The Finger Lakes Region: Beauty at its Peak

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This article is story about being on a cruise ship,The Finger Lakes Region: Beauty at its Peak

The Finger Lakes Region: Beauty at its Peak

Being an avid traveler, I get a lot of inquiries about places that I have been. One day, a friend had said, "tell me a great, interesting story about a helicopter tour you took over New York." I had to stop and think about this for a moment, because most of the time, people only associate New York with "The City." Part of being a traveler is being able to bring the sensations gained from different areas to individuals that have not been there; therefore, I didn't want to tell them about zipping above large buildings and seeing the Statue of Liberty from thousands of feet up. Oh, no- New York is much, much more than that.

The Earth Tone Wardrobe

The best way that I can describe flying over New York in mid-autumn is looking through a vast array of t-shirts hanging in a closet of someone who loves an earth tone wardrobe. New York isn't usually thought of as an agriculture state, but you would be surprised at the amount of natural wonder that it beholds. We left port from Buffalo, a large city on the western end of this glorious state, around five in the morning. Typically, the ravenous sound from the helicopter and change of altitude doesn't affect me much, but at five in the morning you would think you are waking up the whole state by your presence.

The sun was just starting to come up, and as we ascended, the majestic overview was simply breathtaking. It was early October, and it was if the only way you could tell (other than that lovely New York crisp autumn air) was the colors of the deciduous trees coming to life. About twenty minutes east f Buffalo (we are talking copter time), you enter the plane of one of the most fantastic sights that New York has to offer from this view. Surrounded by lines of green and brown farms, and circles of deciduous forests, you will see the incredible handprint of God- the Finger Lakes.

The Handprint of God

That is the only way I can describe what the Finger Lakes Region looks like from that far up in the air. The noise and rush of altitude had no bearing on this peaceful scenery. When you look down, you literally see a water formation known as the Finger Lakes. Does it really look like fingers? Absolutely! These long, narrow and very blue pools left by ancient receding glaciers look just like fingers, or someone scraping the land and creating giant puddles. You could see smaller cities like Rochester and Syracuse on the tips of these fingers, but mostly the land in between were vibrant green and brown stripes. Later I found out that wine is produced in this area, so I am assuming much of that land was cultivated for grapes and apples. The incredible view of this natural formation was unlike I had ever seen in other travels to New York.

This time of year could not have been more perfect to witness such a wrath of beauty. Between the color change (which was really apparent while flying over the Adirondacks), the swirling lines of farms, and the contrast with the blue lakes that rested in the center, no part of the country could compare. I would definitely take the opportunity to do this again, but possibly at sunset rather than sunrise.

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