The Family Part 1

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A Story I'm working on at the moment. It circles around the life of a Don's son.

The Family Part 1

That evening sunset, burning the skies orange, ran past her face. The infernos lit her soft and tender skin bright. It killed me inside, the sight was just marvelous. It unraveled the feeling of love, and the realization of true beauty. I was dazed by her stunning eyes, her devious smile and her silky hair. The moment we touched, I felt her smooth hands, in mine. As our mouths came closer and closer, I felt her breath inside me. It was just like a fantasy, I closed my eyes as slowly I could, and took a deep breath. Our lips touched, and her lips sweetened my heart, leaving me shook, as the adrenaline rushed to my head. The pleasure of this maiden’s kiss made my heart leap bounds.

Just as I opened my eyes, that strong feeling of passion and love vanished, with that angel. Then I really wondered, ‘what was behind her devious smile?’ I wonder till today…..

‘Wake up, wake up Mr. Alan Satriani, sleeping in class again are we?’ said Miss Count Titoodle. No, no ma’am, just reading your notes. This is my English teacher; she is really the worst teacher in school. I really mean that, she’s known to have a ruler, a big fat red ink pen and her favorite book Macbeth. When she would catch someone sleeping, they’d get detention. Then she would torture them by reading a passage in her horrible cockney accent.

It was frightening to just think about it. After serving detention for the longest hour of my life, I was packing my stuff. I got out to be greeted by my men, and headed home in my 'usual' Maserati. Though, I prefer driving myself home in my Lamborghini Gallardo.

On my way home; we were attacked. They were some soldiers from the Provenzano family. It was a close call as; I almost had a bullet thorough my head. They rushed on their bikes, rammed the escorting vehicles and took out some 22 caliber pistols, aimed them at me and fired. The enraged flames and hard metal flew towards my car, giving a silent but deafening screech. They struck my car like lightening and were stopped by the sheer mass of the glass.

I was easily in the safe zone because my Maserati had bulletproof glass. It wasn’t long till they stopped trying, the Corpo in acciaio (my personal guard) mopped them up with some real firepower, and there was a flurry of bullets ravaging the street, it was total devastation for the foe.

This was a normal day in my life…….


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
24th Mar 2013 (#)

Nicely written story.... Thanks for sharing this..

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