The Dragon's Eye: Part One

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Just an excerpt, the first chapter and epilogue in the sci-fi fantasy book I'm working on. As more chapters are written I will add them. Would love to hear thoughts and opinions on how to make it better.


Experiences come with time. That I know for a fact. The things I have encountered in my time have been numerous, and quite interesting, some even dangerous. And so I can not keep what I have experienced or what I have learned bottled up as a secret any longer. This shall be my greatest piece of work. My legacy, left for centuries after my demise. I can not say when that will be but I assure you this book shall be done by then.
Perhaps I should explain myself a little more clearly when breeching the subject of my time. You see, I am not mortal. As many human beings of this earth are mortal, there are a few recorded numbers of us who are not. We have been around since the beginning of time and will continue on long after this world has been destroyed. We travel from planet to planet fighting and learning. I must say though, out of all my travels, Earth is the one planet I have visited the most. But there is a reason for that. You see, Earth and it's inhabitants is the one planet that can and will, if given the chance, end up destroying itself in it's own stupidity. That's where we come in. Human beings naturally live with evil by their own choice. Evil takes many forms and is very appealing to the eye. Yet it can not be destroyed. I'm sure you know what the opposite of evil is. Good is the force that battles evil. Since the creation of the Gigaverse evil and good have been battling. That is where I come in. My mission is to keep good and evil from destroying eachother. If either one were to be defeated it would throw off the balance in the entire GigaVerse. That is why the force of Neutral was created.
This may all seem very confusing to you right now. To me, as I pen these words nothing makes more sense. But then again, this is how I was raised. This is what I have always known. Perhaps I should start at the beginning and try to explain things as clear and consice as I can. This may very well take a few chapters, perhaps most of the book but I will try to be as short and close to the subject as possible.
Humans are born with the knowledge that there is more to the eyes than what appears. As we get older we are taught to disbelieve what nature teaches us and only to believe what the rest of humanity observes as truth. Truth to humanity is that there is one universe. That there is a God that rules over everything and that they are alone as the only intelligent beings. What humanity is born with is knowing that everything has a life, there is far more than just what we can see through a telescope, and that there is no need for a God when there is so much to behold beyond our threshold. There is always more than one truth. That is one of many lessons I have come to learn in my long lifetime. A truth to me is that there is not only one universe but millions and billions of universes. That humans are not the only intelligent beings but in fact near the bottom of the intelligence scale of even just this one universe. Humans are the only beings in all universes that can only access ten percent of their brain. And just a note, the bigger the brain does not mean the smarter you are. In my reality there are no Gods, just, well I'll call them beings. You can go right ahead and call them aliens if that is what you wish. But just to let you know Aliens is a duragatory name to just about anyone from where I am from.
The GigaVerse was created hundreds of billions of thousands of years before earth was. In that time there was only a few pyreflies flying around in a cloud of nothingness. It was out of this nothingness that Giga and Verse were born. After spending meaningless years wandering the mists of knowledge they decided to gather together all matter and create something. But they could not agree on what, or even how much to create. Each with their own ideas they set off to create what would eventually be known as The GigaVerse. Which is a much bigger version of your Universe. When they had finished they collected themselves and sat down to observe what they had made. But there was no peace in their creation. It was utter chaos. As the planets and universes they created began to emerge the lifeforms upon them began to fight and they decided they must make watchers to oversee each universe. It took them a billion years but they managed to create one billion children to oversee each and every universe. At the end of it all they sat and marveled at their many creations. Finally content with what they had accomplished they decided that they would be real parents. They would have a baby the, well, I suppose human way. Or any way that a being would have a baby. It's much the same no matter where in the GigaVerse you go. Verse was pregnant for one thousand years. Each year more horrendous and painful as