The Guardian - Origins - Part 3

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Marc Spandler had been struck by lightening and sent to a Universe where comic book characters actually exist. He has been testing new powers and decided to fly to catch up to the Fantastic Four's flying car. Unfortunately, his fear of heights got the best of him and now he is falling to his death.

New Discovery

Marc was falling and the ground was coming up fast. He couldn't concentrate with all the vertigo he was experiencing and couldn't think of becoming the body of Colossus of the X-Men. His heart racing and finally he felt someone grabbing him. He realized that he was saved, but was a little woozy with finding out who.

"Glad I caught you. You looked like you've never flown before. You can thank me later with a tip to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man," said the voice. Marc noticed the red and blue colors. Spider-Man then said, "But please, do not throw-up, it might upset the neighborhood, and my costume that I just cleaned."

Marc wanted to laugh, but was still a little stunned from the vertigo. He replied, "Sorry, Spidey. I was trying to reach the Fantastic Four. Anyway you can get me to them?"

Spider-Man asked, "Why would you want to see them? They are probably busy with something."

Marc answered, "Yeah, but I'm needing a little help with some new powers and well... I'm not really from here exactly. I'd like to find a way to get back soon. "

"Why?" Spider-Man asked.

"Well, I'm not from here and I'm a little nervous about these new powers and I would like to know what really happened," replied Marc.

"Ok, I'll see if I can swing you there real quick. Maybe I can help out too. Just don't throw-up while we websling there," Spider-Man offered.

Spider-Man started swinging a whole lot faster but realized they may not be fast enough. "I don't think we are going to make it. Sorry about that," even Spider-Man was a little bummed.

Marc was thinking, what if I can at least teleport? Of course, that might be worse, but at least I can try. "I want to try something Spider-Man. Never been done before by me, but I might be able to teleport us."

Spider-Man looked at Marc, well at least it looked like he was looking at him, "You can teleport? Are you sure, I'm a little worried about the teleportation business."

"Well, I am getting used to the idea of these new powers and right now, I can think of a video game character and have their powers. I'm thinking of using Nightcrawler teleportation, but if you don't want to teleport, I guess I'll try on my own," replied Marc.

"Nightcrawler's teleportation? Are you that awesome or what? Oh, and you aren't getting away from me that easy. Besides, who is going to swing down and save you next time?" quipped Spider-Man.

"Ok. Here it goes, I hope." smiled Marc.

Marc grabbed more of Spider-Man and Marc thought of himself teleporting to the Fantastic Four car and in a puff of smoke. Marc and Spidey were teleported to the Fantastic car.

Answered Questions

A puff of smoke in the Fantasti-Car was produced and Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman were alarmed. Thing was just looking wondering if he had to clobber it. Spider-Man and Marc appeared and Spider-Man intervened. "Hold on Mr Fantastic. This young man wanted to see you and I guess he felt it was important to do it now, and I do mean right now."

"Spider-Man. Sorry, but we are traveling on a mission. Who is this young man? Son, who are you and why are you seeking me out?" Mr. Fantastic was eyeing Marc.

"Um, sorry Ree- I mean Mr. Fantastic, sir. I need your help in finding out what is going on with me. I got hit by lightening in another Universe and came here. I seem to have some interesting powers that I'm trying to get used to, but I'm a little worried about what is going on with me." Marc was feeling a bit small talking with Mr. Fantastic.

"Son, I would love to be able to help you, but unless you can help us with what we are getting into, we are not able to help you right now. " Mr. Fantastic was stern but seemingly interested.

"I'll keep my eye on him, Mr. Fantastic. Although, I'm not so sure about all this multi-verse kind of thing. I hate to find out about other Universes!" said Spider-Man.

"I might be able to help a bit and if not as much, I can protect myself," replied Marc. He then transformed to the form of Colossus.

"I see, you do have some great power it seems. Let me check this real quick. It will only be a cursory scan and will be somewhat generalistic," inquired Mr. Fantastic.

"Reed, we don't have that much time. Who ever this Cyber Warrior is, we need to get there soon! If we don't get there, they are going to poison the Hudson and make sure that no one tries to stop them." exclaimed Invisible Woman.

