The Goodbye Letter

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I was a little bored and out of ideas so I decided to write up a letter from a man, Richard to his wife, Madra.

Richard is tired of the cruel laws the king has enforced so he along with other rebels decide to go on the offensive and enforce their own laws forcefully.
This is the last letter Richard wrote to his wife.

The Introduction

Dear Madra,

It has been four years since I left you and the kids to fight for our land and for our rights.
For weeks and weeks, we travel the dry sandy land in search for what we seek: Liberty.
As the days passed and the nights settled, out supplied grew thin and we had to share what we had but unfortunately, we had little to share.
However, that didn't matter to us because what we had so long sought was finally found.

The Kreklin soldiers were right in front our eyes, feasting away on their luxurious dinner, not even aware that our food that we had been fed for the last twenty years did not even half match up to theirs. Just looking at their happiness made our blood boil in rage.
Their mouths wet with pure cold water while ours were wet with deep thirst.

After long patience, we decided to take the ultimate step.
We came out of the bushes, weapons at ready, screamed and charged.

The Battle

Even though we caught the soldiers by surprise, they were still prepared.

As they drew up arms, we charged at them and all that was heard were the clash of metals.
At first, we swung a devastating blow to the army but they soon called reinforcements which had turned the tide.

We knew we didn't stand a chance against the superiority of the enemy weapons and so as a result, we retreated into bushes and ultimately, back into the woods.
But they followed us, swinging away their weapons, killing us one by one.

I took refuge inside a hollow tree and covered the opening with some bushes.
As there was some light filtering through, I opened up my backpack and fished out a pen and a paper with which I had written this letter.

I found one of our own who was retreating and told him to give this to you.

The reason I did this is because I won't make it back.

My Final Words

During the chase, I had several injuries inflicted on me.
These wounds upon me have proved perilous and I realized I didn't have long to live.
It won't be long before my hiding place would be discovered.

But I refused to give up.

We started this and we will end it!

I will miss you, my dear. And I will miss Marcus and Juliet too.
I love you all dearly.
I made a promise that I will change the way things go around here and I assure you, I will sick to that promise at any cost.
More rebels have joined hands. We will liberate ourself and I am glad you will be there to enjoy the freedom.
It is too late for me now.

I'm not coming back. I have served my purpose.
My brother, Dale will take care of you from now on.

Good bye, once and for all,
Your's truly


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author avatar LOVERME
8th Aug 2010 (#)

i don't have the time to read thank god iam not his wife...

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author avatar SiddiQ
10th Aug 2010 (#)

Ha ha

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author avatar ppruel
21st Oct 2010 (#)

i love reading this letter. it's just like i was reading a written short story. nice one, dude!

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author avatar SiddiQ
21st Oct 2010 (#)

Thnx, ppruel!!

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