The Exposition and the Keyboard gods…Learning the Dance

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I end up going to a lot of expositions, conventions, meetings, political gatherings and whatever else my wife can find to torture me with. Its her entertainment, and this is what happens to a tattered mind, like mine, when I let it wonder away un-tethered.

The Exposition and the Keyboard gods…Learning the Dance

The Exposition and the Keyboard gods…Learning the Dance

There is no music here,
Only the murmur of thousands of people.
They ask me
If there are times
When I feel my life
Is lost inside the walls
Of my heart,
And if love can be found
Between the colors of the page.

On the Main Stage

Up on the main stage
And on the giant television screen
A man in a dark blue suit,
Tries to hide his secret’s
Behind his deep-blue-eyes,
As he struggles
To sell us salvation
In brown plastic bottles

Protected with child-proof-lids.

On the Floor

On the floor, below the kids
In the mezzanine,
In the yellow and green
Folding seats
Wait the bulk
Of the promised people

Looking as if they are warming themselves
In their own illusions
As they patiently wait
For the same dreams as I.
The dreams we all left behind
In the close of our eyes
And lost the sunset years
Of our trials.


In the cold city light outside,
The Doctors and Lawyers
Have become bemused in their illusions
As the city streets and sidewalks
Pass silently and un-noticed just beyond their doorsteps
And the days, weeks, months and years
Overtake them, making no sound at all.

In the Quiet Hall

While in here, in the quiet hall
I overhear a young lady
In the green seat next to me
As she speaks to her attractive friend
“It’s like a dance” she tells her,
“All you really need to know
Is how to click your mouse,
Answer your calls
And how to properly
Use your I-Phone”.

Like a Ton of Stone

This hits me, like a mountain of stone
And as time slips quietly away
From another working day
I sit in my green chair and I wonder
If there are any questions left us
That Google cannot answer
And just how it is
That one learns this dance
Without music.

Words and images by uTAH jAY
4/24/15 11:50 A.M. mountain time

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I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Retired
24th Apr 2015 (#)

Don't you just hate when your salvation is lost because the Fed-darned kid-proof bottle cap won't come off?

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author avatar Retired
25th Apr 2015 (#)

This is great! Thanks, Utah!

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author avatar Retired
25th Apr 2015 (#)

Nice poetry. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Carol Roach
26th Apr 2015 (#)

beautiful mountain

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Article like this make us more misses you Utahjay! Hope all is well...

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author avatar Michael C Parker
25th May 2018 (#)

great article. thanks Utah

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