The Guardian - Origins - Part 4

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Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, has started his training of his powers at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning thanks to a recommendation from Mr. Fantastic. This is the home of Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men. He's already showed him some of the uses of his powers, but Xavier wants more.

The Danger Room

The Guardian just finished the last batch of fighting off robots and a variety of a roomful of hazards such as missiles and moving walls and large weights. He was panting a bit but he felt pretty good with what he was doing.

Professor X spoke to him from the Danger Room viewing window, "That was a good run, but according to Reed Richards, you aren't using much of your powers and a variety of them. You've shown me you can use the powers of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Wolverine. Yet, you don't show much else in your powers. May I ask why you are limiting yourself?"

Marc looked at Xavier and thought that he did look like Patrick Stewart but didn't sound much like him.

Marc hesitated, "I was doing what I knew you could be done. I've seen the Danger Room in comics and how all four of them can deal with these particular traps. Maybe if I had a different scenario that I would have to figure out other powers, then maybe I will do other powers."

Professor X responded, "Very well. Here is a possible real-life scenario. I terrorist threat with a hostage situation. See if you can free the hostage without killing her. There will be snipers too."

Marc sighed, "Ok, whenever you are ready, I am."

The scene in the Danger Room changed into a scene from Washington DC. Siren sounds everywhere. Marc looked around and changed his form into The Guardian, a blue and black form with a red cape and blue visor glasses. His eyes shifted and went into some sort of infrared and zoom mode on the visor. The Guardian then changed form into a silvery warrior with a red visor and turned invisible.

The sniper up top on the ledge of a five story building was looking around for any movement that looked curious to him. Suddenly, his sniper rifle was taken out of his hands and was hit by an unseen enemy. The enemy was down and The Guardian took the rifle and started looking into the scope. He saw the hostage being taken down to a basement. Still invisible, he teleported down near the area. He used the base of the sniper rifle to hit the first terrorist and then quickly went to the next one. The third and last terrorist aimed his rifle at the hostage just about to shoot. The Guardian had not much time to react.

The Guardian teleported and turned to a hardened shield state in front of the terrorist so that the terrorist couldn't hurt the hostage. He then came right in front of him and took the rifle and punched him.

The Danger Room changed the scenery back to the original setting. Xavier was looking a little confused and said, "Very good, but you didn't use much of your powers. We want to check your powers and how far you can go."

The Guardian changed back to his civilian form as Marc. Marc responded, "I... I'm not sure if I really want to sir. With so much power, I'm not sure if I want to unleash it."

Xavier looked a bit more focused and spoke out, "I can sense that you are afraid of what you might become. You are thinking of Phoenix aren't you? The power of the Dark Phoenix was almost impossible to deal with, but we dealt with it with her mind. You must allow yourself to know that your powers can be used for good, if you allow yourself the responsibility and ethics in the use of your powers. If you keep yourself focused on doing good for others, no matter what your powers are, you will do what is right. I am not inexperienced in those with extreme powers like yours Marc. Yours might be unique here, but your situation here is much like those I have dealt with."

Marc replied, "Yeah, I know the basic saying from Spider-Man - 'With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.' That doesn't mean though that I'm not confused and fearful of what I can do sir. This is something I'm not sure how well I can handle."

Xavier again had a focused look and said, "I'm sure you feel that way now, but as you practice here, you will be feeling more into your powers here. You will be able to feel you can use as much as needed. You do need the practice in a variety of sessions."

Marc responded, "Yeah, I guess so. Wouldn't be a bad idea to also be in the field too."

Xavier replied, "Yes, I was thinking of that. Just know though that since you are not a mutant, you might be seen or looked at a bit differently. Yet, since you have the powers, they will look at you as someone like them. Who would you like to be around with?"

Marc gave a small thought, "Well, I wouldn't mind being in the same team as Nightcrawler. Who else is he with at the moment?"

Xavier laughed, "I thought you would ask for him. He is right now with Kitty, Rogue, and Storm. All of them can give you some good advice, especially Rogue. She's had issues with her powers, but she also can be a very powerful lady."

