The Eperiment 7

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When the PPGs & RRBs go on a weekend camping trip, they get abducted by aliens. Upon returning to Earth they have no memory of the incident, but what happens when all three girls end up pregnant? Will two mysterious new friends hold the key to the truth?

Chapter Seven: Stage Three

Five human specimens slept in a soundproof room, while one stayed strapped to a table screaming somewhere far off.

"Would you assholes let me go?" She shouted. She was still naked, cold and scared out of her mind.

Fidori entered the examining room where she was being held. "Calm yourself."

She looked strangely at the strange green alien. Buttercup started to cry. "What do you want with me?"

Fidori tried to think of what human words she did know. "No... hurt," she said and pointed a long finger at Buttercup. "Help."

"You mean you won't hurt me," Buttercup said calmly. "What about Butch? Where is he?"

Fidori thought again. "Mate?"

Buttercup smiled to herself. She nodded. "Is he alright?"

Fidori thought again. "Mate... no... hurt."

"Butch. His name is Butch," Buttercup said.

"Mate...? Butch?" Buttercup nodded. Fidori pointed a long finger at her.

"Me?" she questioned, thinking the alien wanted to know her name. "Buttercup."

"But-ter-cup?" she nodded. "Anothers?"

Buttercup looked on in terror. "My sisters?"

Fidori held up four long fingers. "Two... female... two male."

"Blossom and Bubbles, my sisters. Please don't hurt them. Butch's brothers, Brick and Boomer."

"No...hurt... sleep." Fidori pointed a long finger at her. "Sleep."

Buttercup laid back and tried to close her eyes. Another alien creature came into the room. "Doctor Tolen," Fidori said. "We have had a mishap."

Buttercup became scared again. She couldn't make out what they were saying.

He saw she was awake and struggling. "Did this one not mate?"

"Yes, of course, but the drugs were not strong enough on her and her mate. I dared not give her the sedative."

Doctor Tolen approached Buttercup as she started to struggle again. Fidori signaled for him to stay back. "Bu-ter-cup... no... hurt," Fidori said and pointed to the doctor.

She calmed down some and as the doctor approached. His red eye scanned her from head to toe. He did a thorough check, scanning several times.

"The seed?" Fidori questioned.

"Success," the doctor said. "And the other specimens?"

"The same," he said, "but this one, this female is the strongest." The doctor approached her and touched her face. "I never encountered a primitive this strong."

"Don't touch me!" Buttercup shouted and bit his long finger. He screamed out in pain.

"No... hurt... no," Fidori scolded her like a pet.

Buttercup whole body shook. Fidori felt her skin and realized it was cold. "Doctor, are these beasts not warm blooded?"

"Yes," he said.

"This space is too cold. We must warm her."

"Take her to quarters and with a temperature regulator."

"Yes, Doctor," Fidori wheeled the table that held Buttercup down through several corridors. They entered cylinder type entrance and arrived in a long hallway with transparent walls. There was a door where there didn't seem to be a door that opened and Fidori wheeled her inside.

"Human?" Fidori started. "But-ter-cup. Stay." She nodded. Fidori unstrapped her and helped her down. Buttercup went straight for her. Fidori hit a button located by the entrance. She was suddenly weakened and fell to the floor. "No... hurt," Fidori said in a scolding tone. "Help."

Buttercup started to warm up. Fidori came towards Buttercup. She took her hands and helped her to her feet. Buttercup started to fall, but Fidori was able to keep her up. She led her to a pallet where she could lay down.

"Thank you," Buttercup said.

Fidori looked strangely at her. Buttercup pointed towards her. "You helped me. I say, Thank You."

"Thank... You," Fidori said and smiled. "Teach.. speak?"

Buttercup looked around the room. She saw a light fixture. She pointed to it. "Light."

"Light," Fidori repeated.

Buttercup patted the pallet she now sat on. "Bed."


Fidori now stood before her. Buttercup touched her garment. "Clothes."

"Clothes?" Fidori questioned.

"Yes, I need clothes." She touched her skin.

Fidori nodded and prepared to leave the room. She closed the door behind her. Buttercup just hoped that she understood the request. She stayed in the room for a long time lying on the soft pallet, until she heard someone finally enter. She rose to a standing position when she realized it wasn't Fidori. Buttercup backed up seeing the little green alien smirking at her.

"Fiesty little human," he said. "I was watching the whole time. Would you teach me your mating rituals?" He came towards her, but she simply punched him his the face. He hit the same button that Fidori hit and Buttercup fell to the floor, suddenly weakened again. She backed herself up against the back wall hoping to put some distance between herself and the alien, but he came steadily towards her.

He touched her skin which his scaly fingers. "Where was it your mate touched you to make you scream?" He asked as his back tentacle probed her body, only stopping when it reached her vagina. "Yes, here." He wore smirk on his face, as his tentacle stoked her her pubic hair.

Buttercup cried out. "Please, don't." She fell on her knees as he stuck his long fingers inside her. "Stop it," she screamed out, but still she was unable to move.

