The Guardian - Origins - Part 5 - Conclusion

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Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, created a portal to go home and he had to make a decision. Meanwhile, many of the heroes and even villains were going up against The Devastator with no success. Several new heroes were on the scene doing relief efforts for anyone injured during the devastation that was created by the fights.

Relief Efforts

The scene was fearful. Almost out of a disaster movie where most of the city blocks around the New York area had been devastated by destruction. A variety of heroes, including Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Magneto, Cyclops, Storm, Shadowcat, Rogue, and Nightcrawler were injured. Some more than others.

Spider-Man was trying to get himself up. As he was pushing himself up, he found a helping hand to lift him up. The hand belonged to a woman in white with streaks of both ice on one side and on the other fire.

"Here you go, Spider-Man. You look pretty banged up," said the woman who helped him.

"Who are you lady? You look like a superhero but I don't know you. I'm usually pretty connected to all the heroes around here." Spider-Man looked a little dazed and was looking around the devastation.

"I'm Fire & Ice. I'm pretty new, but I'm with a team. They are helping with the relief efforts," Fire & Ice replied.

Another man came by, looked moderately plain but with some kind of basic looking kevlar armor or something of that variety thought Spider-Man. This man looked at Spider-Man's injured leg and spoke, "Well, you don't have a break Spider-Man. It might just be sprained."

Spider-Man looked confused. Fire & Ice spoke, "Thanks Cy-Borg. Sorry Spider-Man. Cy-Borg's eye implants are able to see the spectrum of X-Rays to Infrared and a variety of other neat tricks. Looks like you just have to take it slow for a few days."

"Thanks, I think. Who are you guys anyway? What team did you say you are from?" Spider-Man asked.

Fire & Ice responded, "We are The Power Patrol. The one helping Magneto is Microwave. His Microwaves are also in the electro-magnetic spectrum so he thought he could recharge him up. NightVision is helping The Fantastic Four to a degree. He's also helping out looking out for other bodies since he also can see in a variety of spectrums. Ninja is helping Nightcrawler and Shadowcat and tending to their injuries with his Ninja magic. Transistor is using his electrical powers to see if he can be a defibrillator for Cyclops who happens to be in one of the worst states, near death. We also have another team called The Mutant Crew of America. They are also helping. Weaponry is their leader. The Collector, who happens to also be the sister of Transistor, is trying to clear up more rubble with her kinetic energy powers."

"Wow, there are a lot of people in your teams. I'm glad you guys are on our side. Even if you are helping Magneto," said Spider-Man.

"Oh Wow, it is Spider-Man. Hey, big spider, you single?" Spider-Man looked and saw a lady in black and white with a big web on her costume.

"Uh, sorry, I'm taken. You kinda remind me of a black cat though," Spider-Man said sheeplessly.

"Sorry about that Spider-Man. This is The Web. Her powers seemed to have been based on trying to duplicate your powers. She'd been pretty enamored with you ever since you helped save her many years ago." Fire & Ice spoke and looked at The Web a little sternly for embarrassing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man looked around and saw what the relief efforts were doing. Microwave just got done with Magneto and he was walking. A little drowsy but he looked like he'd be ok. Iron Man had just gotten a little jolt from Transistor. A few jolts of energy was flowing all around moving some of the debris. Must be The Collector, Spider-Man thought.

As Fire & Ice was coordinating the relief efforts, a form was seen in the air. It was circling around and then it came right around where she was at. He was in blue and black costume with a red cape. It was the Guardian!

Resolving the Conflict

The Guardian swooped down where he saw the relief efforts were happening. He couldn't believe the Devastation and he thought that he might have been able to prevent this. He knew he had to do something and yes, he had a plan.

As he landed, he spoke to the lady in white with the streaks of Ice and Fire, "Hello, is there anyway I can help?"

"No, I think we got it pretty good here for now. I'm Fire & Ice. Who are you?" asked Fire & Ice.

"I'm The Guardian. I'm going to have to go against this Devastator," replied The Guardian.

"I don't know if that is a good idea. If you look around, all these heroes and even villains could not stop him. How are you going to stop him?" inquired Fire & Ice.

"Well, I think The Devastator and I are from the same cloth. We both were in the same accident. We have the same powers. I think I'm the only one who can stop him." The Guardian looked pretty confident and yet Fire & Ice could tell that he was a little worried.

"If that is true, then you are going to have to do something. I hope you have a plan though, cause whatever this guy is doing, he's not much talking. He'd rather destroy and hurt others. Thank goodness that he has only hurt rather than totally kill, although it almost happened with Cyclops over there." Fire & Ice replied and pointed to Cyclops who was drinking some water after getting his heart-moving jolt from Transistor.

"I'm needing to get going, so take care and I will be back after I'm finished and help with the relief efforts," said The Guardian has he started flying back up.

The Guardian didn't have too far to go and he saw The Devastator floating and looking at what else he could destroy. He was thinking of the bridge to Long Island.

"I don't think you want to do that Devastator," spoke The Guardian.

