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You will never understand what pain really is until you have lost Love. If you love someone with everything you have and more and they betray you, you are no longer alive. A Poem describing the pain of love lost by writing own Epitaph.

The Epitaph

Epitaph is an inscription on a tomb stone in memory of the one buried there. An epitaph may be in poem verse as poets like Yeats have composed their own epitaphs. An Epitaph can range from funny or sad or simply weird.

I am ready to meet my Maker.
Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

- Epitaph of Winston Churchill

I told you I was ill.
- Spike Milligan

I've finally stopped getting dumber.
- Paul Erdős

See the Famous Kohima Epitaph in Memorial Day Remembrance below :

These all Famous Epitaphs describe a person in few words after he/she has died. However, if you love someone and they betray you, you become a life less person. Then the situation comes when you write your own Epitaph.

For me there is no Death
All that is left is merely Bones
I am waiting for the last Breath
And the Epitaph to be etched on Stones

Loved and Lost

Darkness all around, engulfed in silence,
I sit in an abandoned corner, all alone.
A bleeding heart that still beats,
A strangled mind that still breathes,
Images – all colourful and bright,
Voices – all warm and caring, a delight
Little did I know it would come to this
This is what it would cost,
And I am no lunatic to be this way,
I have just loved and lost.

Memoirs of a happier time

Memoirs of a happier time float around,
Crowding my days and clouding my nights.
Despair is what I feel when I want it all back;
I know clearly what it is that I lack.
I will ride a storm to have it all again;
I will do anything to numb this lonely pain.
Who is that man in the mirror,
Why are his eyes all glossed
And I am no loser to be this way,
I have just loved and lost.

Every Moment I Lose Myself

Life's like a candle now, burning at both ends
I am melting away faster than I thought.
Drop by drop I fall on the cold floor below;
Deformed and mutilated, I will still burn and glow.
Yet I will never be the same again
Even a gentle breeze threatens my flame.
Every moment, I fight myself,
Into the emptiness I am tossed.
I am not who you think I am,
I have just loved and lost.

Lost and Abandoned

I am still breathing, but I don't feel alive
I feel nothing, howsoever I strive.
The night never ends, I long for a new dawn
Show me some light now, help me move on.
I feel abandoned by the whole wide world
Now wrap me in the white sheet unfurled
My tears don't flow anymore, they are frozen
I am so cold inside, it's like frost.
I am no more who I used to be
I have loved and lost.

(╯︵╰,) © Shaunak

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author avatar ShaneCold
7th Jun 2012 (#)

Wonderful Piece of Poetry and beautifully presented. Thanks for sharing

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
7th Jun 2012 (#)

Beautiful poem. I loved reading it.

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author avatar shallimarRose
8th Jun 2012 (#)

Shaunuk this is masterful.. So well penned. I love the repetition at the end of each verse.
"Life's like a candle now, burning at both ends" "melting away faster than I thought." This metaphor took me to another place.. Excellent writing... Hoping that this is just artistic expression and you are ok.. huggs!! Rose

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author avatar Haylie
8th Jun 2012 (#)

I absolutely adore this poem
it's so true for some of us
and I really appreciate your effort
you have put into words what some of us feel but cannot say
well done

I've been so sad and depressed because of the fact I lost someone. It hurts me so bad inside that I can't have someone who loves me next to me. I can truly understand your feeling and hey with time things will improve.

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author avatar Aroosa Gloomy
9th Jun 2012 (#)

It's so painful.I don't think love is wastage of time.It's a stage in our life to learn more but love hurts whether if it is right or wrong :(
and it's difficult to attain :(

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jun 2012 (#)

Great depth of feelings, so well expressed. Thanks Shaunak for a heartfelt poem to touch anyone, even one who has not expressed rejection in love! siva

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author avatar grey
12th Jun 2012 (#)

to that Lord Tennyson says, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all".

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
25th Jun 2012 (#)

There is usually an abrupt, painful end to love, or a suffocating fading away, or someone dies.
It would be best to realize one of these three facts before we step into a committed relationship, but we never do.
Thank you, Shaunak.

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