the last and finally she gave birth. But they were in awe to find that she was having not one baby but two. A blessed event for them. Verse gave birth to twin boys on the same year that your universe was born. Perhaps it's a coincidence and perhaps it is not. I'll get into that later. It was early in the twins life that their parents Giga and Verse and their billion siblings would begin to notice a distinct difference between the two. Although they looked exactly identical in every way their personalities did not resemble eachother at all. In fact they were at constant war with eachother about everything. While the older of the two Geo was mild mannered and wanted nothing more than to ensure the happiness and peace of those around him, his baby brother Calarne wanted nothing more than chaos, and was content to destroy and mangle those around him. Their birth was the birth of Good and Evil, for you see Geo was born of pure good and Calarne was born of pure evil. At times they seemed to resemble eachother. There were moments when in Geo's anger he would destroy something or someone and there were times when Calarne seemed to love and cherish a certain thing. But there was no doubt that the two of them were born for a reason. Giga and Verse entrusted to the twins on their one thousandth birthday the meeting of good and evil through out the GigaVerse. They were to work in unison to keep everything in balance. For if that fragile balance was to be broken it would be the death and destruction of everything. Once again there would be only mist.
But the two brothers could not co-exist with one another. Within years of taking on the task they separated and went their separate ways. Fearing the worst Giga and Verse scoured the entirety to find two of the most knowledgeable beings in existence to figure out what to do. The most intelligent that they could find were a set of twins Koline and Horline. Both possessed qualities of Geo and Calarne and both much older than the younger set. Together, the four of them agreed that Koline would take Geo under his wing and train him. They would set themselves up in a universe near the outskirts far from Horline who would take Calarne. But there was a slight problem. What should happen if the two of them would cross paths again? It was determined that Koline and Horline would recruit others underneath Geo and Calarne. Others that would distract the two and keep them busy. If in fact evil and good were to meet it would be these underlings and not the twins, and if in fact one of the twins should be destroyed there would be more to carry on for them. Once the terms were agreed upon the two were dispatched to find Geo and Calarne and begin their work.
Does this make sense so far? I'm trying to keep this as matter-of-fact as possible. Hence the reasons for no details or descriptions on appearances of places. There will be time for that later once I have set the stage. Now, back to my little story here. Koline took Geo and they built themselves what you might call a castle, I call it a base and Koline began to train Geo. It became clear quite quickly to Koline that he did not need to train Geo in the manner of warfare for he was very talented but more in the manner of knowledge and common sense. After spending so much time quarreling with his brother, Geo, had lost his ability to relax and take in rest. In the end both teams, or as I would call them, clans ended up with five disciples. Geo and Calarne being the first and then so on and so on. But of course nothing could keep them from fighting. The two would constantly send their clan mates after one another until eventually their clans had been reformed twelve times. It is on the thirteenth time rebuilding that Giga, Verse, Koline, and Horline re-met again. At this meeting they agreed that another clan would need to be created. A super clan to engage and keep the two clans from destroying one another. In all ways this new clan must be stronger, and smarter than the other two. Giga and Verse combined their powers one last time to create RayVac. RayVac had all of the qualities of both Geo and Calarne. Once this was done the now three masters, one of good, one of evil, and one of neutral separated again and began the reformation of their clans.
This is it. This is where my story starts. This is where I know more of the details and begin to become quite personal with each of the members of each clan. You see it is shortly after this last meeting that I was born. And it is my story that I am wishing to tell. My story is entwined with everyone's stories. Because we are a family, because I have grown to love and cherish so many, good, evil, and neutral. I have racked my brain over and over for a way to tell my story. I finally decided that I shall tell it to you in the third person. I will do my best to give the details as best as they come to memory. As my powers entail this should not be too difficult for me. But please bear in my mind that at times I may have to stop and find my place again.

