The Drums From the Deep

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This piece is for my creative writing class. Unlike The Country Manor of Iowa, it is only of almost five pages. This is my second horror/suspense short story. The assignment was to create a story with a message attached to it. The message to this is "The price of fame" for "fame" isn’t all as it seems. Just for thought…..comments are open…

The Drums from The Deep

The blood splattered onto the ground, swords clashed, shields were battered upon while the Romans and the Barbaric Tribes Germany clashed. Flame, oil, and rocks were brought together. The catapults launched their vicious payload; the screams could deafen those who were defending beside.
The evening air smelt of blood and human flesh; the Germanic Tribes were greatly outnumbered. The spearmen drew the Germanic Army back, back into a cave which was then covered up with tremendous boulders and stones, trapping them inside for eternity. The only thing that could be heard was of their battle drums that cried out for help for days and weeks, until a few months later when the drums finally died away.
The cave was deep, perhaps a mile in length and perhaps a few miles in depth. The tribes fed on their horses and dogs and whatever animal they had left, until they began feasting on themselves. It wasn’t until the most damned of fools could pry the rocks open once more of the tribal prison. For they did not know of what anger, rage, hatred and evil, lurked inside the cave. Shortly after, rumors began to spread that a chest of unspeakable treasure was amongst what was forced in. This was not true, but no one else knew that. No one took the hint that it was only death that lurked at the end and that is what a few did. The end was only death.

* * *

In the many years that passed, the cave was forgotten and only told as of a legend. It became a story to tell around the local campfire and how the drums would sound whenever someone of living form was nearby. Yet no one believed it, after all, it was only a legend. Its became a story to tell around the local campfire and how the drums would sound whenever someone of living form was nearby. Yet no one believed it, after all, it was a legend, a myth. Which this was made for scaring the pants off of the little kitties for the teenage adolescence to have fun with.
The year was 1908 and the explorers marched in a horseback line. Young Arnold never knew of what his fate may lay, nor did any of his colleagues of early-aged men. Arnold Shinizer was of a company of twelve young men. And in reasoning as to why they were traveling was for exploration purposes. The weather was of a cloudy overcast; the trees slowly rustled in the moderate temperature. The path that the horses slowly trotted on was considered with dirt and wet soil. Trees roots crowded onto the path every so often.
In Arnold’s mind, it was around eleven o’clock and he was cold. A blanket treated him as a cape and what could be seen was his hands, part of his chest and his top hat. His expedition was to find the ancient treasure of an old Germanic Tribe, known as the Serethis. The treasure concerned of a series of stolen goods, mostly as gold and silver that would be worth all of Germany in the present, even more afterwards.
Although from history and legend, the Romans drove the tribe into a cave which they sealed with rocks and boulders. But in the midst of their inhumane imprisonment, a treasure of a capacity to fill a locomotive’s cargo to the brim, was also driven in. In Arnold’s hope, he were to find the treasure, not only take the reward but to receive glory in the world of archeology and to have himself as one of the youngest archeologists in the world to have discovered so much. He would have himself mended into history books and looked widely upon as a fellow of supreme intelligence. For many tried to find this treasure, none of them prevailed. This is what motivated him and when his mind made conclusions to a specified location, the treasure wasn’t there, yet he kept looking. And he found what he was looking for, what he though of anyhow.

* * *

Again, his company concerned of twelve men, all of which were around his age, even of the same age as well. All of which had the most absurd drive to find the treasure that they so dearly desired. Most of them were students, as of three other men who were either younger or older then Arnold by one or two years. Heimlich, Jhon, and Markus, who were all of similar facial and bodily features. Most of which had blue eyes and a shade of blonde or brown hair. Except for Jhon and a young fellow named Hans, both, had black hair with brown eyes. It was rumored that both Jhon and Hans were related, although, it was never proven. Everyone knew they were related somehow, it wasn’t specified.
`In consideration, Arnold truly knew of Heimlich, John, Markus, and Hans, everyone else was a student and Arnold was practically their teacher. Who he, was a rather young teacher. He felt that his students and teachers have very separate lives and it should remain that way. He didn’t involve himself in a student’s life, they didn’t involve themselves in his, and it was that simple.
Arnold met Heimlich Gruzeler and Jhon Serglow at the University of Berlin, they were students in the archeology department and remained good friends for the past six years. Two years in that time, they slowly began looking for the treasure, also balancing out their studies as well. In the earlier searches, they met Markus Zilemzer, who was a veteran archeologist who agreed to help them find it. They took a liking to him and found that he was better then the rest of them, yet he followed Arnold for he quietly knew that he was destined to exceed him and all of his accomplishments.

