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On June 23rd. Great Britain will vote on whether it continues to be members of the European Union or to leave
At the time of writing, polls show it is neck and neck between Remain and Leave, would Britain be better in or out? let us look at some facts

Not the same

The idea of a "Common Market" was a good one, it allowed free trade and removed barriers between its members
But a union puts up a tariff around itself and around its members and encourages countries inside its walls to just trade between themselves


We sell more to the rest of the world than to the EU but have been penalised by the EU’s Common External Tariff as members of the EU

We have no agreements to trade between China, India or most other Commonwealth countries because the EU have no such agreement and why? because of one or more members veto it because it does not suit them thus holding back others

EU Trade

Every time there are talks to these countries outside the Union about agreements, some country inside the Union vetoes it, because it may (or may not suit them) as more and more countries join the Union the EU trade between the UK and the EU lesson

As a whole they trade less and less to the UK In 2006, the EU was taking 55 per cent of our exports; last year, it was down to 45 percent what will it be like in 2030?

Not free trade

The Belgian commissioner Marianne Thyssen is planning to set up an EU welfare system, Jean-Claude Juncker is talking about a European army what next? in other words, the Union is more and more is closing its ranks with deeper integration thus making agreements with countries outside the Union almost impossible and this is NOT free trade

Vote Leave

We still have our own currency and still have our own passport checks and we should be able to negotiate our own trade deals but we can't because we are member of the EU

Those countries outside of the European union grow faster and outperform than those inside let's leave the gang of bullies of the EU and join the free trade world


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Jun 2016 (#)

Obviously freedom seems to have been compromised.

Hope for a logical decision - siva

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
19th Jun 2016 (#)

Interesting page.

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