The Dose for Dying Spirit

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This is to direct and guide you to a place where to find courage.

Move On

When life seems tough and you cannot move on, hold still. Stand strong. Be brave. Be tough. No eagle has ever been exempted in the molting process before becoming the strongest and bravest fowl in the air.
Taking your life when you are depressed is such a big NO-NO. It is not becoming brave but being more coward for you are running from the troubles which you are supposed to face. Doing something insane will just bring you more into trouble. What if you fail in doing so? How will you face the people who have been so worried for you? You will also start to realize things and see the clearer picture. Your second life will make you regret the crazy things you might have done in the past. Get a life!
Drowning yourself in the bar or in any drinking session should never be an option. Getting drunk will never ever give you the peace which you might be longing for when you wake up in the morning. You will only feel something pain and heavy in your head. And the worst is that tingling thing in the tummy that will make you blow everything inside you. And who told you that alcohol could make you solve the problem? Well, well, fine. You might forget the problem but you can never ever solve it through drinking. So wake up!
Lock yourself in the room because you want to be alone? Oh come on. You will just think more inside and will see how pathetic you are. All negative thoughts will just come into your mind and you will still not get the peace you have ever wanted. You will just start all the drama in life when you get alone. So please come out. It is not healthy to be crying and thinking negatively all day. It will bring you mixed emotions and different ideas. So please come out!
Now, the ending is coming. You can be stronger, braver, tougher and fiercer if you know how to bend your knees and bow down your head. There is nothing to fear in living your life with God, drowning yourself in His love and getting alone with Him. Only God can make you become the better you --- or should I say the BEST you. Learn to unload your burden to Him for He will always be there and anytime He could carry us when we think that we can no longer move on with our lives.

1 Peter 5:7
"Casting all your cares upon Him for He careth for you."

Facing the Troubles

How do you face the hardships and overcome them?
When it comes to problems, people start the self-pitying or sometimes the face-masking.
Self-pitying. This is the case when a person thinks that he has the bigger problem in the world that cannot even go through it and will be calling all the ones he has and will start crying over on the things he canot solve. It can only be on the other way, he thinks he has the bigger problem and instead of telling it to the world he will just rather sit or lie down somewhere and will suffer alone in the night then later on will come out and silently will brag his sufferings. How? He will pretend to be fine but does something like drama over the friends-get-together til everyone will share the same sentiment with you.
Face-masking. This is actually a hard case because you will never know how deeply hurt and how much is he suffering because he always smile and sometimes he is the joker in the group. He will never talk about anything but he wants to listen on others’ drama. But at the end of the day he is always in deep thinking how will he manage to live on the next day with the same mood and energy. And sometimes, the worst is when he will just suddenly snap out and will just vanish because he does not want to share it with anyone.
How to overcome? Same answer for both --- kneel down and PRAY. You can never get the solution from anyone or from being alone. There is someone who knows what is best for you. You just need to hold on, trust Him and let go of the things that causes all your troubles. It is tough at first but later on you will learn and you will get used to it.

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