The Foolish Cricket

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A cricket did nothing but sing througout the warm summer days. When winter arrived he realized he was too busy singing to store food for the winter. Getting desperate he asked his Uncle to help him thru the lon winter months. His uncle refused to help and the cricket soon realized that in order to survive one must work for his food.

The Foolish Cricket

A silly young Cricket
did nothing but sing
thru the warm days of summer
and into the Spring
Then Winter came on
and his cupboards were bare
the cricket was gripped
with desperation and fear

Not a crumb could he find
on the snow covered ground
not a morsel of anything
was left laying around
To go on without food
he would perish and die
“Oh My”, said the Cricket
“ how foolish was I.”

At last the poor Cricket
grew hungry and bold
and then to his Uncle
this story he told
“Uncle, I’m starving
I don’t have a thing
and I am to blame
I just wanted to sing,”

“Now I’m looking to borrow
some rations from you
to keep me from starving
and see Winter through
I will repay you
threefold what you give
if you’ll only just help me
this Winter to live.”

“Well,” said the Uncle
did you not put aside
any provisions
to help you survive
All year you did nothing
only sit round and sing
for one who’s so lazy
I’ll not give a thing.”

He then slammed the door
in the poor Crickets face
and the Cricket walked onward
head bowed in disgrace
and as he walked onward
in an unhappy mood
he started to thinking
one should work for his food.


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