The Dream

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This story is about a child who had a bad dream and different characters who react differently to her dream.


Seema was preparing to sleep by changing the bed sheet and keeping the pillow at the head of the bed and finally tying the mosquito net while her daughter who was watching her every movement, sat on a chair placed near the bed. After all was done, she called ‘Come, Nita.’

But Nita didn’t make any movement, instead she looked at her mother’s face.
She called again ‘Come, Nita, It’s your bed-time.’
‘I don’t want to sleep, mom.’ she said.
‘Why?’ Her mother asked.
‘I don’t want to see that dream again.’ Nita answered.
‘It will not come today.’ Seema consoled her, brought her into the net, switched off the light and went out of the room.

But after a few hours of sleep, the scream of Nita brought her parents, grandmother and brother into the room.

Nita, on seeing her mother, jumped towards her saying ‘I saw that dream again.’
She described in this way: She heard a noise, which made her to rise from her bed and walk towards that sound. She came into her brother’s room and saw a demon with two horns on his head, chopping off her brother’s head and after that she opened her eyes and screamed.

Her brother, Arun, laughed at her. Her father, Bimal, also added that it was only a dream and it had nothing to do with real life. But Bimal’s mother had some other notion. According to her, the meaning of this dream might be the forecasting of some unpleasant event. She thought of this type of dream was the sign of ill-omen.

The rest didn’t take any heed of her words and went quietly to their beds, but Seema joined her daughter only to remove the fear in her mind.

The Swami

Next night same thing happened. Nita had the same dream and screamed, bringing the rest of the family into her room and again her grandmother warned them of the ill-omen which was sure to follow soon. The rest of the family was not taking this to be so serious, but the grandmother had decided to take steps to rescue Nita from the imminent danger. After thinking about this matter she made her decision of meeting Swami Dharmananda whom she had heard of and she believed that swami would a way out of this.

Swami Dharmananda came into their house and had a glance around the house, and after looking at Nita he said that there were two reasons for her present condition.

Grandmother asked him as a disciple, ‘What are they?’
‘Only you can save us from this danger.’ She said again.
‘Danger! Danger!’ He suddenly shouted ‘Life is full of danger.’
‘Oh! Is that so? I didn’t know this fact.’ Bimal said.
Swami had a look at him and said ‘I am here to avert the danger’.
Bimal asked ‘Swamiji, you haven’t told us about the two reasons for my daughter’s condition?’

Swami smiled and said ‘I was going to tell that. First of all it is the wrath of Sani Deva.’
‘The wrath of Sani Deva,’ grandmother cried out, ‘God save my child.’

‘What action of an innocent child can make Sani Deva angry, Swamiji?’ Seema asked.
‘You don’t know that sometimes human beings have to pay the penalty for the deeds done in their last birth.’ Swami Dharmananda explained.

Arun asked for his second reason and swami said ‘From her dream I can understand well that the demon is ruling her mind.’

Arun said ‘Now-a-days, human beings are sometimes demon-like, swamiji.’

Dharmananda smiled once again and tried to make him understand ‘This kind of thing is out of your understanding, my child.’

Grandmother asked ‘What can we do to save the child, Swamiji?’

‘The process is little bit expensive. But don’t worry I will try to do it in another method. I will not be responsible, if this will not help the child.’

‘Don’t worry. You do in your method. Don’t worry about money.’ Grandmother said.

Suddenly swami got angry and he stood up. ‘I am not thinking about money. I am only thinking about this child. You are talking about money. This is my insult and I will not…..’

Grandmother fell on his feet and said ‘forgive me, swamiji, my intention wasn’t to insult you. You don’t know my current state of mind.’

‘I know everything.’ Swamiji said this. Suddenly he became cool and sat down and said to grandmother ‘By performing a puja, I can remove all the calamities in her life.’

Then Swamiji gave a list of materials which should be collected for the performance of the puja and the preparation for a blissful atmosphere for the same. Swamiji said ‘I will come tomorrow.’

After his departure, Bimal talked to his mother, ‘I didn’t expect this from you.’

The Last Dream

‘What have I done?’ She asked.

‘What’s the use of calling this swami?’
‘Only to save my child!’ She said honestly.
‘I said nothing had happened to her, but you…’
You will not understand this’ She only said this and left him alone in the room to think about the matter.

Next morning when Nita came out of her bed, she had a singing smile on her lips, which astonished all.

Seema asked ‘What happened, Nita? After a long time, we are seeing you smiling.’

Nita explained ‘I again had a dream.’
‘And you are smiling now. Well, it never happened before.’
‘I had a different type of dream.’ She explained.
‘What?’ Bimal asked.

And Nita started ‘What I saw in this dream could be said to be the concluding part of the previous dreams. That demon had the head of my brother chopped off, but my brother still stood on his feet dancing, which pleased the demon who ultimately kept back the head on his neck.’


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