The Family Part 3

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Continuation to the family series, which is based on a Mafia group.

The Family Part 3

My father had experienced a lot more than men his age are accustomed to, even in the Cosa Nostra. He had been betrayed. Not once, but countless times. The consigliore, a rat named Juan Hernando Mendez, of his gang, had created a diversion for the Provenzano family, such that while the soldiers were fighting, the Don Machiavelli was exposed and unprotected. My father knew something was wrong. His instincts said it was a trap. He rushed back to the safe house where the Don was. Only he and the consigliore knew its location. Machiavelli was found by my father in a crate, his body riddled with bullet holes. It was precisely then that he realized what had happened. He tailed Mendez to his apartment, and after torturing and getting a confession from him, killed him in cold blood. He then took over the gang to stop it from falling apart.
That was 10 years ago, now I live the life I want, but I know the seat at the top will call for me. No matter what I do, I have to become the next boss of the Satriani da Miera. It was Fate.
I really didn’t believe in fate, well that was until I met Jade, the girl of my dreams. It has been 2 years since I last met her, now I’m 19. I’m in my last year of college, due to special circumstances and have started my training under the best of the Satriani da Miera.
It’s a direct order from my Father, Vincenzo Satriani. His right-hand man and former partner Cassias Auditore is my mentor in the art of mob war. My best friend, Crescenzo Contadino (aka CC) is the left-hand man and my most trusted in the mafia. He’s part of our assassination squad, the Bacio Della Morte.
We’re a pretty large family; we have influence over all. Even the leaders of the Cosa Nostra are aware of our authority. It is this reason that I have to be protected. This is my past, my present and my future. The mafia comes before everything, family, friends and even God. This is our thought; it is ‘our thing’. This is what I have been taught.
Lately we’ve been having quite a number of attacks on our side by the Sicilian families. It seems the Cupola is onto something big and it isn’t the good kind.
All I can do is hope for now….


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