The Epic of Gala: Odes and Lamentations

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A collection of the oldest known verses expressing the beginning of The Epic of Gala. It draws a connection to the Zanar Mythology.

Zanar's Ode to Gala

Do you remember your first song, Gala?
I think I do,
for it is songs that come to gods in dreams
that inspire their creations.

The scholars of my realm wanted a myth.
I gave them your myth
with nothing but free flowing thoughts
as my ally,
and now I know
everything you are
is the myth of my struggling people,
for what you see as gods in your realm
are mere mortals in mine,
but you are a hero
like many other heroes the people of my realm create,
and you inspire us
to walk as the gods we are.

Zanar, Inanna, and Baldron

The Mountain of Shards still reflected many realms
in those days
before they ground into sand,
and one could never tell
where they were going.

On one of those simple days
Inanna came from her shard
following my song.
I pointed out to her
a lonely warrior
in a shard on The Mountain.

"I have visited this man
with my seed, Inanna.
Can you keep him in good cheer,
and carry our son
so that he may save this shard,
and it be known
throughout the mountain
until it crumbles to sand?"

Inanna agreed, and entered the shard,
finding her likeness by a river
where she joined my song
in harmony,
and the lonely warrior, Baldron,
followed the song from his village,
and down the river.

When he met Inanna, he fell in love,
and she embraced him,
taking him into her
until our seed departed
with his loneliness
to where she kept it warm
to grow as she kept Baldron warm.

On the day Inanna gave birth
to our Gala,
there were festivities
all throughout Baldron's village,
for Baldron was a celebrated warrior,
and everyone had been waiting
for him to fall in love,
and have a family.
Only Baldron's brothers in arms
knew that there was no woman,
save for Inanna,
who could stir his heart.
Until Inanna, Baldron's heart
was only a place for them.

Baldron's Ode to Gala

Newborn Babe so strong and fair,
of milky skin and golden hair,
when I saw Nan at river yon,
I fell enchanted by her song.
She seemed to come from some beyond,
yet ere she stood that time agone.

Ne'er was I wont for women's touch.
Ne'er had I dreamed I'd have so much
to treasure in my heart and home
beyond the battle fields I roam.
Henceforth I'm blest with her and thou,
my bless'ed babe and fairest frowe.
The music of the battle din
no longer cracks my face with grin.
With thou I stand and ere I stay
to tend the crops outside the fray,
and when thou reach an age of might
thou'lt bare gods' blessings in thy fight.

Gala's Curse on the Arachnopolis

The Arachnopolis:
bane of my people for generations,
blemish on the face of the land,
parasite of her children,
beacon of shadow,
haven of traitors,
I will take no quarter with you.


Long did my father battle the legions
of the Arachnopolitans.
Legends speak of a time
when the lands by
The River that Runs from the Mountains
were peaceful, and the forests safe
for the hunt,
but these were times not seen by him
nor I.

The cloaked minions
of The Arachnoid
would lurk in the shadows
of the night,
and do his nefarious bidding.
They're ways were mysteries
to us, but
came of no good to us
as well.

Webbed thickly
were the forests
near that dark place.
Nobody had ever returned
from a journey there.
Only when the webs
spread too close
to The River
did we charge their ranks,
and drive them back.

When I was a child,
The Cloaked Ones
came into my village,
and my father,
after years retired from battle,
fought again,
but it was his last battle,
the one that took his life.

The village was destroyed,
and we fled across the river
where we lived amongst
another village.

My mother had kept for me
my father's belongings.
His sword, his bow,
and his amulet.
When I was fourteen,
she gave them to me
as a gift
for my birthday.

The last time I saw her,
she had pointed out to me
The Morning Star,
and I looked upon it
all my days,
singing of her,
that she was
watching over me
with the gods.

I don't know
if The Cloaked Ones
took her,
but I can still hear
her song
in the back
of my mind.
I sang with it.

Leaving the village,
I wandered
across the river,
and to the edge
of the forest,
the webs
growing thicker.

All I had
to battle
the loneliness
were the songs,
The Morning Star,
and the warmth
of my father's

My father
had left me
I needed
to avenge
he and
my mother.


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