The Essentials: College School Supplies

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Oh no! I have not a clue as to what I should bring to my dorm room. I have talked to my roommate and he says he’s going to bring a fridge, but I want my own space to keep my stuff in! Will he get upset about that? Will he want to put his food in my refrigerator?

The Essentials: College School Supplies

College School Supplies!
Oh no! I have not a clue as to what I should bring to my dorm room. I have talked to my roommate and he says he’s going to bring a fridge, but I want my own space to keep my stuff in! Will he get upset about that? Will he want to put his food in my refrigerator? Are these the sorts of things that run through your mind? If so, then you’re thinking about this too hard. There is no need to think about all the different situations and conflicts. Here is a list of the few most essential college school supplies that I brought down with me when I went to school for the very first time and was able to survive from.

The College School Supplies...
The first and most important thing to bring is a computer. Not just any computer either, I recommend a laptop. Why you ask? Because our world is turning more and more to technology for every problem and it is important to stay current with this ever developing field. Especially it can be staged in homework, and because of the absence of your computer, you often have to say "do my essay for me, buddy" to your friends. Or each time, stay in the library until you have just made this homework. The reason I recommended a laptop is because when you’re in college it’s really nice to be able to take your computer to class. I have no specific recommendations for computers in this article, but in another one I will discuss it. Really the most important thing is to buy one that you can work with.
Second, not quite as important but highly recommended is a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Remember those goofy commercials with the lady jumping on the mattress at one end and a tall standing wine glass at the other? The so called, "NASA engineered mattress" are a must have. This is one of the most important school supplies in my opinion. You’re probably thinking that I’m insane and that there is now way in heck that you’re going to go out and get a Tempur-Pedic mattress. I’m not talking about a full 12 inch think foam mattress, I’m talking about a 2 inch foam Tempur-Pedic mattress that you lay on the top of your old dorm bunk room mattress. It will turn many sleepless nights into an enjoyable, relaxing, comfortable state of slumber.

A TV! This is the most important item on your school supplies list. Your parents might say that you won’t need a TV because you will be studying all the time and when you’re not studying you should be hanging out with your friends. That’s true for the most part, but there are so many times when it’s just nice to turn on the TV and lounge around for a few minutes. You don’t need a brand new 47 inch Samsung LCD but you do need some kind of television set. I can almost guarantee that you will be more satisfied with your college experience if you decide to bring a TV. The same holds true for a video game system. Granted it is a lot harder to stay away from your x-box than it is to stay away from just the TV, but none the less; winding down the day with a little Call of Duty is never a bad thing. Keep in mind, I said little. There are a lot of kids who come to college and spend their whole time playing video games and really miss out on the college experience.

A good refrigerator is a necessity. It NEEDS to be a part of your school supplies. When you’re up late and the cafeteria is closed your still going to be hungry. Therefore I suggest a refrigerator. They are not overly expensive you can get a really nice one for between 200 to 300 dollars. Make sure it’s relatively good sized because if it’s too small you won’t be able to fit anything more than a few bottles of water in it. I recommend getting the largest refrigerator your dorm room regulations will allow.
The all powerful Microwave. Invented around 1947 by Dr. Spencer the quintessential microwave is a must for the academic student. At anytime, the microwave will be able to rescue you from your cold meal.
The last item on the list, but certainly not the least important; is sandals. Why sandals you might ask? Just walk into the community showers for the first time and you will know why. I have no idea how many kids get athletes foot, plantar warts, or some kind of foot fungus, but I am sure that if you Googled something about the statistics of foot fungus, you would be able to find out. If you’re not worried about getting athletes foot,(you should be) than it is still a good idea to bring down a pair of sandals for a nice warm sunny day when the last thing you want on is a pair of tennis shoes.
Those are the essentials that I believe to be most important. If you feel like I have missed one or two things please comment on this site through the contact form and let us know. We could then add some additional items, if we deem it necessary.

Get Your Student Supplies Organized...

Now that you know about some of the supplies that you will need, it's time to get organized. You need to be organized for any type of schooling and college is no different. The organization becomes critical when classes start and you need to keep track of your materials and folders.


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