Chapter One

The sky was black with bits of tiny light glowing like little stars. A full moon hung high in the black velvet, emanating a beautifull glow on the forested world below. Creatures and beings alike went about their nightly habits, oblivious to the warm summer breeze that blew silently and calmly through the meadows. At first glance, all was calm and peaceful but to the trained eye fear clung to everything. It blanketed the sweet tasting air with a raging bitterness.
All at once a strong wind blew and everything stood still and quiet. A darkness eerily crep through, something was blocking the moonlight. Bigger than any cloud anyone had ever seen. The creature flew through the sky like a predator of the night. Everything grew hot and still in respect, awe, and fear of the creature. It landed hard with a large bang like an earthquake as the creature placed its feet on the quivering ground. Each foot as large as a richman's home, with long sharp curving claws. The back legs rippled with strength as the creature pawed at clumps of dirt. The tail was almost a mile long and lay heavily on the ground, swaying gently. The whole body was covered in shimmering platinum and silver scales. The neck, a quarter of the tail length, held three sharp fins that could slice skin and bone with just a touch. The head of the creature was the most magnificent of the whole body. Covered only in silver scales it had one blue eye and one red. The mouth was as large as a small cottage and lined with rows of sharp teeth. Two being at least two feet long and now dripped with blood. The creature was known as the only platinum silver dragon in existence and her name was Rhea. She growled lowly and stood on her hind legs. An owl watched from its perch as the magnificent dragon began to shimmer and was covered in a sparkly mist. In the blink of an eye the enormous dragon disappeared and in its stead stood a beautiful blonde haired woman. Her hair shimmered in the moonlight with an edge of silver streaks. Her eyes were an icy blue with the hint of a red tinge in her left one. She adjusted the hem of her black vest and lightly touched the edge of the dagger strapped to her thigh with her fingertips. After taking a quick glance around the meadow and assured that no one had seen her she headed out of the clearing and onto a path lit only by the glow from her eyes. She walked for what seemed a mile before she came to a large stone castle. Candle light glowed from only one window in the tallest tower. The girl uttered a password in a strange language and the large stone and wood door creaked open. She entered the castle and the door slid silently back into place, and without looking back she knew the door had vanished. She headed down the corrider and turned left into the main hall. A large fire in the stone fire place glowed anciently on the faces of three men. They all sat around the fire silently going about what they did best on their own time. One drank a mug of ale while another sharpened his glove. The girl growled lowly and the three men turned to her. The one in the middle placed down the pipe he had been smoking and stood to greet her.
"Rhea, you're finally here! The baby is upstairs with her mother." The man said this with pride and a goofy grin, for this was his first born daughter he was speaking of. No one would know by this man's appearance that he was a father. He had black hair, straight and slicked back. A scar glimmered down his temple accetuating the light baby blue eyes. Not only did his appearance look unlikely of fatherhood but his reputation as well. His name was Geo and he was known as a coldhearted warrior.around the GigaVerse. Tonight he was utterly calm and it showed in every one of his mannerisms. Rhea laughed lightly at Geo's mood and a few drops of blood dripped from her fangs onto the hard floor. The man who was sharpening his glove stared at it for a moment before gently placing his glove aside and slowly rising to his feet.
"Rhea, what is that?" he asked pointing to the drops of blood. Rhea shook her head absently. The man bent down for a closer look. "It's blood! Rhea you were forbidden to hunt tonight. You could bring bad luck to the child." He grabbed Rhea's shoulders and shook hard. She bent to her knees and wiped up the blood with her finger. Placing the finger in her mouth she looked back up at the man.
"It's just a little blood. We all have to eat. No harm no foul. Honestly, Sabin you have to losen up a bit." Sabin sighed and dropped his heavy arms to his sides. There was no use arguing with her. She would always have something to say back. He shook his head and exasperatedly walked out of the room, all the while cursing under his breath. Geo sighed with a smile.
"Rhea," he said "you have got to stop teasing him like that. One day you're going to get him so fucking pissed off that he'll rip you to shreds." Rhea grinned mischieviously.
"I know Geo, it's just too much fun to resist though. It's just easy to get him wound up." Geo chuckled. If he knew Rhea as well as he thought he did, she would never let up on Sabin.
"I better check on my wife and baby." Geo grabbed his pipe and wandered ou the large door, his face lit up with a fatherly glow. Rhea looked over at the fire and sighed, wishing she was more understood. The third man, the one that had been silent this whole time finally placed down his ale and turned to face her. His face was lit ony by the ancient fire and she couldn't see hie eyes. His frame was large and muscular and his hair black and straight hung loosely over his brow. He rose slowly to his feet.
"Did you really hunt tonight?" She dropped her gaze sheepishly to the smudged drop on the floor. The man slowly reached out and took her small hands in his.
"You men don't seem to understand that underneath all this," she motioned down her body. "lies to the heart of an animal. I must eat and drink as all of you do. Asking me not to hunt is like asking you not to drink or asking Sabin not to train, or even asking Geo to give up his pipe. It's unfair to expect me to give up the animal within whilst the rest of you take comfort in the fact you don't have to live like this." She pulled her hands from his and angrily turned her gaze to the fire.
"I do understand Rhea. There is a beast I am supposed to give up as well." He gently pulled her gaze back to him. "but it's as likely I will give up this beast as give up my place here in the castle." He lightly stroked her cheek and brushed a lock of silver hair from her eyes. She smiled up at him and wrapped er slender arms around his strong neck. He bent and passionately kissed her. She returned the kiss with anticipated eagerness. They were still embraced when Geo walked in.
"You should stop before I actually see something." Geo sat down in his chair by the fire.
"It was nothing, just a hug between friends." The man pushed her aside lightly and gave her a sideways glance.
"Well, " Rhea fidgeted nervously with the clasp of her holder. "I suppose I should give my regards to the baby. I'll see you later." She turned without a sound and slipped quickly out of the main hall, leaving the two men by the ancient fire.
The man sat down in the arm chair next to Geo and stretched. Looking over at him, Geo lit his pipe and atook a long puff.
"You know Rendar, you two are not for eachother." Rendar reached for his ale and sighed.
"I guess there's no lying to you is there?" Geo grunted, and took another long puff of his pipe. Rendar glanced at the fire. "I can't explain why I'm attracted to her. I know we're not meant but, well, I don't know. It's been so long since I've had a woman and she, well, you have eyes! She's definitely a woman."
"Yes Rendar she is. But think clearly man! She's not entirely woman. Don't forget she's also dragon and cat. She's too wild and you, well, you're a kind. That's all I'll say to that."
"Are you saying I'm not a wild man, Geo?"
"It's not that, Rendar. You're wild as all hell in battle, and I know she may make you feel wild but.....Rendar, you're a king."
"Does my station in life have to dictate who I love? I shall love who I want to love and I shall love Rhea." Rendar threw his mug into the fire. Geo stood, pipe in hand and began to walk away speaking over his shoulder.
"No Rendar, your station does not dictate whom you love. Love Rhea if that is your choice. Marry her for all I care, but mark my words you'll both be sorry." Geo walked out of the room, leaving Rendar alone in front of the ancient fire, a distressed look on his rugged face.

