The Hargrave Files (4): Of Queens And Conspiracies

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Captain Gregory Timothy Hargrave's new writ, like a peak cloaked in mist, touches on individuals e.g. powerful ones, to be sure, but he refers to them indirectly and the images used here are mere typification. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

“(Clouded references, son, to assuade a lot of bad people from gaining the truth of each situation, and to keep each one of you safe! One day, we promise all of this will make most gullible sense to the minority..." - Captain Gregory Timothy Hargrave

February 22, 2014 2:00 pm

1:46 pm

“Five minutes and the Captain is on board, Sir. – Lieutenant Waldorf Esquire of Chapter 16.”

Uthrania: Thank you, Lieutenant.

1:51 pm

(Captain Hargrave strides onto the aft deck with a pencil and paper log between his teeth. Such equipment for soft-take writing is mandatory when electronic equipment is on standby for fixation or fixing. Complimentary to the Captain’s dull gray attire with red ribbons attached to the collar with the usual pink, green, and yellow brass, are the soft-soled shoe-straps which affix themselves most pronounced under the leather grip of the brown-weaved leather, soft in texture, and non-mundane in looks. Brass round engraved molded buttons skirt one side of the uniformly fitted jacket, and darker gray trousers. Now the Captain is about to begin. I had better be ready. (Smiles!) – Rania)

Captain Gregory Timothy Hargrave: “Good Morning, Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez. Quite a little mouthful at that especially if we use your maiden name of Galiac. Or is it? Now, listen up carefully, for the Pontiac in North Jersey fomented a neat little gravestone up there high in the northern river valley, and demented are those crooks in Washington, D.C., who turn their backs on their own enlistment, boys and girls, over there in Iraq for so many times.

Doing A Jane Seymour Against Anne Boleyn

“In any case, this is NOT what we came to write about today, so stem up the glass, boys and girls, and down whatever liquor is left, for the brine upon the ‘hogs’ (bold that please, our Jamie) back will pique the crotches of New York Mayor ‘Feldswig’ (l). At the centerpiece of all tax dollars will the Troubadours forever sequester a rampant ire of forever seeming to enlist those Knights Templars into doing and saying whatever is needed at the moment. Ah, and you ones thought they were from long ago, did ye? Not so!

“Perpendicular to the fostering of rampid desire for a Queen or two to forever remain ‘reigning’ (Bold) the Seymour’s decided long ago that the triumph of the day should always be another Anne Boleyn! Oh, how Henry would laugh if he could only see them all today!

Steve, the fiery foremooth is an alligator creature doved in replica with a swan from Swan Valley, Northwest of the Hilton Hotel, in Northwest Dakota, U.S. of A. Now, the ire put fast upon the lion in the clouds rendered ‘useless’ (bold please, Jamie, son) the eaglet in the swamps of the Hemmingway-Forsythe.

“(Clouded references, son, to assuade a lot of bad people from gaining the truth of each situation, and to keep each one of you safe! One day, we promise all of this will make most gullible sense to the minority. Please place ‘gullible,’ Jamie, in italic as well as bold on this one, son. Thank you. Good!)

Such Royal Pains

“Roy, the honky-tonk maiden in her first voyage is the seventh queerest wonder in the world, and if you could see their mountain you would verily agree. Have fun with pictures for this file, son, for Roy, neither of you know, but he is a most prominent picture maker, and the Forsythe of them all equates the Canadian House of Commons with the so-far non-liberating Congress in the Halls of the Tenement house as Senate seats itself in front of CIA Director Irene Farsight.

Sorry for the cloaking, gents and ladies, but you will soon and shortly come to understand that the Pickering Papers is not just a volume (n)or two, but indeed registers toward the Twix Fox Hotel, and what a place, that Four Seasons just outside of the District of Washington is, for the Belt of Amsterdam and Luxembourg just had tea with the Officious Queen of England, Elizabeth the ‘Twelfth’ (bold please, boy, our Jamie) and the crook who sat her there was from Prime Time T.V.

“’Good luck, lady in all your endeavours,’ spouts the host, Robert ‘Welding’ (Italicize, boy, for us please, Jamie) ‘and do come back in the future. Well, now you have heard….’ ‘Prime T.V. Central Ireland. Two Seventeen in the morning.’

Let History Be The Judge

“Dumstron Institute reigns on and high in the every-given luxury of complete idolization of the Crumpet Twins whose very nose resembles that of Hitler, and because of it they were deemed to be the rosiest chaps imaginable. (Smiles) Just a little take there on the tweaking of noses toward those gents who patronize a man which the whole world somehow despises. Oh, well, history will show in the end which side was up before it was Pressed down.

“So the Troubadours and squadrons of the Elite fighting forces of the Green U.S. and Blue Beret teams harboured on the Franklin U.S.S. That is a bombing raid to sequest Israel back into the harbour of all non-delightful productivity, and how the range pistols fought back in WWII when the Luxembourg broke rank with the Brigade ship, the British Winnipeg. And today the Stars and Stripes broke rank with Israeli forces who wished to God they had left Iraq alone!

Outside The Fox's Lair

“Was it that ‘province’ (bold please, lad) or the nation of Iran? In a quip, it does not matter which blade of grass grows in the meadows of Ireland, for when it comes right down to it, lads and ladies, each blade is cutgrass, and the force of a lot of them can bring down to the forefront that ‘gravitational harbinger’ (bold/italic, please, boy) which kept instructing America North in Canada, (little clue there) that the Queen of Egypt MUST meet the requirements of a damsel in distress BEFORE Hemmingway and his Larson of books becomes the stewed meat in the pot of the Renegades! Boy! What an issue this has already come to be!

A Damsel in distress is the caricature of all Queens residing outside of the Fox’s lair, and because of it, Jamie, this will be one file you will have an absolute Dickens of a time finding pictures for, but here is a little clue: we have out there starships galore.

The Captain Goes Offline

Good luck with reading this one - little words jargoned here and there. My name and rank you know, and so distinguished by my attire shall I give to you my slight bow and tie off all channels/frequencies for us, please, Uthrania Seila, not, but Jamie you try this time. As for Captain Jeremiah Higgins, you have performed well.

“Good Night then, and Larkson off at channel frequency 5.7 and we will promise to give to you the rest, Jamie. Captain Gregory T. Hargrave Jr. over and very out!”

Jamie: My pleasure, Sir, and thank you! Signing you off at channel frequency 5.7, and at Leipzig 1.5, leaving Luzon open for Admiral Frank Herman Grifford. Signing out 2:31 pm. (Tie-off scribed by Private 2nd Class Airman, Captain in training, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8).

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: The Hargrave Files (3): Father And Son Speak

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