The Golden Elephant

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A short Love Story- A guy who cannot get the girl, gifts her a golden elephant

The Golden Elephant

My room, 2 am, lot of guys, dozens of cigarette packets and litters of cheap whisky. All the boys I counted to be my good friends were there. I could see Chandu and Sujeet talking to each other, Hrishikesh talking to someone over the phone (must be a chick), Mukul bhai was already on the dance floor with a bottle balanced on his head, Sunil bhai was with his beloved Nokia in our corridor; singing one of his favorite songs. Leaning on the wall were avinash, Sunny and DJ. Some guys were lying on the floor and Baba was busy with his weed, at the corner and Vishal has passed out a long time ago; just after 3 pegs.

It was my treat, my room and my day. The reason for this party was unknown to all of them. They all were here for I had summoned them; some were here for the free drinks. I was also tipsy by then and using my full consciousness I yelled out
Do u guys wanna know why I m throwing this party?
Yeah” they all shouted like obedient little kids.
Then listen, my mightiest foe Mr. Navneet Pathania had a kidney failure and is expected to die within a fortnight………… Cheers.”

I rolled down on the floor laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was genuinely happy, happy to hear about his forthcoming death. When I stood back, all I could see was frowns, frowns and frowns. My friends were disgusted by my attitude. All of them were plainly disappointed by my act. Their disappointment added fuel to my laughter. When one by one they started leaving, I was still smiling. All of them had some comment to pass to me.
Freak” and “In-human act” were like goodnight and see-you to me. Avinash said- “ I know you love her, more than anything, but how can you think like this for him. He used to be your friend! “ The most painful words were of Sharique, “Andy, I thought you were a better person.” By 3 am, my room was empty with a huge mess left behind; for me to clean. I ignored the pile of bottles and sat on my floor with a bottle of beer. The grin was still there on my face. I wasn’t sad about those comments and rebukes, for I meant what I said and was expecting worse from them. I had let them down to their expectations and they felt miserable to be at my party, celebrating some one’s death.

Bus’s horns, crow’s ‘kaak kaak’ and other earthly noises woke me up the next morning. I had passed out at my balcony and cuddled with my dustbin. After freshening up, I had some aspirins and prepared a cup of coffee. I lit up a smoke, took a sip off my hot coffee and leaned against a wall, thinking about the chain of events that brought me here.

The story is quite old n plainly boring. Boy meets a gal, boy falls in love, and the girl declines him n the boy turned DEVDAS. But, things are not same for this DEVDAS. Unlike the fictional character, I tried my best to let things go off and turn a new leaf. I meet new girls, dated some, and hated some. Made new friends, focused on my career, played some musical instrument and also adopted some strange hobbies like polygamy and went to strange places. But, things didn’t quite work out, the way I planned. After a period of 3 years I found myself exactly where I left myself, still aching for her. So when I heard about her “boyfriend’s” sudden kidney failure, I couldn’t stop myself from smashing up my piggy bank and throwing a party.

Apart from the incurable crush, I have for her; we happen to be quite good friends. We share lot of our secrets and “don’t tell anyone” things. We often hang out together and fight on silly things. We both are practically exactly opposite of each other. She has a strange habit that bugs me. Whenever I leave for a shopping trip or a vacation; I ask her what should I bring for her and every time she replies me the same thing, “Bring me a golden elephant”. Stupid girl, she probably knows that if she asks for any things else; I would try my best to bring it to her.

Thinking about all this brought my heart to a heavy state, so to cheer myself up, I decided to go and see something soothing to eyes. I put on my shorts, a t-shirt n left my room. Within 25 min, I was standing at the reception desk of St Stephen’s Hospital. I asked the receptionist, “Can u tell me where Mr. Navneet Pathania is? He is here for a kidney failure”. The receptionist (who happens to be a hot chick) checked her database and said, “Room 605. Take the elevator, 6th floor, room is to your left. Are you his friend?” I just smiled at her and left for Room 605.

People have different perspective of beauty. Some prefer a sunrise or sunset. Some love kids, kittens, flowers and all. I found out a beautiful scene float before my eye that day. From the window of Room 605, I could see him. Pale as hell. Numerous tubes running in and out his body. He was dying and it wasn’t pleasant. So many times in my dreams I had visualized this moment. I could feel a tide of coldness run inside my body. But he was smiling, “How can you smile? You are dying you sick son of a gun”. He was smiling at her. She was just beside him, with a slight pale complexion and a pair of blood shot eyes. They were holding hands and I could clearly see those dried tears on her cheeks. So many times had I seen this in my darkest wishes but never was she in them. Her face, those faint dark-circles and sleep deprived eyes sank my heart again. I stood there for a couple of minutes like I was frozen and decided to see the doctor. Some nasty business had to be taken care of quickly.

Almost a week later, I found myself peeking through the same window. He looked better than the last time; he was smiling and looked a lot less pale. The “Hand Holding” part was constant. She too was smiling and could clearly see her crystal clear eyes turning small while smiling; all thanks to that stupid donor. When all of a sudden she caught me peeking and shouted my name and left the bed to see me. Seeing her notice me, I tried to run away and as-fast-as-possible away from her; but with a bunch of stitches on my abdomen, it’s very tough to run and was soon caught-up by her. She threw a quick glance upon me. I was still in my hospital robes, panting for breath and holding my stomach.
She took a couple of steps back and laid against the wall, she had a confused look on her face and asked the most obvious question.”Did you…………..?? Kidney……?” Catching my breath, I looked upto her, shrugged and all I could say was.”Hmmmm…” Spilling the beans, I turned my back towards her and started to walk towards my room, when she asked another question, “But Why?????
I stood there for a couple of seconds, turned towards her and with a certain agitation in my voice I answered back, “But why!!?? I have loved you from the day I saw you and I still do. You are the reason of my being. I’ll do anything just to bring that smile back to your face and that’s what I did. I just wanna see you happy.” Delivering this speech, I started walking again when all of a sudden something strikes me, I faced her again. She was still standing there dumb struck. She was no longer able to maintain the eye-contact, I went upto her and held her chin with my shaky hands. I looked into those eyes. “You always wanted a Golden Elephant, didn’t you? Take this to be The Golden Elephant.”


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author avatar Buzz
11th Apr 2012 (#)

Beautiful story, my friend. Great share.

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author avatar ShaneCold
11th Apr 2012 (#)

Excellent story. So poignant. Wonderful words. Great job friend :)

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author avatar mistyleaf
11th Apr 2012 (#)

Nice story. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Euphonos
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Just wow and no words...My mind is blank :)

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author avatar urguide
4th Jun 2012 (#)

superb story.

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