The False Prophet Opened His Mouth To Speak

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Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist

Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist

Outside the sirens continued unabated as tanks and heavy geared soldiers attempted to keep the peace. Kelly Ferguson sat in front of his television absolutely fascinated. It was gruesomely addictive; the endless hours of Synagogue of Satan analysis, reflection, and hastily prepared documentaries of ending the planetary chaos, and endless parade of experts discussing various theories to stop the end of civilization saturated the planet. Society was burning in unsustainable upheaval; the media saturated with talking heads, images of the evil Zionists, and endless replays and dissections of their domination of mankind. There were incessant interviews with Heads of State, so-called professionals, and never-ending debates about evil's psychological profile, the emerging mob dynamics and moral deficits.
The free-media discussed at length why anyone would plot destruction of billions, and how they could sleep at night, eat feces, have sex with animals, homosexual acts, and by what process they'd lost their humanity and compassion. The various overlooked signs like the Georgia Guidestones and hundreds scattered monuments they built for evil were torn down and also discussed, especially their ironclad control of the media. Politician’s records were scrutinized; many were arrested and executed for their voting record that destroyed national sovereignty. The planetary feelings of disgust, self-loathing, and being deceived were palatable. It was heart-rending television that kept the world glued to their screens and the sheer volume of troubling information was perpetual, unrelenting, and overwhelming. The presidential libraries were burned, and ex-presidents were also executed. The largest trials were of Obama, Bush, Carter, and the Clintons. Geared by the massive political and sociological storms raging around them, graphs, statistics, and live global feeds of destruction were broadcast to satisfy a world hungry for information; there was never anything like this before ever.
Raw nuclear hatred was the planetary war cry. More Synagogue and their cronies needed to be identified, found, tried, and executed. Because the economic experts were deeply fractured on governmental policy, a universal feeling of helplessness surfaced as negative speculations increased exponentially as the future of civilization was tearfully contemplated.
Kelly leaned as the anchorman paused touching his earpiece, moments before the screen was juxtaposed with a layered red banner reading breaking news, backgrounded by blaring music designed to incite suspense. It was a live feed from the ex-Synagogue spy station called International Space Station. Billions watched at hundreds of thousands of silver discs traveled in tight formation five-hundred million miles from the earth.
For the next week the planet was inundated with images of the alien crafts. Nations went on high alert scrambling to ascertain threat analysis, as religious leaders opined non-stop that it was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, while Muslim nations sputtered it was the prophesied Mahdi. Chaos, panic, and terror compounded as others voiced it was the Reptilians coming to enslave humanity, amongst the billions shouting that it was the end of the world: Armageddon.
Over the last couple months, Kelly thought he’d seen the depravity and cruelty of man, scraping the bottom called humanity, and what they were capable of; but the pit seemed to get shockingly lower with each passing day. He learned anew as he watched the senseless rioting and murders, that hating someone was willfully dismissing everything that could possibly be good in them.
The Pope was making another speech, the third one this week. The whole world had been in a panic about the blood moon that crowded the whole earth in darkness for twenty-four hours, following a worldwide shaking of the earth. It was an eerie unnatural as the talking heads sputtered numerous theories about why it happened.
Kelly opened a cold ginger ale and leaned back in the overstuffed chair, getting comfortable, looking at the wealth of the Vatican – wealth so great that it couldn’t be hidden. What more could he possibly say?
“…Throughout the billions of galaxies throughout the universes it is absurd to think that there is no life, and more absurd to think that God isn’t in control. The Lord only made two creations susceptible to sin or rebellion – the Angelic and mankind. Some say this a damnable lie by Satan. If they wanted to, with their obvious greater technology they could eradicate all life off this planet. I’ve prayed and this is from the Lord, for he’s heard the prayers of his suffering people and sent his help to guide humanity through our crisis.
