The Evils Of Manpower

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When Marzeus arrives atop Tower Hills, he is in a real hurry. The first person he meets is Waldorf. Waldorf's truck seems ready to go too.

What bad luck! Waldorf drove merely an hour before in his truck and got a flat tyre. It's not changed yet.

The Evils Of Manpower

Marzeus sees the blue truck that his father's workmen use. The starter turns out to have picked up a fault recently. It doesn't start.

Now there's still the van Specter and Weener works with. The battery is dead.

Why?? Why?? Why is it always when one is in a real hurry, that these things all happen at once? Is there no working vehicle?

But Marzeus finds Specter and Weener. They push-start the van down Lofty Hill. It takes about ten tries, but finally the engine is running.

Marzeus, Majesty, Specter and Weener drive all the way to where the dogs were last. On the way Marzeus tells them about how the dogs simply would not leave the warthog alone, in spite of how unsafe they don't even know it is. They could all be killed.

Marzeus is very happy now. Finally, they can catch the dogs and put them in the van, and everybody walks away unharmed. Poor warthog! The poor creature will finally be safe too.

Marzeus parks the van and they all climb over the fence and walk to where the dogs are STILL giving the warthog grief.

"Oh no! I don't see Wolverine among the living dogs anymore!" he says to Weener as they approach the site.

"He's right there." says Weener.

It takes Marzeus a while to see that the dog he thought is Corndog, is actually Wolverine, now unrecognizably completely as red-brown with mud as Corndog.

And they're still going at it.

But Marzeus feels relieved now that everybody will be saved and safe. Now that there's three of them, they quickly manage to chase the dogs back from the hole.

"Let's get them," he says to Specter and Weener. Marzeus of course grabs Wolverine first to carry him back to the van.

But he gets no response from Weener and Specter. They have no interest in anything else than the warthog in the hole.

"Let's go then!", he again says to Weener.

"We can't go now; it'll get away!"

Like a punch in the gut it comes to Marzeus, as he sees Specter having gone back to the van and returning with a rope.

There's a misunderstanding here... they came here for the warthog!

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