Marc smiled, "Yeah, I know."

Dealing with the Brotherhood

Storm got the call about a possible sighting of Magneto and Mystique. Storm called for the rest of the team, including The Guardian. The Guardian in his full costume came in and saw Storm for the first time. Taller than Halle Berry and a bit more African sounding. Nightcrawler bamfed in, aka teleported in. Marc could tell why everyone didn't like his smoke right when he came in the room. It did smell sulfur and a bit intense before the smoke cleared. The Guardian coughed for second.

"Sorry, Mein Freund, the smell is just the bi-product of my teleporting," Nightcrawler said while doing a honoring bow.

"That is ok Nightcrawler. Just not used to it from here," Marc responded.

"According to the Professor, yours do not actually smell. How can that be?" asked Nightcrawler.

"I think it is because of the fact that it isn't the same kind of power, but a willed replication of it," said The Guardian.

Storm spoke, "We will just be waiting for Rogue and Kitty to come and we will be taking off in the Blackbird."

Rogue and Kitty just came in, Rogue spoke, "Hey Y'all, looks like we got a new member. Kinda sweet looking if you ask me. What is with the cape though?"

The Guardian replied, "Just a preference though Rogue. I do change other forms, so the cape is just a temporary."

Rogue responded, "Kinda like a shape-changer like Mystique huh? I heard though that you have some really extreme powers but are afraid to use them. You know sugah, I can help you with that."

"Yes, I'm sure you can Rogue. I'm just a bit fearful of what I can do at this point," replied The Guardian.

"It is time to take off everyone. Let us get going to Washington DC," spoke Storm in a commanding voice.

As the Blackbird flies off and gets to Washington, Storm sees where the Brotherhood and Magneto are at. They were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial. Magneto was in full red garb and floating.

"We are losing control," said Nightcrawler who was flying the plane, "We need to find a place to land, schnell!"

Magneto's hands were out and electrified and moving the Blackbird to a place where they would probably destroy the Washington Monument. The Guardian teleported out and put up an electric shield and started moving the Blackbird more to the side. He wasn't sure how much to push and pull but he was struggling to make the airplane move to a safer place to land. The Guardian used Cyclop's optic blast (more of a destructive rather than pushing blast) to Magneto. Magneto was taken aback and The Guardian had more control of the plane for a few extra seconds. The Blackbird landed right at the level near the end of the pool next to the Monument.

The X-Men came out of the Blackbird and Nightcrawler teleported everyone close to Magneto and Mystique.

Magneto was curious and a little furious, "Who is this one in blue with a cape? What kind of powers does he actually have?"

Mystique wasn't sure what to think either, "I do not know Magneto, but he may have to be dealt with" Mystique pointed a rather large gun at the X-Men.

Storm almost laughed, "You are kidding right Mystique?"

Mystique just smirked, "You might think so, but I am always full of surprises."

Rogue interrupted, "Y'all be nice now, what are you doing here Mamma? I thought you weren't doing the Brotherhood anymore. "

Mystique spoke more calmly, "Dearie, you know I couldn't stay with the likes of you, X-Factor, and all the others who I have been around with. I've always been doing what I can to be good to you, even to your half-step-brother Kurt." The Guardian knew she was talking about Nightcrawler. It was a bit like a family reunion.

Magneto spoke up, "May I ask who you are? Your magnetic resonance is very strange. Are you even from here?"

The Guardian replied, "Technically, no. I'm not, but I do have powers."

"I can feel those powers. Very, very powerful. I'm wondering if you even top the levels of the Phoenix?" asked Magneto, "I don't think I want to tangle with you at the moment, but I would like to test you one day, but we have much bigger concerns at the moment. There is someone in a robe that is challenging not just heroes but also those who are not."

"You mean supervillians," said The Guardian.

