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We all grow old, I have always wondered what I might think when I look at myself at a later age.

The Elder

He looks in the mirror and could hardly recognize that image which he’s held in his mind all these years. The youthful, vibrant face that gave him confidence is now washed away by the wrinkles of time. He stares deep into his eyes looking for a glimmer or a spark in the deep abyss of thought...

He flashes back to cherished moments as a child. He remembers his mother teaching him how to tie the laces on his shoes. He flashes back to curious and daring times as a young adult. The first kiss with and the feeling of young love... Then, as an adult, he re-lives the pains and struggles, the joys and successes. He thinks to himself. My business failed several times, I never stopped...

Now with knowledge and wisdom, wisdom he could only talk about now. He falls back into the sad and somber face which reflects before his eyes. “Oh, if only I knew then, what I know now.” He stares down at his hands, the hands that once held life tight and firm. They look fragile and frail, wrinkled and worn. He thought to himself.

He stares at his reflection in the mirror. “What is life about? Have I accomplished what I was meant to accomplish? When I finally rest, will I be content with what I have made of myself?” He then looks up and closes his eyes. With whispers he says to the Lord… “I have lived a full life, my lord, and for this I thank you”… As he again meets his eyes on the mirror, he sees a spark deep in the distance of his vision. And peace comes over him with calm and haste. A gentle stretch of joy pulls on his face. And a subtle smile he sees looking back in his reflection... With content he comes into a peaceful realization of himself and all he has achieved. "Thank you he who is everything" He says feeling satisfied.


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I have been writing and drawing since I was a child. Many of my writings are based on life events and thoughts. I'm currently working on 1st novel. Pe@ce!

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