The Egyptian Pyramids

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The Egyptians of the ancient world were a monument of hidden knowledge, which forms the basis oof modern science and the study of the human mind, as a computer based first hand knowledge, limitted by constraints of recording. This is an exclusive original thought of the author.


The Great Pyramids
The great pyramids of Egypt are more than mere tomb stones and burial sites for the Pharaohs. They are a temple of knowledge. The Egyptians were an extraordinary great class of very exceptionally intelligent people. But sadly they had no way, like we have, printing, typing, Internet etc, to record the invaluable data they discovered over the millennia, simply watching the planetary movements, particularly the sun and moon in relation to the movement of the earth.
There is no doubt in my mind, having studied the Human Mind, in co relation with the Zodiac, that the Zodiac is a simply a firsthand computer of the human mind .The Egyptians were well versed with inter -terrestrial movements and they were convinced that the sun was the centre of the universe, and not the earth It is only some ego centric minds, which made religion and mass ignorance a means of business and livelihood, who kept this knowledge under wraps, for over nearly2000 years for reasons not unknown.
Thus the conflict between science and religion delayed the actual progress of the human mind, by over 1700 years. It will not be out of place to discover or disclose or bring forth to the notice of all human beings living today, that religion started giving way to science and evolution after Darwin’s Theory of Evolution surfaced. Most inventions have taken place only during and after the seventeenth century.
Today as we stand in the shadow of the pyramids, we must not only view it from an architectural point of view but evaluate the message that the pyramids openly convey and not conceal. As a researcher I have done my bit .The pyramids were constructed in a very scientific manner, keeping the relative position of the Sun and the Earth, over the seasons in mind .That the Equator and the Sun have a direct bearing is now no secret a matter, which each one of us knows. We also know of the slow running of the earth, the increase of time taken by the Moon to periphery the earth, which was 28 days now its 29 ¼ days . The magnetic effect of the solar system and resonance of the magnetic imaging theory, are no mean achievement.
@I would like to wind up here by saying that the precession of the Equinoxes, must be taken into account, even more so by astronomers and astrologers if they want to draw some meaningful information. It will be worthwhile grabbing a book called,
ISBN Number.9788190013819,
Which is a discourse on the movement of human life, based on scientific analogies, which has its roots based on the Egyptian’s knowledge, so succinctly still concealed. I do hope all future students of research would keep these aspects in mind.

A word about the Precession of the Eqinoxes will not be out of place. The earth rotates around its own axis and revolves around the sun. Normally it takes 365 days and in a leap year 366 days to revolve round the sun and the sun then rises at the equator on 21st March each year. We have to thank Pope 13th, who in 1582, rectified an error, by knocking of 11 days from the Julian Calendar, to ensure the synchronising of the earth’s and suns movement, which is aptly correct to this day. A leap year is a year divisible by 4 and the years ending in two zeros like 1900, will be leap years only if they are divisible by 400.This notwithstanding , owing to the sluggishness of the earth the alignment of the earth and the sun, as it was over 2000 years is not the same. Hence this correlation between the earth and the sun results in the precession of the equinoxes, as the earth is now not aligned with Aries as it was when the Zodiac was cast .Hope this additional information will be helpful to the modern day researchers.



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