Geo silently opened the far right door upstairs and peered in. In one corner of the room the fire burned brightly and young in the fireplace. A rocking chair in front of it rocked lightly as a young woman sang the baby in her arms to sleep. Geo's heart swelled every time he watched his young bride. For nine long months he watched as he belly swelled and helped as much as he could. He had spend many long nights watching her sleep and many long tiring hours during the dar worrying about her every groan and pain. He couldn't help himself now, but love his wife ever more for everything she'd been through. The door creaked and the woman looked up.
"Geo." She smiled tiredly and beckoned for him. He closed the door silently behind him and quietly made his way across the room. Kneeling down beside her he took her weak hand in his. "I'm so tired Geo, and yet my heart over fills with joy. But sadness clings to it. I must leave you both." She sighed lightly. "Oh my love. It seems so unfair. That we should only cling to one another for such a short time. I was never meant to have a child. And you gave one to me. You have made me so happy. Happier and more full of love than I have ever been before. And I thank you for that." Geo carefully removed the baby from her arms and placed her in the bassinett by the bed. He turned and looked longingly at his beautiful bride. Sadness filled his heart.
"I loved you from the moment you walked through our doors and I will always love you. You are my empress." He gently guided her to the bed. Her small frame seemed lighter and more fragile now as he carefully picked her up and lay her on the soft comforter. She looked up at him, her bright brown eyes brimming with tears.
"You have filled me with more emotions than I ever thought I could feel." She sighed heavily, trying to keep enough energy to stay awake. "Know now Geo, that I shall never be truly gone. I will always be in the mist that snakes through the gardens, the dew that settles on the flowers by the pond, the stars that twinkle in the night sky. And as long as you hold me in here," she lightly placed her hand on his chest. "I shall remain with you and our daughter forever." She glanced lovingly over at the bassinette. "Our precious little Lyn will possess everything that I have. Everything that I was and am shall remain in her. I have had to give myself to give her to you. Never forget that she is my gift to you. The last." Geo sat down on the edge of the bed and squeezed her hand, he let a single tear slowly trickle down his cheek. "I love you Geo. Now and forever." She slowly closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. Geo watched sadly as the mists from the garden slowly eased through the window and made it's way to the bed. As the fire burned brightly the mists wrapped around her and she silently took her last breath.
"You are my Empress and I shall never love another." He messily wiped the tears from his eyes and stroked her warm cheek. As the sun hit the horizon and turned the sky from black velvet to a rich mural of red orange and pink he silently cried over the body of his beautiful empress, his wife, the mother of his daughter. She was gone now, and he was now alone with her last gift, the baby he would raise in her absence.

That was the night of my birth. I suppose that by now you have figured out that my name is Lyn. And that man I mentioned before, the twin born of good, Geo, is my father. I also mentioned before that by the time of my birth the clans were on number thirteen. That is the magical number. The clans have not been rebuilt since then. At the time of my birth there were only three in the good clan. Geo, my father, was number one. Rendar, a king from a distant world, was number two, and Sabin, a twin and a king, was number three. Rhea was and is my protector. She is not really a member of any clan but more of a body gaurd. She was born as a platinum dragon but found at a young age that she could transform through three forms. She could change herself from a dragon to a panther or a woman. This exceptional power of hers made her the perfect choice for my bodyguard. Of course she was quite young at the time and somewhat foolish. She had a love affair with Rendar that did not end well. Geo's warning to Rendar that she was too wild was true. Rendar wished her to become a wonderful wife, and possibly queen but do you know the saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Same is true of young dragons. Well, in truth, all dragons. They are stubborn creatures, born set in their ways. Someone who would fall in love with one would have to accept them the way they are and never bring up their flaws. Something Rendar just could not do. And it became worse when they had children. I will never forget the night they seperated forerver.

Rendar stormed into the room and threw his sword on the bed. He looked around angrily. Rhea was no where to be found and the babies were crying.
"Rhea! Get in here!" Rendar bellowed through the echoing wing. Rhea sauntered in drying her hair.
"What is it dear?" she asked, her vice dripping with sarcasm. Rendar shook his fist at her.
"For starters, the babies are crying and what are you doing about it?! And second, you've been seen in the village. And you're not exactly giving yourself a good reputation down there. Not to mention; you are supposed to be married to me! What the hell are you doing down in the village with nameless nobodys? Do you realize what I could do to these men?" She non-chalantly threw the towel on the bed and wandered over to the mirror. Rendar followed her an angry scowl across his rugged face.
"My children dear?! They are your children too." She gave him a defiant smile through the mirror. "And as for the village? I do what I can to survive. You can't give me what I need, then I shall go elsewhere. You knew what you were getting into when you agreed to marry me. You knew, that I'm wild. That I do what I want when I want with whom I want. And I don't care about the reputation. It's not a big deal." She smiled at Rendar's reflection in the mirror. Her fangs glinting in the candle light. Rendar's anger swelled through him. He smacked her in the back of the head and watched her teasing sarcastic look turn angry. She turned around and decked him inthe left eye. They stood staring at eachother angrily for a couple of minutes. The babies began to cry again. Rhea smiled. "Take care of your children Rendar!" Rendar flew into a rage. He ran to the bed and pulled out a suitcase. While Rhea stood there staring at him blankly he flew around the room throwing everyone of Rhea's posessions into it. Rhea walked into the next room and picked up the babies. The little girl cried relentlessly but the boy grabbed at her hair and giggled. She carried them into the main bedroom where Rendar had finished packing her suitcase and stood at the door case in hand.
"Leave Rhea." he simply stated opening the door for her. Rhea looked at him pleadingly still holding the two children. Rendar pointed to the hallway and stamped his foot on the floor.
"Fine. I'll leave." Rhea moved slowly towards the door. "But first, before I leave forever, plase hold Kansadora inyour arms, look into her eyes and then tell me to leave." Rhea handed the crying baby girl to her father. Rendar looked gently into her green eyes and smiled. Kansadora stopped crying and giggled, nuzzling her face in his chest. Rendar's smile faded and he handed her back to Rhea.
"Sorry," he said to Kansadora. "I love you but you can't live with me right now." He stroked her head and looked back at Rhea. "Leave now." Rhea sighed and left the room heavily, Kansadora starting to cry again. Rendar closed the door and wandered to the fireplace. Slumping into a leather armchair he looked sadly up at the picture of his family above the mantle. Tears clouding his eyes he swore to himself he would never love again and waved his hand, erasing the memories of everyone living in the castle.