"For you, that might be true. For us, we do not see ourselves as villians. We see ourselves as liberators who are trying to put our place in the world and to have more control of the world so we don't have to worry about the hatred of others. We decide to take things more with force than with being passive" Magneto responded with a glare. He didn't like the idea of being called a villian even though in the comics, he was most certainly considered one of them, at least in the beginning. The Guardian knew from the comics he'd been trying to reform himself and he wasn't a typical villian persay.

"So, what does this man call himself?" asked Kitty. She didn't have a young voice, but a mature lady voice.

"We are not entirely sure, but the word is, his name is The Devastator. He does have amazing powers from what I have heard. He just showed up a few days ago." Magneto responded to Kitty's question.

"Only a few days ago? Wait a minute... what if? Oh no, what if I wasn't the only one in the arcade that got hit by lightening that night?" Marc wondered. As the Guardian, he might have to be the only one that goes against him, but it might mean doing everything he can think of to do it. He may have to summon more of his powers that he has been refusing to use.

"You know him? Who is he, do you know?" asked Storm.

"I don't know who he actually is by name, but I think he may have been in the same accident I was. I'm not really from this particular universe and these powers are based on something from both of these universes, at least I think so. He might just been another gamer that just got caught in the lightening storm with me." The Guardian responded. He still wasn't sure if that could be true or not, but it seemed like the logic was sound at this point.

"We are not here to fight then, we need all we can do fight this man. Will you help us? I have heard The Avengers have tried and have failed at this point. Blob and Avalanche are already down, including Dr. Von Doom who thought he could totally resist him, but that turned futile. Iron Man, Thor, and Sentry are down almost instantly. We need all the help we can get." Magneto wanted an alliance. This "The Devastator" was going to be problematic for him and his brotherhood thought The Guardian.

Marc though was having some problems with this idea. He was highly hesitating the idea of having to use more of his powers than he's used so far to end this fight with this "Devastator." Marc sighed and said, "I don't know what I can do to help at this point. I need time to think."

Rogue came up to him and said, "Sugah, you gotta go with us, you might be our only hope if it is true that you are both from the same cloth."

Marc replied, "That might be true, but I have something to think about. You guys go ahead. I've got to do some thinking. This is might be beyond my scope of thinking at this point."

"You do what you must Guardian, but realize that if you don't do anything, people may die. If you go up against him, you might be able to make ends meet better." Storm approached and responded to Marc.

"Yeah, I know. I'm just scared. I've taken my powers a bit low at this point. If I'm able to strike with extreme power but with precision, then it wouldn't be bad but I'm not sure if I can do the precision at this point." Marc was skeptical of his abilities and responsibilities.

"You tested in the Danger Room, you know your limits at this point, but according to Charles, you don't really have limits." Storm said to Marc. "You need to figure out what to do."

"Yeah, that is true and you are right. My powers are intuitive to a degree. I'm just not confident with myself yet," responded Marc.

"I will let you be Guardian, but you will be needed and soon!" Storm spoke and took off.

The X-Men and the Brotherhood took off into the direction of New York. Marc was alone at the Monument.

"What would you do Abe? Would you fight or find a way to leave this place?" Marc was very confused. He knew what he had to do, but he was very scared of whatever consequences that could happen. He knew a good amount of power that he actually has, but he knew how devastating it could be. Huh, devastating. So, the person who is "The Devastator" knows too that his powers are devastating and decided to actually fulfill that thought. Marc on the other hand, didn't want to be devastating but practical and useful.

He went up to the Monument and went to his knees to contemplate. His hands got together and all of a sudden, he opened some kind of... portal? It looked quite a bit like a portal from the game "Bioshock Infinite." The portals in that game opened windows to another universe or parallel universes. The portal looked like the a familiar place, like a house. Not his, but another. He put his head in to look, probably not the brightest idea but what the heck. He looked inside and realized that this could be the portal he is looking for to go home!

I'm going home! Well, I have to decide, stay here or go back home! Go home really looked good, but should he go now? He could go just about anytime. Maybe I should take care of this other guy first. Marc just couldn't believe that he had the opportunity to go home!

To be Concluded!


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