"We will be fine Sue. Ben, keep us on track with the Fantasti-Car. He might be of some use to us." said Mr. Fantastic. He pulled out his little scanner and started going around him. Mr. Fantastic's feet stayed in place but all of the rest of his body started elastically going around in several 360s to scan Marc. He then went back and eventually came back together.

"Interesting. Your DNA seems to be in constant flux, but very stable at the same time. It seems that the electricity contained some kind of information that keeps flowing in your DNA and allows your DNA to change at will. This is why you can change and use powers that you can instantly think of. It probably isn't necessarily related to anything but your own mind." Mr. Fantastic was quite excited about this discovery.

Spider-Man interrupted, "Oh now you are just as giddy as a school girl!"

Marc replied, "Wait, are you saying that it wouldn't matter if it was something from any or all video game characters or anything?"

Mr. Fantastic scratched his head, "I don't know these video games, but if your Universe has them and that is where you are getting inspiration from, then yes. But, I don't think you need to use them as ideas - you just think and will it and it will come to be. These finding suggest that your thoughts and will are so intertwined that you may be able to achieve just about anything. Your will might be a good part of the case and your thoughts create the what you are willing."

Marc was stunned. He just had to ask the next question though, "So, what is the source of my power then?"

Mr. Fantastic pressed a few buttons on his scanner, "I am not sure, but it looks like it comes from you and not from you. It is as if it is you, but also the whole Universe that you are connected to. You also seem to have a latent ability that you may not know about."

"What do you mean? Is there something else I can do? But, if I can do just about anything, then doesn't that negate this other ability?" Marc was just filled with ultimate kinds of questions.

Mr. Fantastic looked at his scanner again, "No, it is reality to your own Universe. Maybe a portal to it? Maybe you can go back on your own."

Marc decided to try but wasn't too enthusiastic about it but he decided to do it anyway. He clicked his heels three times and said, "There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home." Darn, Marc thought. Thought it would be easy. "Sorry, I thought maybe if I did it like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz that it would send me back, but I guess not."

"What is the Wizard of Oz?" Mr. Fantastic asked. Spider-Man was scratching his head in disbelief.

"Never mind," Marc wasn't sure what to think now. Although, a thought came to his head. Would all things written and talked about become part of some reality? Can writers, artists, colorists, inkers create another Universe? Then there are other Universes like the DC Universe and the Star Trek and Star Wars Universe. What if a writer is writing about me now and that is how I got here? Oh, I'm sure that would blow the minds off the quantum physics people! That means anything that I think of to exist, will exist in some other Universe. What a concept. So, I might just be in a writers created Universe!

"Son, if you are going to help us, it would be good if you can have a code-name and maybe some kind of uniform or costume. Is there anyway you can think of one?" inquired Mr. Fantastic.

"Oh goody, I get to see an origin of a superhero!!" quipped Spider-Man. Thing just looked at him and grunted.

"Ok, let me think. Yeah, let me see - no, I don't want that one. That one is too corny and that one is too brutal. Oh I think I got it! The Guardian!" Marc changed into a blue and black costume with a red cape. He wore a yellow visor, but he decided then to change it to blue. "Sorry, but this is from another Universe, sorta. It is kinda based on a Superman game. You probably don't know anything about Superman. Oh and this is actually based on the Eradicator, but I'd never take that name."

"Oh, yeah we heard and met Superman once or twice. Even, met Batman a couple of times too. I still hate multi-verses though," exclaimed Spider-Man.

Proving Grounds

The Fantasti-Car came to a small section near the Hudson river where several different people were around looking and waiting for the Fantastic Four. They only expected them and not Spider-Man and definitely not the Guardian!

Cyber Warrior looked a bit like a man with a Robocop helmet. He was a computer hacker that was able to hack not just servers and computers, but also people's minds. He also carries a laser pulse gun and other varieties of weaponry that could easily be used. He was with several other people that appeared to have a variety of super powers. One was very large like a mountain and could probably beat Thing. Another had a strange looking whip. There was also one in the back that was in a robe.

The Fantasti-Car landed and the Fantastic Four was first on the site. Spider-Man and Guardian were in the back observing at first. Cyber Warrior looked at them heavily and he opened his mouth.

"I thought you four would be alone, but what do I get? I get a Spider and some schmoe who probably can't do squat. Oh and by the way, I just accessed your flying car. Interested setup."

"Cyber Warrior and friends, you will lay down your weapons and come with us," replied Mr. Fantastic.

