the fight,
With the Crow pecking constantly at Light.

Showing Dark Angel falling and wanting to cry,
Making all of creation laugh from way up high.
As they know the truth that is plain to see,
The Crow my dear friend came as ME.

Now I just caw it and dog says bow,
You bend your knees in the moment of now.
For no one disobeys and we put the fight,
Indian Wandingo knows to set things right.

Throwing the Gold at the perpetrator of Life,
Standing up with Dog with rumours rife.
Pulling the bitch back and showing it true,
Making a film in dark and all in the blue.

Proving the fact its the way to wealth,
Walking disease cave detrimenting health.
Black Dog running around in Milky Way,
Showing the Crow saw all with nothing to say.

Giving a mouthful and getting all to cry,
As they see the facts coming from heavens high.
Leaving no other to talk about Planet Earth and Sun,
Who proudly sings out You are my Lovely One.

Breaking all down as they see Wandigo in Flight,
Thwarting the attempts of Dark Angel of Light.
Who went back to hell with stroke of Life,
Watching the truth appear directly from Wife.

Only to find out Dog and Crow went all Cars,
Changed all totally and raised the bars.
Sending them back on highway panting fire,
As they became blue stars movie on hire.

Placing and replacing all in Colossus,
With preacher standing straight God Bless us.
With the Moulin Rouge shooting all with a leg,
Sending them all back with bullets hitting keg.

Sending them into Cowboys and Indian show,
Bringing back truth within Eternal Glow.
With all now running guns on fire,
I just go leisurely Dog and Crow Desire.

Showing the fact we both peck at the same place,
Until all fall over looking down in disgrace.
With the spillover coming from fight,
With all shining torches at Greater Height.

Only to find out Dog and Crow just had a laugh,
Sending all back down to check the staff.
For Dog and Cow did their famour Cawbow,
Showing truth of Life sending all to Holy Cow.

Asking the concept and bringing truth,
Fact of Creation of the Forbidden Fruit.
For the Black dog is nowhere to be seen,
After revealing the baby at the age of sixteen.

With Dog and Crow watching Right Off the Wall,
Showing truth of the Universe in Curtain Call.
As all began shivering to set things right,
Bringing in the closure from Greater Height.

With Dog and Crow running back in true form,
Showing back of Creation this is how we conform.
Bringing no other but Song and Dance,
Sending all of Creation back into Eternal Romance.

As they fall over at the sight of Sword,
Showing truth of Creation without a word.
Pulling Heaven and Earth together with Sun,
Showing this is my world now I shall have my fun.

Sending all back into being happy and gay,
Whispering Wandingo you know the way.
I just take it on and Dog puts no fight,
The Crow just cawing there goes Angel of Light.

All in love and falling over in hell,
Holding poor SIN and casting a spell.
Who came out all bloody showing the rum,
For Dog and Crow shot all with Bubblegum.

Its all in the soul that proved the fact,
Leaving Character and esteem all intact.
With the rest all going gold and deal,
Black Dog Crying steadily need time to heal.

While Dog and Crow look laugh and bow,
Showing truth of upbringing from the cow.
Who proved caves of pleasure was best way,
With guns of Navarro showing Oh Happy day.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 20th September 2014

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Have a nice day.... I am like a Crow with a homing device that pecks at the same place all the time knowing who and what to attack because the Dog just sniffs it all out....

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author avatar Retired
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Love the way you describe Hanksville! And enjoyed your poem about the dog and crow. Must have been fun to watch the crows outwitting the dog. :)

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Sep 2014 (#)

I loved this poem. Hanksville sounds awesome!

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Lady...Loved the poem.

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Nancy, Hanksville is the last town on the road to lake Powel and Canyon Land National Park. You would love it there I think.Thanks for reading.

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Lady...The poetry was wonderful.

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Hanksville is a nice little town on the road to Lake Powel and Canyon Lands National Park.I should of mentioned that it is true story,

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Nancy.

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author avatar Kingwell
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

I loved your poem and I agree - crows are smart birds. Blessings.

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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Kingwell.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Beautiful post and one of a kind poetry you write mate, cheers for the awesome talent and inspiration

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author avatar Utah Jay
27th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern.

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