“Like Ezekiel by the river Chebar, when the Lord came in his whirlwind (White Horse), like Zechariah when he saw a flying scroll (flying serpent) almost thirty feet long, like in second Kings when Elijah went into heaven by a fiery vehicle, and like in Acts when a vehicle from heaven flashed over Damascus, we have been surrounded by the Horses of God since the beginning. We too now as a people have seen the Horses. Billions have seen the Lord’s approaching salvation, which comes towards us even as I speak to break the band of our desolation asunder.
“I say to you these same messengers flew John the Revelator to a great mountain and showed him the future, and in Psalms, the same crowded the sky with thousands upon thousands in the face of men. We’ve forgotten this because this was suppressed by the Synagogue that painted this world with evil and deceived all of us!”
“In Genesis, these same vehicles came down and confused the languages of man for a reprieve from pernicious evil. And even God himself hovered over the void without form in his own vehicle and said, ‘Let there be light’. Remember in Samuel, God rode a vehicle the Chosen called the wings of the wind. And the two witnesses that’ll stand against the Evil One will ascend into space in the same such vehicles, and all their enemies quaked in fear…”
Kelly watched fascinated as the Pontiff continued. Some small voice cried liar liar - pants on fire; but nevertheless he made much sense. He looked behind the Pope and marveled at the hundreds of religious leaders standing in solidarity. They represented the newly reformed World Council of Churches. Struggling against himself not to believe, Kelly though with awe, could this be true?
“…First Thessalonians says the Lord will descend on a Horse of God by the command of an Archangel. Luke says when the Son of Man is revealed, the same vehicles that rained fire and sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah will return at his second coming. That is why I say to you Jesus is coming, and he is bringing his prophets and Angels with him, to Rapture his faithful from the earth. Joel and Numbers talks about these vehicles in concordance with over two hundred other scriptures. We as Christians have been lax in this one area, for we’ve purposely mistranslated scriptures for such a moment as this. But what about other religions, for we all have a common beginning called the beginning…”
The Pope rustled through his papers and continued. “The same vehicles that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, are the same in the ancient Mahabharata (highest Knowledge). They destroyed evil off the earth in a single projectile charged with the power of the Universe, a perpendicular explosion with billowing smoke. The races of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas’ influence were wholly destroyed; their corpses burnt unrecognizable. And those who survived their hair and nails fell out, and all food was rendered lethal for hundreds of miles in the aftershock. All the points of the compass were lost in darkness, as the earth shook scorched by the terrible violent heat of this ancient Angelic weapon. The organized satanic has always shadowed the righteous in every religion and civilization of the earth, and the Angelic has always been our guardians. There are no aliens; it was an insidious lie to keep us from the knowledge of God.
“Remember with me the primitive indigenous religions of earth which echoed the same vehicles in a thousand cultures, and the Great Flood they caused using antigravity technology. Even the Quran talks about these vehicles in their scripture. I say to you today, as we watch first contact get closer and closer, all religions know they’ve shaped humanity for better against the evil that’s continually tried to destroy us.
“So, remember with me the forced vaccine programs and the Global warming lies that taxed billions of our dollars and robbed hundreds of millions of jobs, destroying whole economies? Do you remember being jailed stupid for feeding the homeless, collecting rainwater, growing the wrong plant, recording our-of-control public servants, and simply asking the wrong questions while they killed you as the day is long with impunity? Remember the profound transmutation from peace keeping, to law enforcement to the global militarized martial Law we endured bleeding out our life’s blood. Do you remember how they owned every drug cartel, boiled the world in wickedness, and intentionally poisoned our foods, air, and land? Remember the animal brothels started in Denmark, set up to totally deprave us with legal bestiality that eventually covered the globe, despite our sonic protests. Do you remember how they abducted hundreds of thousands and sacrificed our babies and children to Satan, and how we unveiled that pedophilia, mass murder, and homosexuality were the foundations of their lies?
“Remember with me one more time, how truth was outlawed and those who stood tall were ruined, marginalized, branded terrorists, and callously murdered? Remember with me the only two churches Jesus was pleased with out of the seven (the Body of Christ); they possessed the Key of David, which we’ve unveiled the hard way – the knowledge of the Synagogue of Satan. Under the cloak of secrecy, they were above the every secular law, every law of God, and no police anywhere could even detain them. Remember the death panels that killed millions of the curable sick, the pet medicine that kept us in medical slavery, and heirs to their demonology. Remember with me the man that invented engines that run of simple water, and how they offered him one billion dollars not market it, and how he refused. They murdered him to keep us in bondage. Remember how they killed all the bees and sent entire regions into starvation. Remember the way it was; thirty million Synagogue afflicted women and children peddled for their flesh, and we remained powerless as sexual slavery raged rampant throughout the world.