You are probably wondering right now, how the heck I remember this if Rendar erased everyone's memory. That's simple. No matter how strong anyone's abilities may be they can not wipe the memory of a child. I was only two years old at the time. Children that we have are born with the knowledge to use one hundred percent of our brain. Because we are born that way we can retain memories from pretty much the moment we are born. You are guessing now that his twins probably remember everything but surprise surprise, as soon as they got old enough he slipped in and erased their memories as well. Our powers work in mysterious ways. In fact every time we screw up on something we erase memorys facts, we can even erase whole genetic codes from a being. That is the ability that Geo and Calarne found at a young age. They had such a big fight one day when they were a thousand years old that they swore to eachother that they would never be brothers again. It only took them a few moments to figure out how to make that happen. So even though the boys were born as twins, they are now not in any way shape or form brothers. They're genetic code has none of the other in it. It is as if they are two strangers from opposite ends of the GigaVerse who just happen to share the same appearance. I'm getting ahead of myself. As I was saying because our children are born as smart as they are we tend to grow and learn at a much faster pace than you do. It's confusing. One thousand years to us is like ten of your human years. I lived in the good castle till I was fifteenhundred years old. On my 1500 birthday our master, Koline returned from his travels. He had not been in the castle for 2000 years, in fact he was off training our number four. And on that warm summer night he anounced when our fourth would arrive. An anouncement that would change my life forever.

Second Part of Chapter One

"Is everything in order? The tea is ready? Chairs clean?" Geo scanned everything while anxiously pacing the floor. Rendar grabbed Geo's shoulder as he walked past.
"Geo, calm down. Everything's ready." Geo angrily shrugged off Rendar's hand and continued to pace.
"How am I supposed to calm down?! Koline will be here any minute and I don't have anything to show him."
"What do you want to show me?" An ancient voice floated in from the entrance. The men's heads snapped up at the sound of the voice. A figure dressed in a velvet brown cloak with a hood draped over his face walked slowly into the room. Geo bowed his head.
"Sir, I don't have anything to show for my work. I am a failure." Geo sighed. The figure stroked Geo's cheek.
"Geo, that is not true. You have a beautiful smart daughter. Now stop moping around and get me a cup of tea." Geo ran to get the tea as the old man greeted his other two disciples. "Rendar, my son, you are doing wonderful things on Formasin. Good work. Sabin you have excelled greatly in your arts, you're brother would be proud. You are by far our strong one." Sabin bowed in gratitude. Geo balanced the tray of tea as he slowly placed it before the old man. "Thankyou Geo." Geo bowed and took his seat to the right of the man. The man waved his hand over his tea and took a slow deliberate sip, glancing at each of the three eager men. "Now to business. I called this meeting to discuss new changes within the household." Geo shot a confused look at Rendar who just shrugged in agreement.
"What changes sir?" Sabin was the one to break the questioning silence.
"I am ready to return. My travels are now completed. It is time for me to watch the progress of you, my children." Everyone smiled and began to talk. "That is not all. Our fourth will be arriving soon and there are a few things I must begin to set into motion. I hope you already know which wing the fourth shall occupy?"
"Yes sir." They answered in unison. Koline turned to Geo.
"I want you to move your daughter into that wing. She is to share it with the fourth." Geo raised his brow in doubt.
"The fourth is a female sir?" Koline shook his head no and took another slow deliberate sip of his tea. "I don't understand. Why would I put my young daughter in a wing to share with some man?"
"Boy, Geo, not man, boy. The fourth is only slightly older than she is. Both have been raised as only children. They shall grow tremendously in spirit through this." Koline put down his empty cup matter-of-factly and stood up. "I must retire, I am tired. Good night my children." He waved lightly and disappeared in a mist. Rendar sighed.
"I'm heading to the training gardens for a while. We'll talk later Geo. Goodnight Sabin." Rendar picked up his sword from the floor and left through the open door leaving Sabin and Geo still sitting stunned in their seats. Sabin looked hesitantly over at Geo.
"Well Geo, I guess this means our little girl is growing up." He slapped Geo on the back brotherly. Geo grunted a reply and waved for Sabin to leave. After Sabin had left Geo tiptoed into Lyn's room and sat down in the rocking chair next to the bed. He fell asleep there trying to picture his awkward little girl as a beautiful young woman.

