The Ghost in The Bikini

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A first person story about a close encounter of the spiritual kind.

My story begins

My name is Jonathan Foxe, I'm a middle school student at Donald Trump Middle School in Daytona Beach Florida. I am 11 years old. My story may be unbelievable and I still don't believe it but It's true. I've seen her floating in the pool in my backyard..
My mother was just given a new job as the night manager at a hotel and My family moved here last Summer. My sister is 17 years old and boy crazy, My muscle bound brother is a college football quarterback . He won a scholarship at central Florida Tech. My sister and I love to swim. But our brother is so strong that he can't swim because his muscles make him so heavy that he sinks in the water.
My sister however, is so full of herself that she wears only bikinis at home or on the beach. She has a curvy body and small chest which seems to attract boys of all ages. Which is why she is always showing it off. She is always talking on her cellphone to one of her current boyfriends. She averages at least four a week.

Moving into our new house

Mom sold our house in Connecticut and we moved to Florida in June. The hose mom bought was a two story house with four bedrooms and three baths, An old cemetery was across the street. The beach was just five minutes away, I was bringing in some boxes from our rental truck when I looked out in the backyard at the swimming pool. I as amazingly beautiful. It had an artificial waterfall and stone pavement . The water was clear blue .I dropped the boxes and went outside. It was so hot I really wanted to swim, my shirt was stained with sweat. Mom came inside with her suitcase I looked at her with my sad eyes. "Mom can I go swimming?" I asked pointing at the pool. She smiled and ruffled my hair "lift up your arms," mom said. I did what she asked . Mom then pulled my sweaty shirt off "mom!" I said covering my now bare chest.
She laughed "It's not like I haven't seen your body before," she said "Go swim," she said patting my backside. "your big brother and sister came finish bringing everything in," she said. I went outside and stared at the water. I took my shoes off and dipped my big toe in the water. The water felt cold but I didn't care.
I sat on the edge of the pool and slowly lowered my body in the water. The water was colder than I though. I was chest deep so I decided to start swimming to get warm. While I noticed something bright in the water. I thought it was just the Summer sun reflecting off the water, So I started treading water, then something grabbed my ankle and tried to pull me under. I screamed and it quickly go. I went to the edge of the pool. Mom came running outside "What's the matter? she asked concerned. Something grabbed my ankle and tried to drown me.
Mom looked in the water "There's nothing there", she put her hand in the pool and splashed me.
"Don't scare me like that ," she said "I was going to jump in and save you." my sister called "MOTHER, WHERE ARE MY BIKINIS?"
"I have to go back inside your sister needs me," I stayed in the pool. Maybe it was just my imagination. I started swimming again. but I swam in the deep part of the pool, I saw something glowing. it looked like a girl with blonde hair and dark blue eyes she was about my age, slender with pale white skin wearing a gold colored bikini. I stopped swimming and treaded water. I couldn't believe it. just then something grabbed my legs and pulled me under' I gasped for air before going under. I opened my eyes and saw the girl now holding my chest. She placed her lips on mine and gave me a kiss I would never forget.
I didn't know what to do. I was blushing all over. She smiled and swam back to the surface with me.

TheGhost Girl

I swam back to the edge of the pool and climbed out of the water. My body was dripping wet. I looked back in the pool and saw the girl floating in the water. "Who are you?" I asked "or what are you?" she looked at me strangely "Why are you so afraid?" she asked "Come join me". she raised her hand "It's been a long time since I've seen a boy."
"A long time since you've seen a boy" I asked confused. "I haven't seen any boys in many years," she said swimming to the edge of the pool. She reached for my hand "Come in and play with me."
You still haven't told me who you are", I said covering my chest with my bare hands trying to hide my nipples.
"Don't be shy," she said "My name is Angel, This is my home," she floated in the water "My home for eternity." I extended my hand and she pulled me back into the water. We both sank underwater I tried gasping for air but I was pulled under. She touched my chest with her hands. I suddenly felt warm. Her lips touched mine and for a moment I could breath. I put my arms around her and we embraced each other . I swam back to the surface. "Wow, I've never felt like that before," I said I felt like I was in a warm bath .
She told me about her previous life, She had accidently drowned in this pool forty years ago when she was my age. She was playing with some friends when a boy pushed her into the shallow end of the pool. Angel hit her head on the bottom and died instantly. She was buried in the cemetery across the street. Soon after her funeral, her parent s sold this house and moved away.
Her spirit loved to swim so it was permanently bound to the pool. She was happy but lonely. "I haven't seen anyone else here since my parents left," she said "And no one else has been able to see me before you came here." she smiled "Will you be my friend forever," she asked putting her arms around my shoulders.
"Your not going to kill me?" I asked starting to feel scared. She removed her arms from my shoulders "I would never hurt you or anyone," she said feeling insulted.
"I'm sorry, I said feeling guilty. "It's just when you said forever I though you meant-"
"I only meant as long as you were alive," she said looking into my eyes. " The afterlife will come at it's own time." She placed her hands gently on my nipples. I can wait," she said "I have eternity."


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