The Growth of Global Capitalism, Imperialism and Need for True Democracy

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This e-Pamphlet is the first of a series the focuses of questions relating to the need to bring an end to the capitalist regime we see that dominates the world today, It discusses how the power of capitalism focuses on the making the capitalist class wealthier at the cost of the rest of society.

E-Pamphlet on Socialism and Democracy

If you are one of the 3 percent that controls 80% of the wealth of any nation right now then you will probably be satisfied with how the world is right now and see minimal change being needed in the world today.

For the other 97 percent of the population the foreseeable future represents nothing but challenges with loss of democratic rights, loss of job prospects and pensions that have been made worthless since the commencement of the recession, you may also feel that this world has nothing but conflict in its future and that is certainly one prospect.

We face today the largest recession since that of 1929, yet for this recession there seems little prospect of it ending as the so-called leadership of the capitalist class are clueless as to how avert the next downturn in the economy, hence the need for the ideas contained in this pamphlet to be discussed across the world, this recession is global in nature and the fightback itself must be global in nature. The working people of Oshawa in Canada, share a common goal as those in Cleveland Ohio, as those in Swansea in Wales as those in Soweto South Africa as those from neighborhoods across the globe, truth is the capitalist system is bankrupt and needs to have a viable opposition built against it, some would call this building for a socialist revolution and they would be right but it is also a movement that as we shall show through the pages of this e-pamphlet that socialism stands for true democratic rights, it also supports the rights of the individual as well as the rights of oppressed minorities, yet the key aspect here is that the people of this planet stand together, to organize against capitalism, to organize together to bring change.


Part 1 - Global Capitalism, Imperialism and the Power of the Corporation
Part 2 - Capitalism and the Chance for Real Democracy
Part 3 - Has Global Capitalism gone One Step Too Far?
Part 4 - Freedom of Choice: The Rights of the Individual
Part 5 - The State of the World: Types of Nations
Part 6 - The State of the World: Political Allegiances
Part 7 - Crisis of Democracy and the Voting system
Part 8 - "We, the People" must bring Change
Part 9 - The Challenge of Organizing against capitalism
Part 10 - The ONLY Option: Building a Mass Party for Change

Practical Guide

Above all this pamphlet is meant as a practical guide to assist you in thinking about how to work for change today, it is vital that each and every person MUST understand that there is a global impact for everything that happens today, the capitalist system has grown and become global and in order to organize against it the response of the working people of the world must also be global. Truth is global corporations have become imperialist in nature and have little desire to expand the boundaries of democracy, indeed in those democratic states they seek to reverse the advances that democracy has won in the past.

The Power of Global Capitalism

It has become clear over the course of the past hundred, or so, years that the capitalist system has a tendency to globalize major corporations that become centers of immense power often capable of subverting the course of democracy, each of the world's largest 100 corporations have more economic power than a mid-sized nation, such as Belgium, Netherlands, or Canada and the hopes of the peoples of those nations mean nothing if they are opposed by the power of a global corporation, this is the context in which "Global Capitalism, Imperialism and the Power of the Corporation" was written.

It has been suggested that "as with every empire before them, the corporations will eventually fall", yet for every corporation that collapses there is another in the wings waiting to take over. The collapse and rebuilding of corporations is an ongoing process and it is wrong to believe that capitalism will simply collapse under its own blundering weight, as much as we may wish this the problem it requires us people to organize and provide the death blow for the whole regime in country after country one step at a time.

The Chance for Real Democracy, Minority and Individual Rights

How democratic do you think our system of government is? How can it possibly be democratic when it serves the interests of the capitalist system, the three percent of the population that own and control 80 percent of the economy of most nations.

It is stated that 98% of the population would remove the ruling class from power and redistribute their wealth, yet the truth is that is regarded as theft, while paying an employee a wage that is below the poverty level is a perfectly acceptable business practice. yet one of the key aspects of this pamphlet is about supporting the rights of the individual and the rights of minorities, the truth is none of us should have any cause to fear those who empower and educate themselves, indeed such empowerment should be encouraged for all, it is about choice, pure and simple, yet it is important to understand that today the impact of big business is clear they determine what choices are permissible and those which are not - and one example of this is how the drug industry dominates the world of the cure, the ONLY permissible cure is one that feeds the profits of a drug company, not the natural cure that may actually cost the healthcare industry less money - the power and greed of the corporation trumps the needs of the individual every time. and this is the challenge we face.

The financial oppression that exists in the world today is one of the key elements that keeps poorer nations from improving, it ensures starvation will return again and again to places like Africa, unless the people of the world unite and work together to overthrow the oppressive capitalist regime that holds down the disadvantaged and keeps on kicking.

Crisis of Capitalism and Democracy

The capitalist system has never gained anything but limited control over is the boom and bust cycle that society goes through periodically, the current recession may be the toughest and deepest of all economic collapses, indeed this reversal of fortune has gone as far as turning former CEOs into paupers and threatens to remove all the financial and technological advantages we have gained over the last half a century.

Select any democratic nation and it is clear to see that fewer people are voting because there is a belief that it is pointless to do so, there are two primary reasons for this are firstly lack of real choice and secondly the inability of elected representatives to change anything. Ultimately today the challenge we all face is a system that is morally and economically bankrupt and the truth is corporations only act for the good of themselves and everyone needs to understand how capitalism is failing us. Ultimately the rights of the voter seem to matter very little and seem to be the last thing in the minds of those in political power, it is capitalism that dictates the status-quo must be maintained, the voting system protects a small elite that control the world's corporations, it needs to be replaced with a true democratic society that considers the needs of all the people not the corporation.

The challenge faced now is not a sudden collapse of capitalism, but in organizing against the capitalist class, people are not inherently greedy or profit driven, that is caused by how we organize the modern state and the next phase of human development DEMANDS the replacement of the capitalist system and replacing that is all about organization and leadership and building a mass party of change that is capable of defeating this system.

Remember that capitalism had its own revolution 400 years ago and that revolution was one that was both bloody and brutal, replacing the capitalist system should be about replacing the existing system with one that provides true democracy, that provides choice.

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author avatar M G Singh
6th May 2014 (#)

Very interesting topic, well presented

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author avatar C.D. Moore
6th May 2014 (#)

Impressive article, Grant. I agree the law of the jungle needs to go.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th May 2014 (#)

Written with great feel and detail, Grant. Few hold the levers to power even in democracies irrespective of who is elected. The election process is repeated but the 99% are forgotten before the voting ink is dry!

Greed has been nauseating and overpowering and its spell has to be broken to avoid total collapse of society. Most cannot climb out of poverty through hard work as the rich plays on the loopholes in law through money power. It is like nine working their guts out to keep one wealthy - siva

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
23rd May 2014 (#)

Good read, good points and it is a good thought to carry through the day. But we aren't going to beable to get out, our government has made it so no will get out, and if you get out good, But todays world is heard in a different direction, watch the endgame, that is where we are headed.

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