The Experiment 4

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When the PPGs & RRBs go on a weekend camping trip, they get abducted by aliens. Upon returning to Earth they have no memory of the incident, but what happens when all three girls end up pregnant? Will two mysterious new friends hold the key to the truth?

Things get a little heated up in this chapter between Brick and Blossom.

Chapter Four: Seeing Red.

Brick awakened in a small room. The walls were painted red as was the ceiling. He looked down to see that his clothes were gone. He heard a soft sigh next to him and looked over to see Blossom. She was also naked. Her eyes shot opened, and he could see the panic that lied within them.

"Brick, where..." he raised himself up and planted a kiss on her lips. He reached his leg over and sat on top of her. He looked hungrily into her eyes, not saying a word. Once he broke off the kiss he went right for her neck. "Brick, wait, we have..." She let a gasp, as he began to suck hard on her neck.

His hands reached her soft breast he began to massage them gently at first, which sent a few sighs out of her, then he became more forceful. Her sighs grew into groans as she reached down and grabbed his semi-hard penis.

"Very curious," Fidori said.

"Yes, very," Mofet said, laughing "These humans love to mate."

Brick spread her legs apart and stuck his finger inside her. "Ahhh..." she cried. He stuck in penis inside her as she started to scream out.

"That is fascinating," Calaron said. "Is she in pain?"

Fidori looked at the reading on the monitor. "Yes, but that is understandable for one that had not experienced the mating ritual."

Brick started to thrust inside Blossom. "Ahhh... Brick... Ahhhh... We have... Ahhh... to find out... Ahhh... where we are," she cried out.

But he only crashed his lips down on hers, lifting her up towards him as he continued to pump inside her. She was panting heavily, screaming from the pain as he thrust deeper inside her.

She pulled him closer forcing him to do deeper inside her. "Oh, god," she cried out. "Ahh... ahhh..." She eyes rolled back in her head as he dumped his load inside her. She collapsed back down on the pallet taking Brick with her. "I want more," she cried out as he started to kissed her.

He felt himself fill up again, and she felt it too, as his rhythm started again. They moved in sequence together, both crying out for relief. She wrapped her legs around him and he held her down as her body began to spasm.

"Very interesting," Fidori said. "Did you see that last scan?"

"The human seed has already mixed with ours," Calaron said. "It more than likely the reproduction has begun. Should we stop them?"

"No," Fidori said. "If we use the drug now it may be harmful to a potential fetus."

"Yes, let them continue," Mofet said with sly smirk. His eyes did not leave the screen for one second.

"Brick," Blossom said, between pants. "We should stop this." She gasped again as he continued to go in and out of her.

She screamed even louder as Brick grunted his satisfaction. She lost all control of herself and thrust back at him making him, and he screamed out as well. He dumped his load a second time, but he remained inside her.

She flipped him over on his back gliding her hands up and down his chest. She began sucking on his neck feeling his arousal again. She felt him fill up inside her as she thrust at him.

"Yes, do it to me again," she yelled out. He took the initiative and flipped her over onto her back. He trust at her again as she thrust back. "Both of them screaming out at the pleasure."

Mofet was laughing. "Don't these humans ever get enough?"

"How many mating rituals have you observed?" Calaron asked.

"Thousands," Mofet said. "But this is the first human mating ritual I've seen. Very entertaining."

"I wonder if they are taught to do this," Fidori said.

"Oh, no, Fidori," Calaron said. "With primitives such as these, it must be instinct."

Brick continued to plow into her, all the time Blossom begged him for more. Her whole body was shaking as she continued to scream out. Finally she reached her third climax as her eyes rolled back and she lay there unconscious.

Brick was tired be he still kept pumping. "Blossom," he called out as he slowed down. "Wake up." He kissed her neck, licking the sweat off of her. He pulled out of her and held her close.

Her eyes began to flutter open. She reached up and kissed him, igniting his passion once more. He again hovered over her feeling himself get hard.

"Brick, what are you... Ahhh," she started to say as he entered her again. He pumped her faster and faster as she thrust back at him. It got to the point where they could barely breath and they both lost consciousness.

"Oh, no," Calaron said. "Are they expired?"

"No, Calaron, just exhausted," Fidori said. "They will need rest. I respect Doctor Tolen, but I think it was a mistake to give the female the extra dose of stimulant."

"But, Fidori," Mofet said, laughing. "It is very amusing. Will they start again when they awaken?"

"By all logic yes," Calaron said.

The alien observers waited and not long after the specimens did awaken, first the male. He realized he was still inside the female and pulled out of her. He looked around to see where he was. It was just a plain room washed red. It didn't even look to have any doors or windows. He looked down to see that he was naked. He rose from the pallet to see if he could find a way out.

"What the hell?" He shouted. "Where are we?"

He looked back and noticed his female companion had awakened. She got up and walked towards him.

"Blossom, do you know where we are?"

"No," she said, and grabbed him. She reached out and kissed him, while grabbing onto his penis. "I don't care." She left a trail of kisses down his neck and chest down to his penis. She put it in her mouth while on her knees.

"Oh, god, Blossom," he said. "Stop it, we have to..."

He stopped mid-sentence and looked down at her. "I want you, Brick. Right now."

She pulled him down with her. He spread her legs and thrust inside her.

"Interesting," Fidori said. "The female seems to be the aggressor this time."

"But it is the male who is dominant," Calaron said, while touching his long scaly finger to his chin.

He pumped in and out of her, never stopping. "Oh, god, ahhh... Brick... ahhh..." she just couldn't take anymore and collapsed unconscious.

As she reached his height so did he. The two sleep deeply as their alien hosts came in to collect them.

"How long did they last?" Calaron asked.

"Six Earth hours," Fidori said.

"That's not that long," Mofet said with a chuckle. "The Tollions in sector 17 lasted three times that."

"Maybe, Mofet, but they were not viable specimens."

"Well, no, but it was very entertaining."

"Fidori," one of the assistants came in and said. "Specimens three and four are waking up.

"Thank you, Elyron," Fidori said. "Please take these specimens to recovery.

"Yes, Fidori," Elyron said. Two others came in. They put their human specimens on their slabs and wheeled them away.

Fidori, Calaron and Mofet returned to the observation room.

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