"We finally meet. So, you call yourself The Guardian. I guess I am your nemesis. This should be fun," replied The Devastator. The Devastator was still wearing the robe with the hood. He took off the hood and revealed who he was.

The Guardian couldn't believe it. He saw the face and realized who he was. It was Seth, his ex-girlfriend's younger and bratty brother who always got what he wanted and never seemed to care much for anyone.

"Seth! So you are the one that was also at the arcade that night," said The Guardian.

"Yes, I was there too. Now, I'm the powerful one. So, shall we see how well you can go against me?" asked Seth, aka The Devastator.

"Alright. Let's get this over with. I've got some cleaning up to do after your destruction," replied The Guardian with full of confidence. He was trying to rile him to get him mad and make a mistake.

"Fine. Have at Thee!!" yelled The Devastator.

The Devastator punched at The Guardian and he flew about 100 feet. The Guardian got his momentum and flew right to The Devastator and made him fly about 200 feet. The Devastator stopped himself and started with huge fireballs to The Guardian. The Guardian just shrugged them off. The Devastator then put out a real strong energy ray right to The Guardian. The Guardian flew and started going down to the ground. The Guardian caught himself but it was too late. The Devastator was flying to him at about Mach 2.

The Guardian teleported upward. The Devastator hit the ground pretty hard but he was barely dazed. The ground that The Devastator hit had received a really large hole thanks to the speed of The Devastator. The Devastator jumped back up and started going after The Guardian. As The Devastator was going after him, he changed his form to Wolverine with the claws so that he could claw him. The Guardian responded by having a Captain America shield and making sure the claws don't touch him.

The Guardian then did an energy blast that took The Devastator back.

"You know I realized something Seth. We are copycats. We aren't using our powers by our own imagination and will. We are using video game characters and comic book characters as our inspiration. I realized this because I was told that I could do just about anything and I'm just using these characters as a way for inspiration. Well, I'm going to be using my own imagination and will and be less of a copycat. Can you?" The Guardian spoke with a loud booming voice and he changed his form once again.

The Guardian now turned totally blue. The power flowed within his body in blue energy lights flowing around inside him. A little bit of sparks and flame seem to come out from time to time around his body. No face at this point was discernible but he knew he could change that with a mask, but he didn't.

The Devastator came after him in his Wolverine form. The claws and punches didn't do any kind of damage what-so-ever. The Guardian then did a punch and The Devastator flew about 50 feet.

"Alright Guardian. See what you can do as I summon Bahamut!" yelled The Devastator. Bahamut was a summoned character in the Final Fantasy games. A large dragon that blew immense energy power against whatever the group of characters in the game was facing.

The Guardian just stood still and grew to a larger size. As Bahamut was going to use his energy blast. The Guardian started creating a blue energy ball that was glowing almost like a bright blue sun. The energy from Bahamut came out and hit The Guardian. The Guardian was dazed a second but didn't move an inch. He still had the energy ball in his hands and he sent the ball out to Bahamut and Bahamut just started fading away.

"Whatever you can do, I can do better!" sang The Guardian. He was actually smiling but you couldn't actually see it.

"Whatever! I will take you down NOW!" The Devastator was really angry now. Just as The Guardian wanted.

The Devastator made himself into Thor and threw the Hammer. The Guardian was taken aback a bit, but he took the Hammer and dissolved it. He then followed up with his own energy blast. The blast took The Devastator aback a ways away. It was such a large energy hit that he was already past Long Island. The Devastator started flying at Mach 2 back to The Guardian.

The Guardian knew this was the moment where he could do his plan. As the Devastator was moving closer and closer to him, The Guardian created a portal in front of him. The Devastator flew right into the portal. As The Guardian looked into the portal, he saw that Seth, now in his T-shirt and jeans got up and started running back to the portal. The Guardian closed the portal. It was over!

The Power Patrol

Fire & Ice was just icing up a damaged elbow from Rogue when she saw he glimpse of The Guardian on top of all of them a couple of miles up.

The Guardian knew he had to try and fix things. As he was up around the main area where the heroes were at, he looked down and put out a green healing energy. This energy was set up as a healing energy that would allow the bodies of the wounded to have healing factors like Wolverine for just a few minutes in order to heal them all. Spider-Man's ankle was healed. Cyclops got up and was healed. All other heroes and villains were starting to wake up and get up and looked up to see who was helping them. They waved at The Guardian and The Guardian then turned off the healing energy and then looked at the destruction.

We can destroy, but we can also create thought The Guardian. He put out another energy in a color of yellow and the buildings around the heroes started being magically rebuilt. Almost like a lego game where a bunch of legos was scattered, came together to create something. The Guardian was remaking the buildings that have been destroyed by The Devastator.

Once the rebuilding process was completed. The Guardian came down to where the heroes were at.

"Well, I took care of The Devastator. He shouldn't be coming back, at least I hope not," said The Guardian.

"That's just great. How did you do it?" asked Spider-Man.

