The Guardian - Origins - Part 2

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Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are real. He awoke in a hospital bed and saw a couple of superheros outside while finding out that he was hovering himself.


Marc found himself hovering about 6 inches from the floor. He first marveled at the experience, but then he willed himself to land on the floor. What is going on with me, Marc thought. He turned and looked at his IV pump and touched it. Small electrical sparks came out from his hands and hit the IV pump. The IV pump made a small noise and then shut down by the electrical disruption.

Ok, I can see the electricity as part of being hit by lightening, but what about the hovering? Marc wasn't sure what to think at this point but he started thinking of the origins of a variety of superheros. Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider. Bruce Banner got blasted by gamma radiation and became the Hulk. So, electricity must have sent him here and give him electricity powers. That must be it. Marc went back to bed, he wanted to spend some time thinking about what was going on.

An alarm sounded from the IV pump and the brunette nurse was alerted. She came in and looked at the IV pump and was perplexed.

"What happened to the IV?" she asked.

"I don't know, it just started burning and then it sounded that alarm," Marc hated to lie but he didn't want any kind of suspicion.

The nurse looked at him and put her hands to her hips and said sternly, "Look, I don't want any trouble. Are, a-a-a-re you a mutant? I don't take care of mutants! I'll have to find someone else to take care of you."

"I'm not a mutant. I don't know what I am," responded Marc. Marc knew that mutants were many times feared and hated and he knew if she thought that there would be problems just by the thought of it.

The nurse stomped out and closed the door with a large thud.

Marc started thinking, ok now I got to get out of here. I don't feel bad. I can walk and all. He started taking the IV out of his arm and walked to the door.

The door was locked. The nurse locked the door on me! Marc wasn't happy but he knew he had to get out. Maybe I could try and fly out by the window? No, I'm not used to trying to fly, bad idea. What if I can only hover?

Marc had to think of a way to open the door.

Getting out

Marc looked at the door quite intently. He pulled with all his strength but no go. He wished he was super-strong and all of a sudden, his body changed form into metal. What? Did I just change into Colossus of the X-Men?

He went ahead to pull the knob and it went out easy and he opened the door. Marc wondered what else he could do? He realized that he would be noticed like a sore thumb this way. He willed himself to change back but then he thought, I need to become invisible or something. His body changed again and he became cloaked.

Cool! Marc thought. He started walking out to the elevator. He got into the elevator and pushed the button for the Lobby. The elevator started going down, but it stopped at the 3rd floor and someone in a suit came in to the elevator. Now, Marc was not noticed in sight, but he must have been needing a shower because he was a bit smelly, because the man noticed it.

"What the hell is that stench in here?" muttered the man. Marc did not move and the elevator opened and the man came out and Marc slowly moved out of the elevator. He wanted to make sure that he didn't run into anyone.

He got outside from the hospital and looked for the Baxter Building. He thought if he would go to the headquarters of the Fantastic Four that maybe Mr. Fantastic could find out what is going on with him and see if he could find a way home to his own universe. He just wanted to go home and back to his friends. He saw the building with the large 4 at the top of the building and started walking.

As Marc was walking, he'd been wondering about his powers. Where does it come from? How was I doing this? The electricity power was one thing, but being able to cloak and turn into Colossus? He only thought about one thing though, video games. What if it was thinking about video game characters or their powers and they become part of me? I turn into those characters or show some of their abilities. It was an idea of his, but how would he test this?

He came upon the Baxter Building and as he was about to get into the front door, he saw a big flying something, almost like a flying car get out of the top of the building. The flying car had a big 4 on it. Oh no, Marc thought. They are leaving. How am I going to catch them?

Marc thought that maybe he should try flying now. If I don't fly, at least if I fall I won't really be hurt. So, he thought of the idea of flying and he started floating up in the air. He directed himself in the direction of the car and he got a huge boost of moving upward. He was flying! He was moving quite fast and almost upon them.

Marc realized something though. He was somewhat afraid of heights and the few times he looked down made him feel a bit of vertigo. As he was getting to the flying car, he started to panic and he began to fall! As he was falling, all he could feel was the strength of the vertigo and he lost control. He was going to hit the ground pretty hard!

To Be Continued!


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