"I don't think so. Here ya go," screamed Cyber Warrior and he pulled out his gun and shot a round. The round hit Mr. Fantastic and left him to the ground. His body had a small little hole, but as elastic as he was, he was able to put himself back together. Guardian watched in amazement. He read and seen the art in these conflicts in the comics and seen them in the movies, but never in real life. At least in this Universe's real life.

"It's clobbering time!" yelled Thing. He started trampling through the ground. Cyber Warrior fired at Thing and it was reflected off and hit the ground next to Cyber Warrior.

Cyber Warrior's mountain friend next to him said, "I'll take him boss."

Cyber Warrior replied, "Go for it Thunder Mountain, we need to get this going no matter of the extras heroes. We do have insurance."

Mountain got into the Thing's way and started a huge punching fest that created several earthquakes around the area.

Human Torch yelled, "Flame on!" and his whole body went into flames. He started going around the one that carried the whip.

The man with the whip had a little surprise though for Human Torch, he had a whip that had some kind of flame retardant on it. He took the whip and with careful aim was able to hit the Human Torch.

He declared defiantly, "Whip Punisher will take care of you, I have a whip for just about everyone." Human Torch went down pretty fast but before he was totally snuffed out, he used a flame and tried to hit Cyber Warrior. Cyber Warrior proved he could take the fire and it didn't affect him. He was wearing some kind of energy field.

They then had to deal with Invisible Woman. She had been turned invisible and started throwing her force-fields at Cyber Warrior and friends. Cyber Warrior's shield was taking a beating, but he had time to start moving the Fantasti-Car and as big as it was, it was able to hit the Invisible Woman.

Thing was still pounding the Mountain and both were starting to wear out. Thing started to go down.

Spider-Man saw a couple of opportunities. He decided that Thing going down wasn't a good idea so he wrapped the moving Mountain with webs. He just shrugged it off, but it gave the Thing time to do another pounding. Still, the Mountain was still standing and gleeing. Spider-Man started making his move around the Mountain and trying to use his webs to connect with Cyber Warrior so that Cyber Warrior and the Mountain would hit each other. The Mountain again, just shrugged it off and so that plan was a no go.

The man in the robe stood motionless and then decided to do something. He brought up his hands and a bunch of lightening came to all the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man bringing them all down for the count. Guardian had to act.

He started creating a large ball of energy and just about the time he released it, he yelled out, "Hadouken!" Dang Ryu from Street Fighter! Marc thought. Oh well.

The streak of the power-ball hit the man in the robe and he fell to the ground. The Guardian entered the fray and threw himself to the man in the robe. He looked a bit like Bruce Lee flying with his foot extended to hit the man in the robe but Marc knew it was Lui Kang from Mortal Kombat. It was the fastest way to get to him that he could think of at that time.

The man in the robe flew to the ground again, but then instantly got up and teleported! He then threw himself in saying something in Japanese but it sounded also from Mortal Kombat - Raiden and his flying attack.

Marc knew he had to do something and fast. Smart bomb time, clear the room of all baddies type of video game power. The Guardian rose up and started looking like a ninja, from the game Shinobi and lightening and small cyclones came from all over the place hitting all of Cyber Warrior's group including the man in the robe and yet missing all the heroes. All of them were down and Spider-Man and Guardian then got the rest of the Fantastic Four up and took them to their Fantasti-Car. The Guardian did one last thing, he created an EMP grenade and threw it to Cyber Warrior. Cyber Warrior's control on the Fantasti-Car was gone. Mr. Fantastic got up and started driving the Fantasti-Car.

"We need to regroup. You did great Guardian. Glad you are with us. I can do more of an investigation into your powers once we get back to the Baxter Building if you want Guardian," said Mr. Fantastic.

"I've got a lot to think about Mr. Fantastic. I may have gotten enough information for now, but I would like to find a place to practice and I want to find a way to get myself back home." Marc was confused and wasn't sure what to do with the immense powers that he may have.

Mr. Fantastic responded, "I will let you go at the Baxter Building and we can do some tests and practices. Maybe you can get to your latent ability so you can go home."

After they left, we see Cyber Warrior and all his buddies waking up. The one in the robe, opened his hood and said, "I think we may have a problem. The one with them is just like me. He can do what I can do. I will have to make him pay"

To Be Continued...


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