The Grind To Fame And Fortune

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A recap of my friends' experiences on their hopeful journeys to becoming celebrities.

"Money, Power and Women, that's all that matters" - My good friend

With the explosion of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, millions of aspiring actors, models, musicians and anyone wanting to be famous have been given multiple ways to reach for the stars.

However, it seems many young people actually prefer the idea of being famous rather than actually being famous (let alone putting in the work to be famous). To get an idea of just how hard the grind to stardom can be, I hooked up with a couple of friends who are in the trenches and got a firsthand experience of just how rough chasing dreams can get.

One of my friends is an aspiring rapper. So much so that he quit his job in full belief that he will make it. He has spent a fortune trying to make it and so far…it hasn’t really worked which has left him feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole business.

Sure, he got gigs here and there but ultimately, he hasn’t reached the level he thought he’d be at by now. In the beginning he used to love the idea of being an entertainer but with time, he began to hate it. He stopped speaking about his upcoming gigs with vigor, going from phrases such as “I’m performing tonight” to “I’m working tonight”. I think he figured that his talent would eventually get him noticed and that someone would sign him without realizing that it takes more than just talent to make it to the top. There are millions of people who are just as talented (if not more) who are also trying to break in but they fail to realize that this is business. The guys who make the decisions on top aren’t just going to pick some random Joe off the street simply because he has talent, said Joe needs to prove that there are people out there willing to support him financially and prove that he/she is worth the investment.

With things such as your social media numbers having the ability to affect potential opportunities, people need to realize that things have changed. Now more than ever, things that were seen as irrelevant in past times like a person’s social media presence or brand can play a huge role in determining how far you go. There’s always going to be someone out there who’s more beautiful, witty, charming or funnier than you so if you want to make it, you’ve got to use that noggin and find creative ways to stand out.

Another friend of mine also learnt the value of being multifaceted. She was an aspiring actress/model/presenter (you know the type) who once asked me to accompany her to an audition. We got to the venue however when we got there, she was crushed to find that the other ladies who were auditioning more or less had the same (if not better) qualities as she had. To put things into perspective, she was the type of chick who couldn’t walk down the street without catching someone’s eye. The type of chick who could walk into a place and it would fall into silence. She was used to being the showstopper and there she was, in a room filled with other beautiful women.

Unsurprisingly, my friend wasn’t selected and she was shattered but I think that from that day onward, she understood that this is one of those industries when networking and being well known is key.

My friends have since slowed down on their hopes to be famous and decided to pursue a more practical means of living. While they might’ve been disappointed that they haven’t become huge celebrities, they aren’t regretful of trying to become famous and truthfully, I myself can’t really blame them for trying their luck. I think everyone wants some kind of recognition and with that fame comes money, power and women (or men depending on your preference) and this drives them to do certain things that aren’t exactly moral.

Whether or not their motivations are a good thing is another matter entirely but in my humble opinion, a lot of credit has to be given to such folks for trying to make it. Such a life requires so much sacrifice, dedication and immense mental fortitude that many people won’t wish to experience and they are proof that while we may fail things in life, there is always something to gain from the experience.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Feb 2018 (#)

The truth of being celebrities is not about how you get there as many rise to fame by spreading their legs and some but cutting corners just be on top.
Now in my case, I just did a few pageants and yea some music and got to show I have potential but in the country that I am, wherein the demand for continual income is via prostitution, I chose to shelve the idea as I have never been cheap and clandestine and getting my tax number deleted for being honest about my showbiz income was my last straw. So showed it to the world and flung what I had done out and literally went back to relearning what I had to do and learned changing my set of friends and coming back to pick up few people of my past did help ingetting me restarted again. Although I am an eye-catcher to the press, I most certainly am a reclusive person who has learned from my famous friends, especially one who was a famous personality world known too that you may think you are not famous, but well, wait till you see the effect you have on the common people and sure enough, he was right, I have had break ins, cards stolen, sunglasses cases stolen, nosey parkers and what not and learned silence is great but if push comes to shove, I possibly may have to ask for police protection as well as I found normal life is silently becoming too starry eyed around although I am still a normal 9-5 worker with a decent government job requisite income to keep me going .
So yes, if you want to be famous, it is not about auditions and fittings, it is more of the type of roles you play. You get a lot of sleaze roles but decent roles well, they are not my taste and hence I don't apply for them.

Did I tell you men line up to make passes too because of he way it has been as well but I have my family whom I love and that is enough for me.

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author avatar Memba Ben
19th Feb 2018 (#)

Hi Lady Aiyanna,

I'd like to thank you for sharing your interesting experience
and would also like to commend you for putting your personal beliefs above making it. Not many people would have the strength to do so.

I've seen the toll it takes on people trying to make it so I can only imagine just how hard it must be for people who are already in the spotlight.

Kudos to you for walking out on your own terms, not many people get the opportunity.

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author avatar hotcheetos
12th Feb 2018 (#)

You need a really thick skin to get into the entertainment business. And an unrelenting drive.

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author avatar Memba Ben
19th Feb 2018 (#)

Hi hotcheetos

I completely agree with you. As I earlier said, I've seen the toll it takes on people trying to make it so I can only imagine just how hard it must be for people who are already in the spotlight but I guess at the same time, people who go for it must have some sort of idea as to just how crazy it can get.

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