The Fabulous Chronicles: Chapter Seven ~ "Afterglow and Confession"

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After Max's gay virgin experience with Jace, he confesses his man-to-man inexperience to him, plus fills him in on his marital background. How will Jace receive this post-coital news?

The Fabulous Chronicles: Chapter Seven ~ "Afterglow and Confession"

The lone light on the nightstand reflected off Jace’s caring eyes as I began to unwind my careful confession to him about my past. Yes, I was giving him the Reader’s Digest condensed version, the highlights, so to speak, but I wanted him to understand that he was in no way responsible for picking up a newbie like me that evening, and that while everything that had transpired was beyond my wildest dreams, I had been uncertain about it. I hoped for it, but I hadn’t been really sure that It could really happen. Jace had remained quiet and respectful throughout my admission giving no hint whatsoever of his reaction. Finally after I’d gone quiet for a few moments and sat there with what must have been a look of utter perplexity on my face, I noticed a slow smile beginning to form on Jace’s face growing broader and broader.

“Well,” he finally offered clearing his throat, “I certainly got a guy in showroom condition with really low mileage!” And then he shook his head in a kind of disbelief and chuckled. “I guess I’ve heard of guys like you out there, I’ve just never met one, that is, until now.”

“Yeah, well, I’m still getting used to it myself,” I replied.

“But your moves . . . you fucked like you’ve done it hundreds of times!”

“Well, I have, only with a woman. And I have in my mind thousands of times with a man, but this was the first time I really ever felt the fireworks everyone talks about. You brought that out, Jace. You set that stage for me. I’m just a guy trying to be fabulous.”

And then he moved across the bed and kissed me softly on the lips. I took this to be acceptance of my confession, that he was okay with who I was which evidently he was because the kissing session lasted for twenty minutes before we came up for air.

By then we were hungry, so our little afterglow party moved into the kitchen for scrambled eggs and herbal tea which Jace whipped up in no time at all. Nothing is sexier than a man cooking in the nude. We sat there at his kitchen nook eating while he told me a little of his story. I was shocked to find out that he was much closer to my age than I’d realized, 46. He didn’t look it, but he said his whole family was that way, young looking. He said he loved my premature white hair, and that got him another huge kiss. Jace liked the two-tone look, the white crop on my head and the brown curl of my pubes were a turn-on for him. Not every guy would find it such. He was dark brown all over still, the ‘Jesus Look.’

His work at the university was fairly routine stuff. It turns out he’d graduated there four years after me, but it’s a big place. We’d been there in different places and at different times. We would never have known or seen each other. He got his degree in business and eventually worked his way into Phys. Ed. Department and into computers and their Tech. Department and the rest is history. Nothing stellar, just a hard, conscientious worker. My kind of guy.

We ate and talked. Jace held no problems with the fact that I was still married and going through a divorce. He’d been in one long-term relationship albeit a gay one. His one previous partner, Allan, had been lost to AIDS-related complications some years ago though Jace was HIV negative. When he spoke of Allan he choked up, and I told him he really didn’t have to go there, I understood, so we dropped the subject. No need.

He then reached across the table and took my hand and just caressed it for a moment, and then he looked into my eyes deeply and started rubbing my fingers. What was he seeing when he looked into my eyes? God, this man was so exquisitely beautiful. But for this one moment he was in pain. Was he remembering Allan? He’d lost him, what, five year’s ago?

I just smiled back at Jace, and I returned the caress of the hand. I didn’t know what else to do.

We got up from the table and cleared the dishes putting them in the sink. They could wait for morning. The bedroom awaited. Jace grabbed my hand and led me back into his love chamber.

It appeared he was ready for a repeat performance. I guess my confession and explanation were satisfactory enough for him. The fact that I was a father with kids didn’t matter. He liked me. He really liked me.

The feeling was mutual. Very mutual.

With our energy and spirit renewed we went back at it like hungry and noisy porn stars.


And when all the coupling combinations had been completely exhausted, we fell asleep in the spoon position with Jace in my arms. My lips were nuzzling his neck as I drifted off into dreamland.

I wanted this feeling of peace to last forever and ever. And for a few blissful moments in my life . . . it would.


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