The Golden Calf

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The worshiping of an idol was a sinful act, which would have far reaching consequences on the people who came out of Egypt, Moses showed his anger but God also was very displease with the people.

worship of an idol

The making of a golden calf was the catalyst for their downfall, the worshiping of an idol a sinful act of idolatry, they turn aside quickly out the way, and made a molten calf, and began worshiping it, making obeisance and sacrifices which bestowed attributes of safety to the image, of course this was a terrible sin, and God resorted to calling the children of Israel a stick necked people. How could the people forget Gods mighty power so quickly? After they had seen his miraculous parting of the sea, and providence of bread and flesh, how could they forget the one who set them free from slavery in Egypt?
Because they lack belief, they were rebellious and they had lustful desires, when they saw that Moses delayed in coming down from the mountain, in their thirst for pleasure; they sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play. After playfulness had taken its full toil and sowed mischief, they gathered around Aaron and demanded of him to make gods for them, Aaron not know how best to appease their anger gave in to their demands, and ask that they would break off their gold and bring it forward to be melted down.
Was because of a slave mentality that they had which kept them looking back to the flesh pots of Egypt? Or was it something more sinister, such as an inbred root of disobedience, lacking in gratitude and genuine respect, they went on presumptuously sinning, self-will emotions dwelling in their hearts in place where the glorious word of God should be residing.
Where there is rebellion there is also every evil work, stubbornness and rebellion grows in the mind, until it is hard to get rid of, the people had no spiritual quality, so they could not believe in God whom they could not see. They wanted to make a God whom they could see with their eyes.


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