The Eternal Search for One's Self......the Journey of a Votary

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In recent times, many people have begun their journey back into the Heavenly Realms, the Kingdom of God. There are many paths to walk but they all lead us back to the same beautiful place. We have to go through many things but ultimately we will make it...what a blessed day that will be!

The Sweetness...

There is a sweetness in me sometimes hard for you to see
Only those who carry such inside themselves can reflect on this
Like honey it pours a richness endorsed by smile and touch
But mostly by love

Through eyes and words of kindness it passeth one to another
This quality of loving straight from the soul
That is the part of God within that we all do possess
To nurture as I have done and then bring forth and share it with the world

First the Misery

I remember before I was a boar yes spelled correctly is this word
For growl did I at all who came in sight the rage in me so plain to see
Etched over my face in misery, anger and hate and yet no reason why
Except feelings strong like this had I

Many years went by this way for me shaking my fist at the world
Don't come near.. Don't want you around.. Let me be

The Empty Space

One day on boat when sea churned high I sat on deck and wrote and wrote
All my anger it came through words until nothing there remained
An empty space inside there was
A cleansing of the old
Making ready for the new

I landed in another land where karma I did find
And by the skin of teeth alone did I get through this time
A journey filled with pain so deep more stuff to surface and release
Another cleansing clearing up of karmas quite intense

Much still there was for me to learn
And so much much more to go through too
To be the one I am today


Everywhere I went always searching for I knew not what
An urging deep inside that kept on keeping on and on

And then one day I did say help and found to my surprise others there were like me
Searching for a different way not knowing what that meant nor I
But on a journey heaven bent to find Ourselves
The One within Soul Spirit call It what you will

Meeting up With the Traveller

Then one day He came to me
To tell me what I had to know
To share with others everywhere
We all are Beings quite Divine
In corporal form

This journey through so many lifetimes since first I fell from Grace
My own to traverse
No blame on others could I make
My work cut out finding where and when and how
As every human has to do no matter
How long it may take

Through many lifetimes had I searched until this lifetime now
To find the One with keys he held
The ones Christ Jesus gave to him
When on the cross He hung
The keys to all the Realms of Light and Sound

The Traveller he heard my plea
I chose back when He chose me
And through the passing years since then
Have I the teachings so profound
Incorporated in my Self to use

With all mankind the Divinity that lies within
Enabling me to return into the Heart of God
As shall we all

and so it is....


Julie for the pics

My Traveller J-R for all his teachings and support over the years

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
18th Jun 2012 (#)

You said it all here cnwriter. This is among the very best of your always superb writings. We are all indeed on the same journey.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you Steve...this was the piece I told you about.. hope you recovered now..

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Jun 2012 (#)

Well written and well shared article. Thank you cnwriter.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you Md...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jun 2012 (#)

We have to take many tortuous paths to find sanity, love and purpose in life. We know our journeys cannot end abruptly and is carried forward for a long time to come. Let us become wiser as the days roll by. Thanks again Carolina for such a wonderful share - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you Siva for your wisdom and friendship...and beautiful comments...

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author avatar Buzz
18th Jun 2012 (#)

Well told, well written. Namaste, dear beautiful.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you Buzz...see you soon love and light....

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you J-R..this is a dedication to all You do for so many of us...baruch bashan

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
19th Jun 2012 (#)

Oh, my, What imagination!
I commend you for writing this.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Jun 2012 (#)

thank you so much..

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author avatar Retired
29th Jun 2012 (#)

Great writing! Where can I find out about the traveler?

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