Yes, I remember clearly the day I moved from that little room in my father's wing. I was not at all pleased with the decision and I fought tooth and nail but to no avail. My father had doubts as well. I was at that age where I was beginning to experiment and very rarely listening to the advice of the adults. I felt I needed to learn by doing, I still do. The fourth arrived on a particularly cold evening a few short months after the meeting. In those few short months came a great deal of realizations and I managed to do so much growing up.

Lyn looked around the room, her green eyes wide with amazement. It was definitely an improvement from her old one. A large stone fireplace sat on her right side in the middle of the wall. The mantle was clean and bare. In front of the fireplace was a large bearskin rug and two soft leather armchairs, both a deep russet color. Between the armchairs was an oak endtable with a beautiful ornate brass candleabra. Lyn ran her fingers over the deailing on the mantle. The stone felt cool and smooth on her fingertips. She observed her surroundings with aw. Next to the fireplace was a tiny but beautiful room, bare except for the tapestry on the floor. Lyn barely glanced at the room. She wanted to take in everything, not just a bare space. Behind the armchairs and against the wall on her left was a large table with only two candles in the center. There were only two chairs, one at each end of the table and beautifully carved. The bedroom was large with a stone balcony and a king size wooden canopy bed. Another fireplace rested a few feet from the foot of the bed. The room had very dark romantic colors that matched the stone walls well but Lyn didn't care. She was eying the door in the corner. It held a strong curiousty for her. When she opened the door she almost fainted in shock. She had found what would become her favourite room in the wing. Against the far wall, to her left was floor to ceiling shelves lined with books, many that she had never heard of. A waterfall trickled from the far wall on his right which filled a beautiful stone whirl tub. On the wall in front of her was a mixture of books and plants making this room a fascinating yet beautiful hangout. Lyn closed the door and wandered slowly back into the main room. She was expecting to find her father waiting for her but where he should have been standing lay only boxes filled with every of her belongings. A note was taped to the biggest box.
Dearest Lyn,
I'm so proud of you. You're growing up. Now you can start your training and studies with me. Meet you in the training room first thing tomorrow morning.
Love Dad
Lyn sighed and threw the note in the fire. She had been waiting anxiously for the day her training would begin but now that it was upon her, it had come all too soon. After taking another look around the room she began the time consuming job of unpacking her things.

Chapter One Cont...

"She's just not getting the hang of it." Rendar hung his sword on it's rack and sighed exasperatedly. He watched Lyn saunter out of the training room humming.
"Well," Sabin started. "Maybe sword isn't her weapon." He collected up his gear in a bag.
"What do you mean Not Her Weapon? It has to be. Right!?" Rendar watched the incident in his mind again. Lyn throwing her sword across the training room instead of parrying.
"I don't know. Maybe she's like Empress, or, Rhea." Sabin shrugged and pulled off his glove.
"What?!?" Rendar looked back at Sabin with a weird look.
"Well," Sabin continued as he and Rendar made their way into the hallway. "Empress used magic and she was super strong so maybe Lyn inherited that. And Rhea's really good with daggers and whips so maybe she's better at one of those than swords." Rendar chuckled.
"Sabin, my man, Lyn knows nothing of magic or daggers. All she knows is what we've taught her. She's just not applying herself hard enough." Rendar patted Sabin on the back and turned to his room. Sabin kept walking, thinking of all that Lyn had accomplished so far. She had always applied herself strongly to everything she learned. By six she could speak every language in the GigaVerse, by eight she'd learned how to change her form, and now she had just figured out how to unfurl her wings, fly and use them in combat. Lyn really didn't need to apply herself. She just seemed to know everything. Sabin sighed and wandered aimlessly into the garden. Taking a seat by the waterfall he started to sharpen his gloce. Rendar was wrong. Lyn knew magic. He'd seen her secretly using it in the outer garden. And he also knew that somehow Empress was teaching her, he just didn't know how. He also had a feeling that Rhea was training her too but he couldn't be sure. He set down his glove and stared at the water. Well. He thought. We're just going to have to find out.