"Oh, yes, you humans mate strangely." He took his fingers out and explored her body further, looking into her face. He forced her mouth open. "What is it about human mouth? It has to do with the tongue. Oh, yes. I have a tongue. Try this one. He spit out his long green tongue and forced it into her mouth. She screamed out, but could not speak.

He forced her body next to his. He released his tongue from her mouth and touched her breasts. "Yes, that is nice." He held her to the wall. "Teach me to mate."

Tears formed in her eyes, thinking she was going to be raped by this creature. She couldn't understand a word he said, but just his tone and the way that he touched her sent chills through her body.

"Please, don't hurt me." She was crying uncontrollably.

"Too bad I don't know human speak." He pressed his scaly body against hers and stuck his long finger inside her again.

"Stop!" she shouted.

At that moment she saw the hidden door opened. It was Fidori. "Mofet!" she shouted. "Get away from her."

"Let me have my fun," Mofet said and continued to play with Buttercup.

Fidori pushed the button which restored Buttercup's strength. She grabbed Mofet by the throat and threw him across the room. She flew toward him and beat him senseless.

"Don't ever touch me again," Buttercup shouted and stomped on his head.

"But-ter-cup, stop!" Fidori said. She hit the button again and Buttercup fell to the floor.

She lay there weak as a newborn kitten as two other aliens came in. One she recognized as the one who examined her and another she wasn't sure of.

"What is going on here?" Doctor Tolen asked.

"This human is dangerous," Calaron said, approaching Fidori. "Did she hurt you?"

"No, she hurt Mofet," Fidori said, "and he deserved it."

"What do you mean?" Calaron asked.

"He attacked her," Fidori said.

"We must sedate the female," the doctor insisted. "Whatever the risk?"

"No," Fidori said. "She is not dangerous, and not the primitive we think. She is intelligent. She has been teaching me earth speak."

"There's nothing to learn from these primitives," Calaron said. "Their only use is to carry our DNA."

"No," Fidori said. "She's taught me several words already. "Like 'light', 'clothes' and 'bed'. And I know her name and the name of her mate. "Her name is But-ter-cup. Her mate is Butch."

"Humans have names?" Calaron said. "They are little more than animals. You observed their mating ritual."

"We can learn from them," Fidori insisted. "Please, let me take care of her."

"Very well, Fidori," Doctor Tolen said. "But she's your responsibility."

"And keep him away," Fidori said, pointing at Mofet.

The other aliens left leaving Fidori alone with Buttercup. She released the button, but Buttercup came at her.

"No," she said, as Buttercup had her pinned to the wall. Buttercup saw the fear in her eyes and released her. "I've brought you some clothes. Clothes," she said so Buttercup could understand. It was a servant's garment in the color of green and gold. It looked like a dress one would wear at the costume party.

Fidori helped her to put it on. She didn't feel so overexposed. "Teach... speak?"

Fidori handed her a book. It was an Earth book, one written for small children just learning to read.

She opened the book and saw the first chapter on parts of the body. "Ummm. Hand," Buttercup said and held up a hand to show Fidori. Then she wiggled her fingers. "Finger."

"Hand," Fidori said, holding up her scaly green hand. Then mimicked the wiggling of the her fingers. "Fin-ger.

For the next few hours, Buttercup taught her many words. Fidori picked it up very quickly, and they soon were conversing as friends.

"You never told me your name," Buttercup said.

"I am called Fidori," she said.

"Fidori?" Buttercup thought for a moment. "It's pretty."

"Words are pretty?" Fidori asked, looking confused.

"Some of them," Buttercup said. She thought about her home and how much she missed it. "Why did you take us?"

"We are scientists," Fidori explained. "We study different species."

"Is that all? You go around the galaxy abducting different races just to study them? Do you ever wonder what you captives feel?"

"I never thought about that," Fidori said.

"Human do the same to animals, so I guess we're no better," Buttercup said.

"Are all humans strong like you?" Fidori asked.

"No, but we're not ordinary humans," Buttercup said. Fidori looked intrigued. "It's hard to explain."

"I no understand all your words," she said.

"English can be a dumb language sometimes," she said with a laugh. A tear soon escaped her eye.

"Must miss mate," Fidori said.

"Yes," she said and thought about her sisters. "The others, are they alright? Please, I want to see them."

"Close with those humans, yes. Your mate, Butch. But others?"

"They're my sisters," Buttercup said, but she could tell that Fidori didn't understand.

"Sisters?" Fidori questioned, not understanding.

"Family, and the other two?" Buttercup started to say.

"The males?" Fidori questioned.

"They're Butch's brothers. Family. mother, father, brothers, sisters. Understand."

"Family," Fidori said. "No understand."

She gave up trying to explain. "Can I ask a question?" Fidori nodded. "When Butch and I were in that room, were you... watching us?"

"Yes," Fidori said. "Observing mating rituals of primitive species." She said it like it was the most natural thing.

"What?" Buttercup shouted. She was obviously upset. "How could you? That was private."

"Private? What is private?"

"Something special shared between two people, not some dumb science experiment. It was my first time and with someone I love, and..."

