The Haunted Creature that Actually Exists

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When it comes to the stories about the poltergeists or poltergeist activities, how one can forget to talk about the real story of the Lambert Poltergeist.

The Lambert Poltergeist

In the year seventeen fifty three, two persons named John and Ann Lambert moved their family into a beautiful house in Winlington, England.Within a small span of time, the family found themselves surrounded by ghostly activity. They started hearing weird sound in the place of their sleep, furthermore , Ann observed a door and its latch move automatically without the involvement of a human being.
Ann also witnessed a full apparition of a man at the midnight . These sort of things continue to happen at each night whenever Anne tried to sleep, Anne heard noises like those of a bullet fired and some unusual sounds of a blast too. As the time passed the ghost started to become very violent. He continued to torture he Limbert kids when they were sleeping. The hauntings became so ferocious when those people used to live there.

Some more Bad Happenings

Things got quite horrific and breath taking as well spine chilling from there. In bed, Ann was molested by the poltergeist each night He used to touch her cheek and Ann felt that some ice cube is rubbing her face. The appearance of that entity was just like a horse. Lamberts also claimed about seeing the ghost of the old occupant of new house: The old residents such as Henry Cooke, who had died in 1752, was considered as the the entity who used to stalk the family. What happened to the Lamberts in that ​house, and who used to stalked and torture them, is lost to history.

The ​Common Speculations

Since very small amount of information is available on the books and the internet, people claim that either the anomalies killed the whole family members or the family left that house or the house was cleared by using some holy water , the sea salt or the Kabbalah.


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