"You make the firs move dad." Lyn said as she stood in the middle of the training room. Geo lunged at Lyn, his sword blade barely missing her chest. She jumped out of the way and laughed. "Is that all you've got?" She asked cocking her head to one side smugly. Geo grinned angrily and parried. This time Lyn did a back flip away from him and as she landed threw two daggers at him. On hit him in the shoulder and the other just two centimeters above his groin. Geo looked down at the daggers with an amazed expression. "I'm sorry dad." Lyn said with mock sympathy. "That was a lucky hit." Geo pulled out the daggers and threw them down at his feet. His anger was rising and that was never a good thing. He sheathed his sword and tried a running kick at her. As his foot was about to connect with her face she jumped into the air. Wings burst out of her back and she swooped down on him, knocking him to the ground with a powerful blow. As Geo staggered to his feet Lyn gathered her power and threw a fireball the size of a small meteor down on him. It hit with a large boom and when the fire faded Geo lay dumbfounded on the floor. His sword crushed and shattered in his pelvis. Lyn lowered herself to the ground and smiled.
"What the hell was that?!?" Rendar burst into the training room a look of shock on his face. Lyn shrugged non-chalantly.
"Training." Was her only answer.

"I'm telling you Rendar, what we saw in the training room today was not just coincidence. Someone has been teaching Lyn those moves." Sabin paced the floor around the library as Rendar patiently searched through the volumes for a book to read.
"Okay Sabin. Say you're right. Then who is doing it? Rhea has been missing for who knows how long and Empress died the day Lyn was born so neither of them could have done it. And no one who lives in this house knows how to do any of that stuff." He picked a book off the shelf and studied its cover for a minute, before settling down in an armchair.
"I don't know who. Maybe you're right. Maybe it is coincidence." Sabin sighed in frustration and slumped down on the leather couch in front of the fire. "But come on Rendar. There are never coincidences in this house. You know as well as I do that everything that happens happens for a reason." Rendar looked up from his book long enough to gice Sabin and exasperated look.
"Obviously Sabin, we are not meant to know how Lyn came upon these skills. If we were we would have been informed by someone. Relax. Take it in stride. Instead of stressing about it we should be enjoying her company." Rendar went back to reading his book while Sabin examined his glove for scratches.
"What book are you reading?" He put down his glove and stood to tend the ancient fire burning in the fireplace. Rendar read a few more pages before taking off his spectacles and placing them gently on the end table. He looked up at Sabin with tired eyes and sighed heavily.
"I'm just reading my life story again. It's funny how I can't really imagine how many terrible things I did before I came here. Sometimes I feel so old." He rubbed his eyes and stood up. "I really wish I hadn't lost my family." He walked over to the bookshelf, one of millions, and slid the book back in it's place. Sabin rested his hand on Rendar's shoulder and gave a familiar squeeze.
"Someday brother, you will feel a great deal older and complain about it a great deal more. But for now think of the fact that Geo is far more ancient than you will ever be. And as for your family, well...." Sabin dropped his hand to his side. "I can't make up for your loss but remember that we, everyone who lives in this house, are also your family. And we will never abandon you." Saying that Sabin turned slowly on his heel and made his way across the library. Rendar stayed silent, staring at the titles of the books in front of him. Sabin stopped at the doorway and looked back. "Remember Rendar, " he said as he opened the door. "We are brothers. Now and forever." Rendar turned to thatnk Sabin but he was gone. He looked up at the picture above the mantle. Five smiling faces stared back at him. He remembered when he appeared in the picture. He had been so dumbfounded since no one actually took his picture. He had just seemed to magically appear beside Geo. At the time Koline had explained to him that this picture was of family and it too would grow as the family of good would. As people joined the family their face would appear in the photograph thus linking on to another in a bond of love and friendship. Rendar smiled. He could still remember how excited and nervous he had been when he watcehd Sabin's face appear. Sabin was right. They were brothers. Now and forever.

The ancient grandfather clock chimed monotonously in the corner as Koline settled down in his rocking chair and sipped his tea. His wise old eyes watched the fire dance and crackle at his feet as it burned bright and new. He smiled knowingly as a young man's face appeared in the flames. Yes my son. It is time. He thought. It is time for you to take your rightful place in the family. As the dawn broke the clock chimed again letting the emptiness know that Koline was gone. The only way of telling that he had been there that night was a steaming cup of tea and an empty rocker that swayed gently alone in the darkness.

A mist hovered over the outer garden in the early morning light casting an eerie glow over everything it touched. A young man loomed in the shadows nervously tugging at his tattered clothes. His young eyes drank in his surroundings eagerly as the sun rose. He backed further into the shadows as Rendar, Sabin and Geo walked into the garden. The three of the them knelt down before a large obelish for a few seconds before continuing on. Sabin began to fuss with the flowers, Rendar sat down at the bench pulled out a book and began to read. Geo nosed around the garden searching all the dark corners and crevices. He did that every morning but Sabin and Rendar could never get the reason why out of him. As he came closer to the young man's hiding place he pulled out his sword. The young man backed into the darkest corner he could find and held his breath. He wanted no sound to come from his hiding spot lest he be found. Geo pointed his sword in the corner and stood grinning devishly before reaching in and dragging the man out into the light.
"What are you doing hiding in the bushes?" Geo glared at the man. The man, fear dancing in his blue eys stood up straight and stared back at Geo. In a low voice he spoke.
"My name is Jaden SanRog. I was told to come here. I have journeyed for many years to this spot and was instructed to wait until a man named Geo would find me. Geo lowered his sword and looked back at Jaden skeptically.
"So you're the fourth, huh? Not much to look at, but any man that is willing to stare me down has balls, I'll give you that." He sheathed his sword and turned to the others. "See that he finds his wing." As he passed by Sabin he leaned over and whispered. "Watch Lyn carefully. Don't let those two get too close, if you know what I mean." He sent a sidewards glance over at Jaden. "You're welcome by all of us. But mark my words, youngen, you cross me and you'll be sorry!" With that last threat Geo entered the castle and disappeared around the corridor.

