The Frog Chasers

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Benny and Blazer go Frog catching on a hot Summer day

The Frog Catchers

Benny and blazer were walking through the middle of town on a Summer day, Both were carrying fishing nets and towels. Benny was wearing a red bikini top and jean shorts. She wore a dirty baseball cap backward. Blazer was shirtless as usual and wearing blue and white shorts. Benny took Blazer's hand and smiled. Everyone thought they looked so cute together. Some boys giggled and made a comment about Blazer which she heard. It was OK if they made fun of her but she was very protective of her best friend. She stopped for a minute and gave them a look, the boys backed off and ran away.
Blazer was disappointed. "Why are we doing this?" he asked Benny. "Because our Biology teacher will pay for as many frogs as we can catch, she answered squeezing his hand. "But I wanted to go swimming," The boy said "It's too hot." Benny smiled and squeezed his hand harder. "Ouch," Blazer cried.
The rabbits came to a pond just outside of town. The small sandy beach was crowded with people lying in the sun or paddle boarding. Some boys were swinging on rope swings while girls in bikinis watched. As Blazer walked passed, the girls turned their attention to him. The girls looked at his small furry chest and muscular legs and giggled. One girl asked him to sit next to her on a beach towel. And another girl asked him to rub sunscreen on her back. Blazer tried to ignore them but he was blushing red. The girls stopped when they saw Benny come over and put her hand around his chest. "Sorry girls," Benny said "This boy is mine." The girls turned their attention back to the boys splashing each other in the lake.
Blazer and Benny walked to a quiet pond at the end of the lake. Blazer slowly removed his shorts which revealed the Black speedo with red flames on the side he was wearing under the shorts. He slowly waded into the muddy pond with his fish net. Benny took off her shorts and was wearing a red string bikini. She placed her shorts on a tree branch. She wadded carefully into the water.
Blazer was waist deep in the murky water when he saw a large frog on a lily pad. He slowly waded deeper in the water .He bent over to were his little chest was barely touching the water and tried to grab the frog. The frog jumped away and Blazer fell into the water. Benny went over to him.
Blazer sat in the water covered in mud and algae. Benny laughed "You never looked so good," she said Blazer splashed her with the water. "Now you look almost as good," he said. She took his hand and helped him stand up "Now be careful," she said "You can't swim as well as I can." Blazer looked at her "I'm a better swimmer than you." he said angrily walking away.
Blazer waded into chest deep water. He soon found the frog on another lily pad. Blazer tried again to catch it with his hands, but the frog jumped away and the boy went under the water. Benny saw the boy fall into the water
"Blazer!" Benny yelled as she waded quickly to him, She couldn't see anything in the water. "Blazer!" she yelled again diving under water she swam to the surface and cried again "Blazer!" She dove under again but she couldn't see anything. Benny swam to the surface and floated on her back with her eyes staring at the sky " If Anything happened to you," she said "I'll--",
Blazer swam over to her and grabbed her chest. "GOTCHA!" he said smiling. Benny turned around "Blazer," she said happily giving the boy a hug. "Don't ever do that to me again." she said crying. She wrapped her arms tightly around his chest and cried into his shoulders. Both rabbits waded out of the pond. both were covered in mud and algae. They didn't catch a single frog but were very happy. Blazer and Benny went home to take baths.
They smelled like a swamp. But they didn't care how they looked


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