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While Father and I drive back from the Holistic Health doctor, mother calls on the phone. She sounds exhausted and tired, and asks that we please come fetch her and take her home now.

They have spent all day moving Auntie Marienne and her husband Kees into their new apartment.

It was inhuman!!!

By the time Father and I get there, Auntie Marienne is just on her way out to go eat supper in the eating hall. Good heavens, does she look half dead now. Her eyes are barely open and she can barely move. Her situation has clearly deteriorated, but she also might just be completely exhausted after all the activity of the day.

Osborn and Lassie have also left for Tower Hills already. Only Uncle Gus and Auntie René are still there.

And have they some stories to exclaim over! At Auntie Marienne's old place, all the cupboard and wardrobe doors have been ripped off, and EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE is broken, from furniture to whatnot. We can only assume that Auntie Marienne, every time when she falls from her suffering form Steele-Richardson-Olszevski syndrome, grabs onto whatever is close by, or pulls herself up from whatever is close by. And it may not always be something that is even remotely strong enough to hold.

It's going to take an insane amount to have her old place fixed up again and suitable for selling to a next owner.

Anyway, her new flat is nice! But that might be only because it is not packed to the rafters with junk. We're actually a little scared, because tomorrow they still have to go clear out Auntie Marienne's old garage where a lot of junk was dumped, and they fear that she is going to insist that a lot of it move with her to her new place.

Father, Mother and I go eat with Auntie René and Uncle Gus, where they tell us more about the horrors of the day. Father also tells us what happened with John, Auntie Marienne's son who finally wanted to talk to Father today after years of ignoring Father.

Funny business

It would appear our suspicion was correct all along in that John had something tied up in selling Auntie Marienne's land, and that's why he would rather let his mother suffer like a complete desolate instead of letting her enjoy the millions of money she could have if she sold.

John always insisted that he had found a buyer for Auntie Marienne's land, and that is why nobody else must have it. However, his buyer would never finally buy it and pay the money. Still, he wouldn't let anyone else have his mother's land, other than this guy who clearly didn't care to actually go through with the purchase.

And the reason was this: John had financial trouble and then borrowed R150,000 from this "buyer". But, he didn't have the money to repay this potential buyer. So now, this buyer had him by the throat. One way John could get some money, is by taking what can only be seen as a commission on the sale of his mother's land, and that way he could be free from his debt to this buyer.

So, if the deal didn't go through, then John would still owe that guy 150,000. That is why he insisted that this deal go through, even though the buyer obviously is in no rush to actually fork over some money.

And all this time, his mother's condition worsened, and she had to lie with her husband to get money out of Father. I mean geezzzz, just a week or so ago, they asked for R300 to have her husband's hair cut. But, when Father saw them the next day, it did not seem Kees' hair was cut. So where did the money go? Either some debt or Kees drank it out.

Anyway, Father was rather disappointed that John, who used to be a good house friend asking Father for business advice, would turn so vile and corrupt, to let his own mother turn into a lying, sick, suffering and dying shell of her former dignified self.

John said it's because he was ashamed. He buggered up everything. The one thing his own alcoholic Father, Auntie Marienne's first alcoholic husband did right, was to leave his children and wife each a part of that prime piece of land. And somehow John just buggered up the whole thing.

He also says his wife and him have problems, and that his wife is the one who wouldn't let them visit John's mother.

However, he has a proposition for Father: Father and him must start another housing complex on that piece of land, and make their millions with it.

Anyway, it's good that Father and John made friends again, although Father does say he now takes everything John says and all his excuses, with a bag of salt.

At least there's some kind of communication between them again.

"I can't do this anymore!!!!!!!!"

The next day, Father, Mother and I eat at the Spur in Voortrekkerdorp, when Uncle Gus calls on the phone. He says he's had it with helping with the move. Auntie Marienne keeps wanting to move all her junk into her small new apartment.

Apparently whenever they pick up something and ask her if she would like to keep this, she says yes because so and so gave it to her. This carried on until there's now a huge pile of rubbish again that Auntie Marienne wants to move with her. Uncle Gus is giving up.

I'm not sure what the end of it is but anyway. It seems it's only a matter of time before Auntie Marienne's grand new place is another junk pile of hoarded garbage again.

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