The Fire

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One has to learn early in life to listen to others. Without listening to the advice of others unwanted and dangerous circumstances can arise.

The Fire

Sometimes we all have a lapse of common sense or we just are not listening to the advice given by others and allow important words to go in one ear and out the other. That is the only thing that I can say in my defense of what happened on our farm one hot summer afternoon.
We were a family that ate leftovers, so whatever food was not eaten was saved for later meals. Anything that we as a family could not eat was given to the animals on the farm. In this way there was very little waste. We did not have a garbage truck to come by on a weekly basis, so we had to take our garbage far away from the farmhouse and set it on fire.
My mother saw me taking the garbage out to the fire site and warned me about not starting a fire, because we had not had any rain for a while and the grass was dry and brittle. I did not say anything and headed out to the fire site and out of habit I started the fire and thought no more about it.
Going inside the farm house I was sitting on the floor watching television when my mother came running inside yelling that we had a fire. Being barefoot as I usually was I had to run upstairs to get my shoes. From my crazy actions my younger sister realized that there was a problem and she came running downstairs and out the door with me. We started to fight the fire that was already out of control. Parts of the fire were getting close to the farm house and to the gas pump.
Our father had seen the smoke from the field and had taken the plow off of the tractor and had come into help fight the fire. Our water pump was not working well enough to get enough pressure through the hose to be able to use it. Finally our father told our mother to go in and call the fire department. Our mother hurried inside as we continued to fight the fire.
Coming back out our father asked if she had called the fire department, but all she said was that there were a couple of ladies talking on the party telephone line, and she did not want to be impolite and

The Fire

interrupt their conversation. Our father was about to blow his top and told her to tell them that it was an emergency and that the fire department needed to be notified.
Instead of calling the fire department she called her brother-in-law who was on the fire department. He spent five minutes on the telephone trying to convince our mother to get off of the telephone so he could call it in. Finally she hung up the telephone and in about fifteen to twenty minutes the fire department along with an ambulance and relatives and neighbors arrived at our farm.
We were all blessed that day and were very fortunate that the fire did not reach the farm house or the gas pump. If either one of those things had happened we would either have had to find another place to live or we would all be seriously injured or dead. Thank goodness we all came out of the experience a little wiser and thankful that nobody was hurt and all the animals were safe.


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