* * *
As the company made a small encampment complete with the typical campsite features. The darkness in the forest slowly crept in and night settled. Their dinner of small portions, was made over the campfire as they then slowly turned to their tents, two people each.
After hours slowly came as then they fell asleep, not knowing that they were going to be awoken into a world of alert. As their curious minds would then go astray for they didn’t necessarily find the cave, it found them.

* * *
Arnold’s eyes snapped open, something startled him in his sleep. In the distance, he heard a low noise that sounded of a deep-pitched:
He sat up, crawled out of his tent and stood up in the night. He looked all around him and the noise sounded again:
He turned around and looked deeper part of the forest, it was pitch black yet he could make out the trees and he heard the echo once more:
Overwhelmed in his frenzied excitement; he shook his company awake and soon after, rather reluctant, they were off to find the drum’s owner. Which was guided by the echo that Arnold heard.
The morning came as then the sound grew louder and louder and more faster as they then came to a small mountain covered in moss. The weather was quite cold, yet not enough for the exhaling breathe to be of sight. There were no living animals in the area of the mountain. The sun slowly crept through the trees, but didn’t penetrate the mountain.
The mountain was covered in moss and small plants which Arnold and his company shoveled off with their spades. Arnold look at the mountains and noticed that there rocks were piled and stacked onto each other. He smiled and it was a smile that was too big for his face and said in supreme happiness:
“I’ve found it, all of the weeks and months and we’ve found it.” He said.
And so, he and his company began to dig into the side of the mountain, all the while, the drums sounded in their deep and eerie tone:
* * *
They worked on digging out the rocks and dirt (which took them a combined effort of two and a half hours) until there was a small hole uncovered into a larger world of black. Arnold, Heimlich, Hans, Jhon, and Markus; crawled into the small opening in the cave and shined their lanterns into the depths of the cave which went on and on into the deep.
“Hello?” shouted Arnold, it echoed.
They then heard one of the students from the outside:
“What do you see sir? Do you want us to come with you?”
“No” Arnold shouted “We might need you to stand guard outside. We will take a small look about to find our bearings”
This echoed, there was then a deep rumbling sound from shifting rock.
“Oh God…..MUDSLIDE” yelled one of the students form the outside and the small opening was abandoned. Arnold and his small company, tried to make a run to get outside of the small hole but it was barricaded in rock and mud. They lost their way out.
“What do we do now?” said Hans.
“Well…..perhaps go forward. We didn’t come this far to escape glory, besides there has to be a secondary way out. There always is.” said Arnold happily as he then walked on into the cave. The drums continued in their steady beat of:
* * *
They continued onward into the cave, the only light there was, was form their lanterns. The air was cold, very cold. The rocky floor was drenched in a misty fog that didn’t go above the ankles. The only two things that could be heard, were their footsteps that was beneath the fog and the steady echo of the drums. The ground wasn’t visible, yet the feel was extremely rocky, coarse, and bumpy as then rocks collapsed under their feet. Every so often, the drums would echo once more:
This intrigued Arnold even more, for he wanted to find the source to the noise that was ringing in his for the better half of perhaps two days. The more they walked on, though, the drum’s rhythm started to change:
Until Arnold said:
“We must be getting closer”
As then the drumbeat began to beat faster and louder. And slowly, the men began to lose their minds. They began to talk out loud to no general person. They began to shout at the top of their lungs as then hallucinations of horrific images began to cross their minds.
They went deeper as then the drums became an actual noise that was every three seconds:
Even though that they wanted to go back, they couldn’t. as they noticed that the fog began to slowly dissipate from the floor of the cave and they screamed at their horror to see skeletons who were still of decaying flesh. They ran off into the deepest, innermost past of the cave, to their end.
They ran into a hall of dead bodies but the sprits of the dead were still alive and well. A form of transparent green as their eyes were in a small glint of red. They sang out in the beat of the drums:
A high-pitched psychotic laugh echoed through the cave. This was repeated as they began to circle and engulf them. They screamed until they could scream no more. The drums sounded:
Until all was silenced.
* * *
Nothing came of the expedition; the remaining students went back to Berlin and told of their story. Arnold’s memory was put into textbooks and nothing else was made of him. And the Drums from the Deep remained a legend and that is all that people will admit.


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