"I was just trying to find the right moment and distracting him just enough to create a portal back to my own universe. He went right into the portal and I closed it up. It turned out to be someone I know and do not like to begin with," replied The Guardian.

"Well, I'm glad you did it. I was worried about you. I'm also impressed on how you helped the relief efforts," smiled Fire & Ice.

"Thanks. You were worried about me?" asked The Guardian.

"Yeah. Um, well just because everyone who had gone up against The Devastator wasn't going to do anything to him. Wait, did you say from your own universe? You mean you aren't really from here?" asked Fire & Ice who went from smiling to stunned.

"Yep. That is the reason why I didn't fight him in the first place. I wanted to go home, but I realized that I had a responsibility and the fact that I'm just as powerful as he is. In a way, he is like my nemesis. Once I started making a portal, I realized I had a decision to make but it also gave me what I could do to get him back there himself. I knew I had to do that. Now, of course, I can stay or go back myself." The Guardian replied and was actually starting to like this Fire & Ice!

"So, are you going to stay or not?" asked Fire & Ice. She was looking a bit worried like she was going to lose someone.

The Guardian responded, "I think I will stay for now, but I don't really have a place to go at this point. I'm not a mutant, so being with the X-Men isn't suggested. I'm not ready for the Avengers or anything like that. I'm still rather new to this kind of thing even though I think I might do well."

Fire & Ice looked like she was thinking and said, "Well, you can always go with us, The Power Patrol."

"The Power Patrol. I kinda like that name. I think I will join you," smiled The Guardian.

"Excuse me, but I just wanted to thank you for doing what you did son." The Guardian looked at who said that it happened to be Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards.

"Thank you, Mr. Fantastic." responded The Guardian.

"You did good kid. I'm impressed and it is hard to impress me bub," said a gruff voice. The voice came from Wolverine.

Where did he come from? The Guardian thought. I didn't see him be around here and he had thought he heard he died, but he didn't know for sure. The X-Men looked a little confused too but also happy to see their old friend. The Guardian wasn't sure exactly what might have happened even though he had a clue...

Fire & Ice decided to introduce the team, "Here, Guardian, meet most of the team: Transistor - he has the power of using electricity based on emotions around him." Transistor looked a bit older than The Guardian and his costume was filled with bolts of electricity showing around his blue costume. Fire & Ice continued, "Here is Ninja - he's able to use the powers of the urban legends of the original Ninja. Turning himself invisible, invulnerable, etc." Ninja was in full ninja garb in dark blue with his face covered and the shoes had two points like the original ninjas. Fire & Ice went over to another, "Over here is NightVision - his ability to see in all the spectrums and also make himself invisible to all the spectrums make him the best covert agent. " NightVision looked a bit like Ninja in dark blue but didn't wear anything to cover the face. He was a dark haired man a bit younger than The Guardian. Fire & Ice then pointed to a man with red rings on his light blue costume, "There are many others like Microwave who is kinda self explanatory but he can direct Microwaves. Then there is Cy-Borg who looks like a regular man but most of his body including eyes and ears are bionic." Fire & Ice was really proud of her team.

"Who are those over there?" inquired The Guardian.

"Those are the Mutant Crew of America. They are our friends because Transistor's sister is The Collector. She has the power to take potential energy (that is unmoving energy) and create beams of kinetic energy and making the potential energy into movement. Then you have their leader - Weaponry. He's got lots of gadgets but his main mutant power happens to be able to control time around him. He can make things slower or faster, but just around him at least so far. Then there is also The Web who was fashioned to be like Spider-Man. She may not exactly be a mutant, but she has been accepted by them. So there you have it." Fire & Ice was definitely good at describing her team and the other.

"Well, you have something to think about there son." Mr. Fantastic looked at The Guardian.

"Yeah, but I think I know where I belong. The Power Patrol," replied The Guardian.

"Thank you for all of what you done and take care," a voice said. It was Storm and the rest of the X-Men.

"Well, shall we go? Oh, if we are going to be team-mates I'd like to know your real name," said Fire & Ice as she and The Guardian and the rest of The Power Patrol followed.

"My real name is Marc Spandler. What about yours?" responded Marc.

"My name is Pam Banks. It is nice to meet you. We will be going to back to our headquarters. It really isn't exactly close to here but we do have a plane." Fire & Ice smiled.

"Where is the headquarters?" inquired Marc.

"Near Norad in Colorado. Near Colorado Springs," Pam said.

"Cool! Let's get outta here! I can always fly back if need be anyway."

Marc, Pam, and the rest of The Power Patrol and The Mutant Crew of America walked away into the sunset with only their figures showing as they walked away.

The End... For Now!

The Guardian, The Power Patrol, Fire & Ice, NightVision, Transistor, Microwave, Cy-Borg, The Mutant Crew of America, Weaponry, The Collector, and The Web are Copyright © 1992, 2014 by Eric Meyer. All Rights Reserved. This also includes additional characters in The Power Patrol and Mutant Crew of America in future installments.


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