The Evidence Tells that Triond Possibly can Access a Wikinut Member's Confidential Account

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I know it is only me and Wikinut owner, Wikinut Webmaster or its trusted employee who is keeping its members confidential records who knew my confidential record on this site. But how come Triond knew it?

Triond was over confident to say such an awesome declaration

Honestly, I suspected Triond has accessed my confidential Wikinut account - as at that time Triond had already declared that the article Brazilian Slimming Coffee Effective for Weight Loss was already published at Wikinut when in fact that very moment I was just starting writing the draft at Wikinut for the article The Fat-Burning Beverage: 7 Days Slimming Coffee. And maybe one of the many reasons why my Wikinut pages has recently received zero views for the past few days...

Overwhelmed to write my review about a product: 7 days slimming coffee

At around 12 noon yesterday, I wrote the article which was my short review about a coffee which is considered as one of the best-seller brand with high reputation from its consumers - the 7 Days Slimming Coffee. I used a title for the article as Brazilian Slimming Coffee Effective for Weight Loss and my intention was to offer it first to Triond site.

I admit that there are other reviews written about the product by other authors. However, my review was quite different as some of the information I injected on the article were based from my experienced with the product. When the article was done, I immediately sent it off to Triond for approval. And proceeded to my Wikinut page to start to write a draft review also about the product. It was done and I saved it as a draft. I left Wikinut and visited Triond site - to check it out if the article I submitted was considered for their approval.

Around 1:06PM I received a declined notification from Triond

The declined notification from Triond with a URL link that said, "We regret to inform you that your article, "Brazilian Slimming Coffee Effective for Weight Loss", has been declined for publication for the following reason: You have submitted duplicate content. We have found identical content already published online. You can only submit original content that has never before been published in whole or in part on the Internet. This includes duplicate items that you yourself have authored."

If you will check the given link included with the notice - you will know that it was not the URL link of the article that Triond believed was already published at Wikinut. The said link was my profile page link at Wikinut. It showed that Triond was confidently lying. As a matter of fact at that very moment I just had started writing the draft about my review and had just saved it as draft at Wikinut.

My reaction letter was made and posted it to Get Satisfaction

When I received their declined notification I immediately wrote my reactions and posted it to Get Satisfaction - which is the only place I knew to reach Triond employees or representatives to discuss the issue highlighting my question that said, "How did you know that I already published the article "Brazilian Slimming Coffee Effective for Weight Loss" at Wikinut?"

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author avatar Buzz
1st Apr 2012 (#)

Hey, Paul, during the last few days, the stat views on our wiki conked out, I think since the 26th up to now.

As for Triond knowing beforehand that Wiki published your content when you hadn't yet, I can only say that Triond had extra sensory perception or ESP, or whatever. At any rate, I admire you for your assertiveness.

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author avatar ppruel
2nd Apr 2012 (#)

LOL...yeah I might agree with you dude Buzz "ESP" or maybe they are using a crystal ball borrowed from Madam Auring...Thanks. Yes til now I am receiving zero views. Wish the chief nut will notice the problem also.

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author avatar Jules Castillo
1st Apr 2012 (#)

hindi nga lang muna ako mag wi-wikinut hanggang ma fix yung problem

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author avatar ppruel
2nd Apr 2012 (#)

Tama yan dude Cowboy - pero bisita ka parin sa site kahit di ka mag upload ng bago. Thanks.

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author avatar Robb714
2nd Apr 2012 (#)

I too am getting zero views which is very unusual.

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author avatar Denise O
7th Apr 2012 (#)

Very interesting my friend. Makes ya go, hmmmm. Thank you so much for your help. When I have a few minutes in the next few days, I will email you and tell you 'just' how lucky I am to have a friend like you. May you and yours have a wonderful Easter. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Retired
8th Apr 2012 (#)

I use Triond too, I find the community there are lovely and welcoming. Triond itself though, I don't trust it completely. Wikinuts is much better.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Apr 2012 (#)

More amazingly, they reject articles which not even written no where in this world, a raw fresh they said it was published somehwere else. A total baseless allegations. Normally if somethings is suspected of plagiarism they should mention it from where it is copied, ain't it. They just say it is copied, stupid Triond.

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