The Grime

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This is a poem I wrote in regards to a drug addicted mother on the streets of Toronto. It is actually based on a true story of a women I know and this occurred in September-2012

The Grime

She stands by the door waiting for her to come,
the days finally here going home with her mum.

She's 4 now, almost 2 years to the day,
Since the Children Aid's worker came to take her away.

When she was taken, mom was addicted to crack,
swallowed by the streets, not looking back.

Mom hustles the streets living blast to blast,
Hoping this will make her forget her past.

Her heart is now filled with sorrow,
"Don't worry honey, i'll clean up tomorrow"

Tomorrows come and go but she stays on the street,
doing the drug that is so hard to beat.

Then it happens, a sign from the Gods,
something happens, makes her defy all the odds.

Her boyfriend gets arrested doing a crime,
he's sent to jail stuck doing some time.

Now the light bulb goes off in her head,
without him out here she'll surely be dead.

She leaves downtown and rebuilds her life.
She can't believe she caused all this strife.

After a few weeks she sees her daughter supervised,
and her heart feels whole after seeing those eyes.

She goes back to school, gets her own place,
Help from family and friends, she rehabilitates.

Meanwhile shes loyal to her man behind bars,
Visits him daily, he promises her stars.

Tells her when he gets out, it will be a new world,
they will start a family, just them and her girl.

"no more drugs, we will be Okay"
Then the time comes, 6 months less a day.

Her boyfriend gets released from jail,
after she goes and posts his bail.

Back to the little girl staring at the door,
which i'm sure shes done many times before.

Todays the day, ribbons in her hair,
pretty pink dress, Mom will soon be there.

The door handle jolts, little girl yells "Mommy"
door opens but its not who she expected to see.

The worker walks in sad looks on her face.
The young girl knows she's never leaving this place.

"Sorry honey, mommy cant make it today"
"Why? Where is she? What did she say?"

Moms back in the crack house, drugs in her hand,
staring across the table at her newly freed man.

"Does anyone have a pipe I can borrow?"
"Don't worry honey, i'll clean up tomorrow!"


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