“Remember how they corrupted our youth, all entertainment, and flooded the airways with their occulted subliminals to drive us from the Light. Remember how the malevolent that caused us to kill the purest innocent by the millions, and crushed anyone who exposed their evil or refused to support it. Remember with me when global excellence was punished, mediocrity rewarded, and how dependency was revered stupid just one more time. For I swear from this day forth it’ll never be so again, because how the Lord has gloriously interceded for us, and heard the supplications of our hearts.
“See the trillions spent to build FEMA like concentration camps all over the world, to imprison, reeducate, or murder us by the millions. Remember how they destroyed our currencies and replaced it with a one world fiat, by destroying thousands of businesses and imported illegals to undermine our cultural sovereignty. Remember how they outlawed the greatest plant God ever gave mankind, and how we found marijuana cured every disease that plagued mankind. Think with me about the immune medical industrial complex that was geared to kill us, as they forced vaccines full of mercury down our family’s throats, to destroy us, our fertility, and strike our progeny with autism and all manners of evil. And they laughed in derision in their ivory towers as we suffered tortured blaming everything on God.
“Because of the Synagogue, the non-white world hated all that was white. And they rightfully called us zenith devils by the preponderance of the glaring facts, for all the pervasive evil in the world came from us. Until now, none could discern that within the peaceful white race, from the bowels of the Garden was the foolish nation, the Tares, and the Synagogue of Satan, which made all the people of the earth hate and fear us. And a half billion souls were lost to Satan because the Devil’s children were white like us.
“The Lord had mercy on his wheat and smote the Synagogue of Satan, which no church was allowed to disclose under penalty of death. Even our church like all the religious leaders behind me, stood negligent with the world before us - in the face of the resinous malevolent. There’s more than enough blame to go around for our present circumstance; but this is the day of healing, not rioting, murder and endless witch-hunts. These vehicles come to return us to Yahaveh’s envisions of us in him – to stand free of the snake that spoke blasphemy in the Garden, ruled all history, and was once alive and now is dead. As the Vicar of Christ on this earth I say this; no matter where they are, I excommunicate the Synagogue of Satan from the family of the Lord, and all who followed them from eternal life – forever!”
“We as a people must share also the blame for our stupidity. The Synagogue that set the world on felicitated fire could never control us by brute force – that is the conundrum we swelter in tearful self-reflection. Therefore, we let them control what we thought, our worldview, and our religion. How? By believing the illusion there was ever a debate, policy, discussion, or assumptions that weren’t confined laser beam tight within propaganda system.
“The Council’s enemies called me the Master False Prophet, by using numerology to denote it as evil incarnate, satanic, and leadership in the now defunct worldwide criminal system. I’m the Vicarius Filii Dei (Vicar of the Son of God), and it is undeniable my title in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew are the numeric equivalent of six-six-six. But that’s Satan’s rouse to discredit our Council, our message, and our relationship with the living God – and attack my infallible holiness. I speak the distilled Word of God! My truth never returns void, and I swear this to the billions listen to me, with everything Christ is!”
Applause detonated earthquake intense for a full five minutes, from the sea of faithful standing sardine packed in St. Peter’s Square. Kelly shook his head struggling to process the unbelievable, as the screen split into a close-up of a gigantean pale circular disk, pulsing rainbow colors within and without. He studied the details, the nuances, the unsearchable technology, and the unbelievable slapping hard in his face. Kelly marveled while the Pope continued passionately in the background…

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8th Jun 2015 (#)

Great stuff, have to come back again to read, thanks for this share Twe - siva

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30th Jul 2018 (#)

Unbelievable writing skills. I read 2 of his novels - he is a biblical genius

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