"Love? I do not understand. What is love?"

"Feelings? Do you know feelings?
"Yes, physical sensations," Fidori said.

"No, something you feel inside, for another being. It's so strong you're willing to give up your life to save theirs."

"That is love?" she wondered. "Powerful. To harness that power."

"No, you can't harness it. It's not something you see. You feel it. You can't see or touch it, but you feel it, and you know it's real."

"First mating, very powerful?" Fidori thought for a second. "Why do humans mate? To create offspring?"

"Yes, but there are other reason, too. Because we love. It's something special, sacred and private."

"I am sorry," Fidori said. "I do not understand, but I am sorry abut Mofet."


"The one who attack you," Fidori said. "When he observed your mating, he wanted to do it, too."

"He tried to rape me, in a way he did."

"Rape? What is rape?"

"When someone forces you to... mate with them. Butch is the only person I'll do that with, and we call it making love. Animals mate, and we're not animals."

"I am sorry. We too smart sometimes."

"Will you let us go?" Buttercup asked.

"Yes, but you will not remember anything."

"I don't want to remember," Buttercup said.

"You all be sent back in matter of earth hours," Fidori said.

"All of us?" she questioned.

"Yes," Fidori said.

"I must take you to the examining room," Fidori said. "Doctor needs one last assessment."

The last word she didn't understand. "No, I won't let him touch me."

"But-ter-cup, will not harm, but we must examine."

She hesitated for a moment. "Okay," she said. She couldn't see no way out of it.

"Promise to behave, and I will not have to strap you down."

The thought of being strapped to that table made her cringe. She thought she had no choice but to cooperate. "I promise."

"Follow me," Fidori said.

She led her down through several hallways. It was all very confusing. The place looked like a maze. She soon led Buttercup into a large room. She saw her siblings strapped to tables, the boys, too. She ran over to where Butch lay unconscious.

"Butch, please, be okay," she said with tears in her eyes.

"He is only sleeping," Fidori said. The doctor walked in and looked straight at Buttercup.

"Why is this specimen not secured?" Doctor Tolen said.

"I am not a specimen," Buttercup scowled.

"Doctor, please, she is no threat," Fidori said in a language Buttercup did not understand.

"The danger period is over now. You may sedate her."

"What's going on?" Buttercup asked.

"We need to put you sleep," Fidori said. "Doctor Tolen needs a few more tests, then we will send you back home."

"What are you telling her?" Doctor Tolen demanded to know.

"No, you can't," Buttercup said and tried to run.

"But-ter-cup, you promised you would behave," Fidori called after her.

About a dozen aliens appeared to block her path. "No, please," she screamed as they took hold of her. She could have taken on six maybe but not a dozen. They dragged her over to one of the tables and strapped her in. She cried out as the doctor came towards her. "Stay away from me," she screamed, but it was too late.

He injected her with the sedation drug. He pulled out a second vial and injected that as well. Fidori for some reason felt pity for her. She stroked her hair and soothed her as she drifted off. Fidori slipped off the garment she gave Buttercup to wear. Nothing from this ship could be transported to Earth, less they remember.

"Fidori, we must keep a close eye on these specimens," Doctor Tolen said. "Their offspring is not normal."

"What do you mean, Doctor?" Fidori said. "Look."

A picture showed on the screen. "Our species and human species were meant to mix. This is a hybrid not known to us, with abilities far beyond ours or humans. They are gods."

"So, what do we do?" Fidori asked.

"I am sending two recruits. You and one other. You will live as humans and watch over these females until they give birth."

"Human gestation is nine months," Fidori said. "And you want us to live in human bodies."

"Yes, Fidori," Doctor Tolen said. Your mind will be transferred to a human body, and as long as you return before one earth year your true bodies will not expire."

"And who will go with me?" Fidori asked.

"Me." Fidori looked over to see a human male. He wore no clothes and had brown straight hair and dark eyes. "Fidori, it's me. Calaron."

"Calaron?" She smiled, looking at the human male who was her colleague.

"We must start on the process," Doctor Tolen said. "I don't want our specimens unwatched."

Fidori was taken down to the medical lab as Doctor Tolen finished the tests on the humans. A few hours later they were sent back just as Fidori was waking up in her new human body. Calaron was there when she woke up.

"Did it work?" Fidori asked.

"Yes," Calaron said. "Look." She saw her reflection. She looked very much like the female humans they observed. Her hair and eye color were different. It was of a soft brown as were her eyes, but she had the same soft skin, nice round breasts and an orifice for mating.

"Does this mean we can do everything humans can do?" Fidori asked.

"Yes," Calaron said.

"Even mate like they do?" Fidori asked. The prospect excited her.

"I guess," Calaron said. "I wouldn't know how."

"Did you not pay attention in the observation chamber?"

"Well, yes," he said. "I never thought we would be posing as humans, and I will not give in to their primitive ways."

"Then maybe I'll find me a real human," Fidori said.

Calaron walked off as Fidori continued admiring herself. She was human, a real human, and she wanted to live like one, even if it was just for a short time.

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