The Experiment 3

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You’re out with your girl on a romantic camping trip and what happens. You’re abducted by aliens. I hate it when that happens.

Chapter Three: Observations and Experimentations

On the lower deck of the alien ship two scaly green beings entered. Fidori and Calaron encountered a much smaller alien called Mofet. He had just come out of one of the inner chambers wheeling a cart. Another alien much taller and slender then the other three entered. He had one red eye and one blue eye, as opposed to his colleagues who had all had transparent blue eyes . His red eye was much bigger than the blue one. Six humans specimens lay unconscious strapped down to tables.

"Doctor Tolen, what is your assessment?" Calaron asked. His ordinary transparent blue eyes could not see past the surface.

Doctor Tolen scanned each specimen one at a time with his red eye, focusing more on the females. First the blond-haired female. He scanned from head to toe.

"She is viable," doctor Tolen said.

He stepped towards the next female. She looked upon her red hair. "Seems, these humans are not all the same," Fidori said. "They have different outer traits."

"Yes," Doctor Tolen said. "These humans are very different from the what I've studied. Seeing them up close, very curious."

"And what of this one?" Calaron asked, pointing his long scaly finger.

"More than adequate," he said, completing his scan.

"And this one?" Fidori asked, approaching the raved-haired female human. "We must warn you. There was an incidence with this one and her male companion."

"And that would be?" Doctor Tolen asked.

"The transportation beam," Calaron said. "It should have rendered them unconscious."

"It did not?" Doctor Tolen asked. He scanned the female with his red eye, and a green aura radiated from her. "What power?"

"Power?" Fidori said. "Don't be ridiculous, doctor. From primitive humans?"

"These are not ordinary humans," Doctor Tolen assessed. "Their DNA is slightly different from any other human I've encountered. There is great power in each of them, especially these two. He pointed a long scaly finger at the dark male and female."

"So do we prepare them?" Mofet asked.

"Yes, Mofet," Doctor Tolen said. "Give them each one dose of the DNA sampling."

"And the hormone stimulant?" Mofet asked.

"For the three males and this one female, one dose with do."

"And the other two?" Mofet asked. "Are they not needed?"

"On the contrary," Doctor Tolen said. "Give those two a double dose."

"Doctor Tolen," Fidori said. "We're never given that much to any primitive species we have encountered. They could expire."

"Fidori, it is needed," Doctor Tolen said. "These two female have not as of yet experienced the mating ritual."

"But Doctor," Calaron said. "We observed..."

"The beginning," Doctor Tolen said. "It was not completed. Therefore, if they are to be viable a double dose is needed."

"Yes, Doctor," Mofet said ginning. The smaller alien approached each specimen, injecting them with first the DNA sampling then the hormone stimulant.

Mofet relished in his work, especially when it came to the females which were of the doctor's greatest interest. He filled the injector tube to capacity. First the red-haired female, then the raven-haired female. He lowered his lipless mouth to her ear.

"Have fun," Mofet said, laughing evilly. "It's done, doctor."

"Shall we start preparing?" Fidori asked.

"Yes, Fidori," Doctor Tolen said. "The chambers are ready. Make sure the specimens are thoroughly cleaned. Nothing can stop gestation."

"May I observe the mating ritual?" Mofet asked. The doctor probed his mind with his red eye. "For scientific purposes."

"Very well," Doctor Tolen remarked. "Everything must be well documented."

Fidori and Calaron wheeled the first two specimens into the awaiting chamber. The blond male and female were the first to be prepared. They removed their clothing and were assisted by several others to clean them thoroughly. Monitors were set up to track their vial signs. When their tasks were completed they moved on to the next pair, the red-haired male and female.

"Their bodies have signs of debris," Calaron remarked.

"Their planet is a dirty one, Calaron," Fidori said. "Quite adequate for primitives such as these. They are very peculiar looking. Their skin is much too delicate."

"Not like our scales," Calaron said. "Plus their minds are limited."

Fidori noticed the female about to stir. "Quick, Calaron, the sedative," Fidori said. "If she wakes..."

"I know," Calaron said. He quickly injected her, and her body went limp once more.

Once the specimens were cleaned Fidori and Calaron laid them next to each other on the pallet in the small chamber.

They retrieved the the last two, the ones Doctor Tolen was most curious about. Even as Fidori started to clean the female she could feel the power radiating from her. She couldn't see auras like Doctor Tolen could, but she could certainly sense the power that lied within this female.

"Are we finished?" Calaron asked as he laid the male on the pallet. Fidori handled the female.

"Yes," Fidori said. "All we have to do now is wait."

The two aliens left the room and headed for the observation chamber. From there they would be able to see every aspect of the experiment. Mofet was already waiting for them when they finally entered.

"Has anything happened yet?" Fidori asked.

"No," Mofet said, "But it won't be long now."

He looked close at the first screen and saw the red-haired male begin to stir.

"Look," Mofet said, pointing his long scaly finger at the screen. "It has begun."

Fidori turned on the recording. "Specimens one and two," she said into the speaker. "First observation."

Mofet wore a sly grin on his face. "This is my favorite part."

Calaron just rolled his eyes and continued to look at the screen.

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