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Whoa what a moving experience I had in 2005. I do not want to I had to leave me previous house by the 31st of August.

While I was vacationing in Alvinston, Ontario, my son had a flood and a small kitchen fire. As soon as I got back home, I was faced with an eviction notice and from there the fun began.

Facing the fact I had to move

Imagine coming home from vacation to face an eviction. I had to leave with just a three-week-notice. Now for anyone that is stress enough. but the battle had just begun for me. I had to find a place that I could afford. It was not easy. The lower rent I was paying no longer exists in Montreal.

I knew that since my rent had not been raised in four years where I was living that I would have to pay more elsewhere. I figured it would be approximately a hundred dollars more a month for another dwelling. I was in for a rude awakening. There was absolutely nothing out there in that price range either.

The rents were atrocious. Even in the slums they were at least two hundred dollars more than I was paying per month. I was seeing rents of eight and nine hundred dollars a month and I simply could not afford that; of course out of the ghetto the rents were as much as nine thousand dollars a month.

Hard time finding affortable housing

My son was walking the streets looking for "for rent signs". We figured all the apartments I was seeing in the paper were upper range and we would have more of a chance finding a house with a for rent sign on the door. Usually these houses were cheaper and the landlord saved on the cost of advertising in the paper. At least that was how it worked in the past.

Very few landlords advertised in the paper and always managed to get their places rented by the locals. Such was not the case now; all places advertised or not, were again eight and nine hundred dollars a month.

Resigning to the fact that I would have to pay a higher rent whether I liked it or not, I did find places within the two hundred dollar increase. Then, much to my dismay, I found that I was facing another battle. Since I am currently on unemployment insurance, (since that time I am now on pension) nobody wanted to rent to me. The landlords all gave me the same story. Their mortgages were due on the first whether their tenants paid them or not. I had always known that it was tough renting an apartment when you are poor (imagine people on welfare), but this was the first time I was hearing it from the landlords who were also having a hard time. Everything is just so difficult here in Montreal, the queen city of huge taxes!

We saw a place not far from where we lived and were willing to take it, even though it was really too small for us. Furthermore, the outlet for the washer and dryer would be in my bedroom of all places. I really did not like that. I would not be able to fit my bedroom set into the room and we would have to get rid of other furniture just to accommodate the apartment.

Yet, we were desperate and my son and I agreed to take it for a year. If we didn't like it we would move again. What other choice did we have? I filled out the application form. The landlord scoffed at the fact that I was not working and said he would get back to me in two days. He did get back to me, only to ask for an additional day to decide. He decided; I did not get the second promised call.

Now we are back to the drawing board knowing time was running out. I saw a sublet in the paper. The original tenant was giving up the lease and her subletee would resume the lease until it expired. Normally, I do not go for this sort of thing. I am very leery of them. A few years ago my son's girlfriend at the time, was robbed of her money that way. She gave the tenant $800 dollars for the rent and had not signed anything. He left town. She called the landlord to find out when she could move in. He told he did not know her, did not receive any money from her, and was not renting the house to her at all. She was out $800 dollars and still no place to stay.

My son told me to go see the place anyhow and to be careful. I did and I fell in love with it. It was a bottom flat. You might say so what, but believe me when you live on the third floor and you have to drag groceries up the stairs and garbage down the stairs, especially in the winter on slippery stairs that can cause you to fall and hurt yourself, a bottom flat under those conditions is pure heaven. It also had a back yard and private place for parking. In Montreal these features are a premium and sought out by all.
I told the lady I wanted the place right away. But given that she was only the tenant, she told me she would submit my name to the landlord who would be making an entire new lease. He was also interviewing for the place and would call her if he needed anyone else. I panicked. I couldn't let the place slip out from under me. I asked her to call him right away and to tell him I was willing to pay two months rent up front. The lady agreed and then the waiting game began.

A week went by with no call from the landlord and no new prospect for an apartment either. One can only imagine the stress I was under. I thought the apartment had been rented out for sure.

I finally got the flat

Then one evening, out of the blue, the call came in.The landlord was concerned because I did not have a job. I went through his concerns one by one: my son would help me with the rent, I would be looking for a job shortly, and I had income from writing. He did not seem convinced. He asked for my present landlord's phone number to confirm I paid my rent on time. He asked if he could call me in two days and at that point he would make his decision. Since this is the second time around, I am expecting him to say that anyhow.

Just like the other landlord before him, he was true to his word and called me back in two days. He said he had contacted my present landlord and she confirmed that I paid my rent on time and that none of my checks bounced, but he was still not convinced I had the ability to pay the rent in full each month.

Again I tried to convince him. I once again reminded him how I was willing to pay two months rent in advance. Like the previous landlord before him, he too asked for an additional two days to think about it and would call me back as well. Given I had already gone through the same procedure with the first would be landlord, I no longer took much stock in any landlord's word to call back a second time.

My son came up with a whole barrage of "well you should have said this and you should have said that." As far as I was concerned, I said all I could say at that point; he would either rent it to me or he wouldn't and I was not about to hold my breath for his call. I had given up on him too.

The call did come through as promised and what was even more surprising was that I got the house over the five other applicants he was considering. But I was out of the woods yet - not by a long shot!

Trouble with the actual move

Somehow or other the communication got mixed up between the person who was going to move us and me. In fact, he claimed he didn't even know he was supposed to move us and he didn't have a truck. We were supposed to be moving on the first, and then it was "get your own U Haul", followed by he would do it on Saturday, which was later revised to Friday. My son had to change his plans several times with his friends who were going to help him move. You see our driver who couldn't make up his mind is my stepfather. He had a heart attack and wears a pacemaker. He is not allowed to move anything.

Friday night rolled around. Steven, my son, had two guys helping him move and my stepfather waited downstairs. His job was just to drive the truck and nothing more. However, the guys had trouble getting my furniture down the narrow stairs. They struggled and my stepfather complained that they were taking too long. Finally my son said to the guys," it's enough already, take what you got and we will come back the next day for the rest." By this point all the big appliances were out of the house and ready to go in the truck.

The next day more problems occurred. Steven's friends did not come back. My son, his girlfriend, and I were left to carry stuff by foot from the old house to the new. I cannot say I moved, but I did help. I have arthritis and dragging the bags was literally pushing my aching back to the limit.

The kids did a great job. They must have taken about 25 loads of things like dishes, pots and pans etc. They are still not finished. Two weeks later and I still have stuff left in the old apartment. Thank God the old landlord understood. She said to take our time. She is not going to rent the place out for a while anyway. I tell you this is the last home for me in Montreal; the next move is the big move to Alvinston.

Note: I has two moves after that and I never got to Alvinston.

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author avatar Retired
25th Mar 2015 (#)

Has there ever been anyone who had moving day go smoothly? LOL

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author avatar WOGIAM
25th Mar 2015 (#)

Eviction, moving home, housing issues are things i personally hate to deal with.

I hope you still get to move to Alvinston.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
26th Mar 2015 (#)

Carol this page is opened for the last two days me trying to put a comment to justify my joyful reading I could put in the whole gamut of your personal experience. Finally i can only say am awed and more than entertained with your colorful unbreakable spirit to achieved more than you are capable of and proceed to life with a good recollection of your own resolute.

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