End Of Chapter One

Jaden's arrival changed my life forever. We shared that wing till I was 2000 years old. In such a short time we became best friends. We shared our hopes, our fears, our dreams, everything. Jaden told me horrific stories of his childhood. He was born on a planet called Karnac. He had two siblings, Stevey and Isabelline. His father Solack, the ruler of Karnac, was an evil man. In cold blooded anger he killed Jaden's siblings and made Jaden bury their bodies. When Jaden was 10 his father tried to kill his mother, Ralitha. In an attempt to save her Jaden placed her in an oil painting, and ran away. Koline found him a few days later taking shelter in a damp cave clinging to the painting. Koline stayed with him for five years training him in the wilderness. When he felt Jaden was ready he told him to follow his heart and mind. If he did well he would find himself in an outergarden in the walls of a castle. He was told to wait there until a man named Geo would welcome him in. I thought it so odd that there were people beyond the castle walls. In all my life I had never ventured past the gates. I suppose you are wondering how we can travel from one planet to another. It's simple really. To us it is the same as you travelling from one town to another. Space is like a road for us. We have no need of ships or planes. Our minds are our vessels and we can easily travel from planet to planet or universe to universe. The GigaVerse is a large expanse but to us it's just a very large world. I only call each place a planet for your sake. So that you may understand that this is not a middle earth, or magical world. It is bigger than your planet and your planet is part of our world. Think of it this way, Earth is your town much as Karnac is Jaden's town and Formasin is Rendar's town. Or kingdom. Whatever you prefer. Honestly, I prefer you use your imagination. It is through your imagination that you may see the truth, that you may see my world and its many splendors. I am getting completely off track again. Please forgive me. I am doing my best to tell my story but also to explain to you the little things that I take for granted. I could probably write a book just about all these little things but I'll write my story first. If you like, I will write about the little things next time. I said before that the fourth's arrival would set a chain of events into action that would change my world forever. On my 2000 birthday I would say goodbye to my family forever, and my heart would break in a way that could never be healed.

"Please don't forget me. Don't ever stop writing me." Lyn whispered in Jaden's ear. Jaden peered deep into her emerald green eyes.
"Lyn," he whispered back. "I will never stop. I will never forget. You are my best friend, my love, my everything. They can never keep us apart." He gently brushed the blonde hair from her face. "But you know, your father will try. You know they have done this to keep us apart." Lyn buried her face in his cloak and clung to him.
"I don't care. I don't care what they want or what they will try to do. You must swear to me you will do what you can. You must never forget me." Jaden pulled her chin gently up towards him.
"I swear on my mother's undying soul, you shall be a part of me forever." She pushed her lips to his and they kissed tenderly, softly. Neither of them wanting to let go.
"All right, you've said your good byes, now let go of her and let her leave in peace. The master is waiting." Geo pulled them apart and shoved Jaden back. Sabin grabbed Jaden's shoulder gently but firmly to keep him in place.
"You'll be sorry father. This is by far the dumbest thing you have ever done. By forcing me to leave you have broken my heart and my trust. You do know that?" Geo sighed heavily and grabbed Lyn's small shoulders.
"Someday you will understand daughter. Someday you will forgive me for this. And if you dont and you feel the need to make me pay you know where to find me. It breaks me heart to see you leave. It breaks all of our hearts. But we do what we must do." He pulled her into his arms. "You are my blood and I will always love you." She pushed him back angrily and climbed into the cart beside the driver.
"We are blood no longer. Don't ever call me your daughter again. And as for you two," She motioned towards Sabin and Rendar. "This is the ultimate betrayal. You are like his puppets." With that the cart pulled away. Sabin and Rendar lowered their heads in grief and shame.
Lyn sniffed sadly as the cart pulled away from the castle.
"Don't worry young one." said the driver patting her shoulder and he threw his smoke in the water. "You'll be just fine." Lyn smiled up at him half-heartedly. As she turned to take on last look at her home he heart broke. She watched sadly as her father dragged Jaden back in the castle by the back of his shirt collar. Rendar and Sabin stood motionless their faces sullen and their arms at their sides. "The neutral clan is happy to have you. You will fit right in. Now let me explain the rules....." the man went on as Lyn settled down and let the pain wash over her.


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