The Ghost and The Traveler

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Do you want to read about a rather unusual ghost story that was told by a French traveler? Read along and enjoy!

The Encounter with the Ghost

There was once a traveler who visited a small island in the Pacific. Though he has traveled from different places all over the world, and has seen different kinds of culture, he is bewildered when he crashed in a little tropical island.

There, he met a girl - a girl with a black raven hair cascading down upon her shoulders. Everyday, this traveler visits the girl and gives her all the good stuff unknown by this petite and naive creature. The girl felt very delighted that she became close to the traveler.

One night, when the traveler was on his way home, a creature appeared upon him. It was the first time that he saw such creature. He had goosebumps and could barely move his feet on the ground when he saw the creature's horrifying look. The nonhuman face was grotesque. She was wearing a white robe with her feet not even touching the ground.

"What are you doing in this place?" the ghost asked the traveler with very deep and mystifying voice that sent shivers at the traveler's spine.

"I came here to visit the girl in that casa," the traveler replied while pointing at the house a few meters away from where he was standing.

"What are your intentions towards that girl? Don't you know that little girl is a fragile being?" the ghost interfered the traveler's answer while getting nearer and nearer at the traveler.

"I tell you this. I visit her because from the moment I wandered and saw her in this island, I behold that her soul is the very opposite of mine. You can not tell me to stop seeing her!" he defended himself.

"Man," the ghost said, "I understand that you want to see her but I tell you this too, never hurt her feelings or else, you will face the consequences..." the ghost like a flicker of light disappeared from the traveler's sight thus, his thoughts turned to the girl.

The moment he got caught up with the girl, he felt something very different. Everyday that he sees her the intensity of being with her became stronger. But, he knew that he must leave the island and go on with his journey as a traveler and discover the vastness of the world.

At last, the moment came when he needs to leave the island but before that, he came to visit and talk to the girl but to his despair and frustrations, the casa was empty with deafening sounds of silence and sadness.

It came to his mind about his encounter with the ghost and realized that he should mean what he would say and from that time on, the traveler wandered around the edges of the world and was neither heard nor seen again.


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