The Gods of Ancient Egypt

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The days of the ancient Egypt are long gone but not forgotten. Many people today study these ancient peoples, whether for historical or for spiritual reasons. Some people think they were evil, whilst others consider them the purest form of spirituality. One things for sure Egypt had their own gods and own ideas, read on to find out a little bit more.

The Ancient Egyptians

The Egyptian times and the Egyptians ways, are something which people seem to be fascinated with today. Our museums are full of their stuff, and our cultures are still embedded with their ideas. Before the success of the Greeks on the world stage leading into to the Roman Empire, it is said that it was the Egyptians who were the movers and shakers of the world and world events. Even the bible tells us what a mighty Empire Egypt was, although it does also put an evil spin on them too. Egypt was evil in the eyes of Christendom, mainly because they had different ideas and different gods, and didn't adhere to the god of Israel and of the bible.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The Egyptians had their own mighty sun god named Ra, and he went by many names to the Egyptians. Their was the young sun god named Khepri, who was often depicted as a scarab beetle. This beetle is known for pushing its own waste, its faeces in front of it in a ball as it moves. The same way Khepri was depicted rolling the sun across the sky like a ball, bringing warmth, growth and goodness on to the world. Even way back in these times people had observed the power of the sun and it's healing powers. Funny how we are now harnessing this power, and using it to energize and light up the world and fly planes around.

Ancient Egyptian mythology tells us that the sun god had a secret name, it was this secret name which was the key on to all his powers. Animals had a very key role in ancient Egyptian theological thought. They believed that part of gods spirit could live in a animal, right here on earth. So the gods in there ancient images and symbolism, often show humans with animal heads.

Ra's Family

Ra had a wife and daughter named Hathor and Sekhmet. These two divine females could take on the forms of a lion or a cobra, They could and would attack the enemies of the sun god. Ra also had a son, who was named Osiris. Later on in Egyptian mythology, he is to become the king of Egypt but more than this he became the ruler of the underworld. You can observe today a fair few secret cults and new age thinkers claiming to be in contact with a spirit named Seth. Well for those interested, Seth was Osiris's brother and represented evil in the world. It is Seth who hatched a plot to kill his own brother Osiris, and take the Egyptian crown for himself.

Many mythologies have powerful fertility goddesses in them, and Isis is the Egyptian version. This is where we see the Egyptians keeping it in the family, not to much different to today. Isis was Osiris's wife and sister. Horus finally inherited the Egyptian throne from his father Osiris. These ancient Egyptians believed that all the pharaohs came from a long bloodline leading back to Horus. So they truly believed that all the pharaoh's were gods.

Egyptian Symbology

These days we have the symbol of an eye everywhere. In company logo's, on the television and in magazines. There are a load of conspiracy theories trying to explain just what this mysterious one eye is, and some of these explanation can be pretty scary. The truth is the Egyptians were big on amulets. These little pieces of jewelry were said to have secret powers and could warn off evil. This tradition can be found in many ancient cults, and the Celts were one such people who copied this practice. Today it's kept alive in the alternative religion movements, such as magic, occult and new spirituality. They were often in the shape of an eye, representing either the sun god or Horus. It's certainly not the all seeing eye of the devil, as many would have you believe.

The Egyptians loved symbolism, as their writing systems were not as advanced as ours today. So symbols helped them to express themselves and their ideas, so others could understand them. Isis often carried the ankh, a sign of life. Osiris is often carrying a crook shaped like a shepherds staff. These were the original shepherds, the sky watchers and their crook's symbolized government. He also had a flail, who showed the power of the pharaoh.

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